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    How can we fight this wokeness pandemic esp. in Pakistan/ India??

    Members can share their suggestions. How to overpower Radical leftist and liberalism??
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    Implosion: 2025

    Implosion: 2025 Interest payments as a percentage of FBR taxes: In 2017, a mere four years ago, Pakistan’s total debt payment amounted to 39 percent of FBR taxes. Today, our total debt payment consumes 75 percent of FBR taxes. Red alert: Based on the current trajectory, by 2025, our debt...
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    Pakistan Sees Record Drop in Terrorism Last Year, With Attacks Down 45% Compared to 2019.

    Once routinely in the news for all the wrong reasons, Pakistan is now a much safer place than it used to be. The South Asian nation has seen a reduction in terrorist attacks on home soil by 86% since 2013, and between 2019 and 2020 alone there was a 45% fall. The promising stats continue...
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    Digital Silk Road from China and Pakistan to Africa and Europe

    China builds Digital Silk Road in Pakistan to Africa and Europe PEACE cable will reduce Pakistani internet traffic going through India China is set to lay the final leg of a cross-border fiber optic cable in Pakistan, linking to a cable in the Arabian Sea. (Source photo by Getty Images) MIFRAH...
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    Pakistan's Foreign exchange reserves cross 20.5 billion USD mark after 4 years.

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    1st Mig-21 of Year 2021 crashed by India

    MiG-21 fighter jet of Indian Air Force crashes near Suratgarh, Rajasthan Times Now Digital Updated Jan 05, 2021 | 22:52 IST MiG-21 fighter jet of Indian Air Force crashed near Suratgarh, Rajasthan. The pilot ejected safely.
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    Infrastructure projects worth 230-250 Billion USD to be completed in 15-18 years.

    So I closely follow Pakistan's development & infra projects and future projects. And acc to national and Prov. govts. 70-80 projects worth 230-280 billion USD are due completion within next 15-18 years. ROAD ROJECTS: M-14 motorway M-6 motorway Peshawar-DI Khan motorway Dualization of 14 roads...

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