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  1. TaimiKhan

    Agri University Peshawar Under Militant Attack

    3 militants have attacked Agri Univ Peshawar. Op still in progress. Army and police conducting the op.
  2. TaimiKhan

    Light Commando Battalions - LCBs

    Don't know if this video has been posted before, but it shows the LCBs in action and also shows their training regimen. Gives a pretty good idea about what they are going to be used for and what their role is.
  3. TaimiKhan

    Future Infantry Weapons Requirement - Pakistan Army

    Guys, lets have a discussion on the current & future requirement of Infantry Weapons that Pak Army should have or try to get. Below are the areas which i think need some thought. Feel free to add others if you think are needed. 1. Assault Rifle 2. Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) /...
  4. TaimiKhan

    A Paper Free Army

    A Paper Free Army by Major Zeeshan ul Haq Pakistan Army has been pursuing the goal of computerization and automation for over three decades and a number of initiatives were launched in this quest. However, these efforts remained piece-meal and an all-encompassing army-wide auto-mation...
  5. TaimiKhan

    Army a major stakeholder in Fata development sector

    Army a major stakeholder in Fata development sector | DAWN.COM Army a major stakeholder in Fata development sector PESHAWAR, Aug 7: Army has become a permanent stakeholder in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas’ development sector as its recommended development projects are...
  6. TaimiKhan

    Greenpeace activists enter French nuclear plant

    I wonder what will those people who question Pakistan's nuclear security have to say, when the western countries can't stop simple Green Peace people from entering their nuclear installations. No hue & cry in western media, no Farid Zakria on this issue, where are US state deptt officials...
  7. TaimiKhan

    Blast in Peshawar Cantt - Super Mrkt

    huge powerful blast in Peshawar Cantt, Super Market. many people injured, deaths feared.
  8. TaimiKhan

    Two killed in suicide attack in Bannu - 30.11.2010

    Two killed in suicide attack in Bannu PESHAWAR: A suicide bomber blew himself up near a police station in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least three people, DawnNews reported. The bomb exploded in the town of Bannu, which lies close to Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt on the...
  9. TaimiKhan

    Billions in Afghan aid dollars unaccounted for: audit

    Billions in Afghan aid dollars unaccounted for: audit WASHINGTON: Nearly 18 billion dollars earmarked for reconstruction in Afghanistan remain unaccounted for, snagged in a “labyrinth”of contract bureaucracy, a sweeping US government audit has shown. The Special Inspector General for...
  10. TaimiKhan

    The ISI did it. (Or did it?) - Usman Ansari

    The ISI did it. (Or did it?) Usman Ansari You always hear stories about how Pakistan through the ISI is pulling some massive deception with regards the military adventure in Afghanistan. For example, last year Harvard University researcher, Matt Waldman, wrote a report for the London School of...
  11. TaimiKhan

    Radical al Qaeda cleric “lunched” at Pentagon

    WASHINGTON: Anwar al-Awlaqi, an al Qaeda leader labeled a dangerous threat by the United States, was invited to a luncheon at the Pentagon in the months after the 9/11 attacks, the US military said Wednesday. Awlaqi, a Yemeni-American cleric, was brought to the Pentagon as part of an effort...
  12. TaimiKhan

    Khalid Shamim Wyne appointed CJCSC

    Just in, Lt Gen Khalid Shamim Wyne has been promoted to 4-star rank and has been appointed the new Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee. It seems, CNS Admiral Noman Bashir was left out. :pakistan: Newsreport:- Gen Wyne new JCSC chairman By Iftikhar A. Khan Wednesday, 29 Sep, 2010...
  13. TaimiKhan

    China in talks to export Pakistan bigger nuke plant

    China in talks to export Pakistan bigger nuke plant BEIJING: China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) is in discussions to build a 1-gigawatt scale nuclear power plant in Pakistan, after having built two there and signed agreements for two other smaller ones, a CNNC executive said on Monday...
  14. TaimiKhan

    JF-17 Sub-Section

    Dear All, Due to the popularity of JF-17 and looking at its future, we have decided to make a dedicated sub-section in the Military Aviation Section, so that all the threads related to JF-17 are collected and available at one place, instead of scattered in the Military Section and finding old...
  15. TaimiKhan

    Punjab govt’s inaction against militants irks GHQ

    Punjab govt’s inaction against militants irks GHQ By Baqir Sajjad Syed Thursday, 08 Jul, 2010 ISLAMABAD: While public attention has been focused on the political barbs flying between Islamabad and Lahore, behind the scenes the Pakistan Muslim League-N has earned itself a new and very...
  16. TaimiKhan

    CIA and ISI locked in aggressive spy battles

    CIA and ISI locked in aggressive spy battles WASHINGTON: A Pakistani man approached CIA officers in Islamabad last year, offering to give up secrets of his country's closely guarded nuclear program. To prove he was a trustworthy source, he claimed he had spent nuclear fuel rods. But the CIA...
  17. TaimiKhan

    Timergara Blast - ANP Gathering Attacked - 30 Dead

    PESHAWAR: A bomb attack killed 30 people at a celebration organised by a political party in northwest Pakistan on Monday, with fears the death toll could rise further, police said. The suspected suicide bomber attacked the open-air gathering in Timargarah, the main town in the district of...
  18. TaimiKhan

    Cobra Helicopter AH-1F SQD Transferred to Pakistan

    Geo News is reporting American has transferred a SQD of Cobra helicopters to Pakistan. The type is AH-1S and they have been transferred from Jordan. This will be much needed help and addition of firepower especially in the upcoming Orakzai Agency Operation. Edit ISLAMABAD: The United...
  19. TaimiKhan

    Former Gitmo detainee now running Afghan battles

    Former Gitmo detainee now running Afghan battles LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan: A man freed from Guantanamo more than two years ago after he claimed he only wanted to go home and help his family is now a senior commander running Taliban resistance to the US-led offensive in southern...
  20. TaimiKhan

    Mohmand, Orakzai fighting kills 37 militants

    Mohmand, Orakzai fighting kills 37 militants PESHAWAR: Pakistan said ground fighting and an air strike killed 37 militants in its tribal belt on the Afghan border Thursday after dozens of Taliban stormed a paramilitary check post. The military claims to be making fresh gains against...

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