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  1. Pak_Sher

    US trade delegation concludes Pakistan visit

    ISLAMABAD: A US-Pakistan Business Council (USPBC) delegation comprised of 26 senior executives from leading American companies in the IT, energy, and consumer goods sectors visited Islamabad January 13 to 15 for a series of meetings aimed at increasing bilateral trade and American investment in...
  2. Pak_Sher

    Pakistan Arts & Culture

    I will be posting a series of Pakistan Arts & Culture starting with the Lahore Museum of Arts. Every section has virtual tours and can be viewed. Lahore Museum Virtual Tour The Museum was setup in 1865-1866 and exhibits the Architecture of mid-19th Century.
  3. Pak_Sher

    50 Pakistani Hindu couples tie the knot in mass wedding

    KARACHI: Any couple would get the jitters at the prospect of starting a new life together and at the YMCA Ground on Friday there were 50 such couples. The arrival time for the couples given to them by Pakistan Hindu Council, the organisers, was 5pm and yet all had not arrived till 9pm. One had...
  4. Pak_Sher

    Pakistan Beat India to qualify for Polo World Cup

    ISLAMABAD: Sports enthusiasts of Pakistan, who were disappointed by the dejected performance of cricket team, have got something to cheer-for as the national Polo team defeated India by 9-8 to qualify for next year's Polo World Cup. Pakistan beat India in the qualifiers of the FIP World Cup...
  5. Pak_Sher

    China: India using Agni-V to increase clout in Asia

    BEIJING: The proposed February launch of India's Agni-V missile has ruffled feathers among Chinese policy makers with Communist Party organ, the People's Daily, saying the move reflects India's "intention of seeking regional balance of power". It quoted Indian officials and scientists...
  6. Pak_Sher

    China puts pressure on Japan, sends navy fleet to North Korea

    BEIJING: China has put Japan under immense pressure by sending a navy fleet to neighboring North Korea, and accusing Tokyo of issuing misleading statement about Beijing's military threat. The fleet includes a missile frigate " Luoyang", which landed in Wanson in Democratic People's Republic...
  7. Pak_Sher

    NATO air strike kills 13 civilians: Afghan police

    KHOST: Up to 13 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in a NATO air strike on Thursday in the eastern Afghan province of Khost, provincial police chief Mohamad Zazai said. The coalition said those killed were family members of insurgents who also died in the strike that was...
  8. Pak_Sher

    US wars leave 225,000 dead, cost $4.4 trillion: Study

    WASHINGTON: US wars launched since the attacks of September 11, 2001 have left 225,000 dead and cost up to $4.4 trillion, according to a new study by university researchers. The study published by Brown University this week focused on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and counter-terrorism...
  9. Pak_Sher

    India beefs up China front with UAVs, copters to monitor PLA

    NEW DELHI: India is now deploying spy drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and light observation helicopters along the borders with China to keep a hawk-eye on the stepped-up activities of People's Liberation Army. The construction of over 5,500 "permanent defences and bunkers" along...
  10. Pak_Sher

    Indian arrested in French terror plot

    PARIS: French police captured seven suspected Islamist militants in raids in Paris and its suburbs, officials said on Tuesday, as France tightened security in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden. Six suspects were detained on Monday but the main target of the operation, an Indian...
  11. Pak_Sher

    Intense US monitoring of Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programmes

    In an April 2008 secret cable, then US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson stressed to the Strategic Plans Division chief Khalid Kidwai that talk of the “possible release of AQ Khan has caused alarm and concern” among US officials. The ambassador further emphasised the “USG...
  12. Pak_Sher

    Brave Matyrs of Pakistan

    LIVE Battle Clip: Pakistan Army vs (TTP)Taliban :pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan: :pakistan:
  13. Pak_Sher

    2000MW wind power project signed

    KARACHI (APP) - A total of $6 billion worth of investment is expected from the South Korean in various energy projects in the province, said Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah here on Sunday. “Korean Southern Power Company (KOSPO) has signed a MoU with Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) to...
  14. Pak_Sher

    Wikileaks: India a puppet in the hands of US?

    New Delhi, Mar 18: While the latest Wikileaks expose seem to present a cup of problems for the ruling UPA government, with the cash for votes controversy brimming over. The other worrying trend is the extent to which the United States have knowledge of the internal workings of India and the...
  15. Pak_Sher

    Pakistani Armed Forces Missiles

    Pakistan successfully test-fires Hatf-VII ''Babur'' cruise missile !! :pakistan::pakistan::pakistan:
  16. Pak_Sher

    Second Pakistani scales Mount Everest

    GILGIT: A mountaineer on Thursday became only the second Pakistani to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Hassan Sadpara, born in 1963, reached the summit at around 7:30 am, Manzoor Hussain, President of the Alpine Club of Pakistan told. “He climbed up from the south route and reached...
  17. Pak_Sher

    The list of active uses is not visible on main forum page or threads?

    Hello: PDF Forum Main Page does not show active users. Is that to improve performance? Please provide feedback.
  18. Pak_Sher

    Indian forces violating human rights in Held Valley

    LAHORE – Central leader of All Parties Hurriyat Conference and Chief National Peoples Party in Indian Occupied Kashmir Syed Saleem Gilani has said that Indian security forces are committing worst human rights abuses in the valley. He said that the Indian forces are brutally killing unarmed...
  19. Pak_Sher

    Taiwan to postpone US weapons purchase

    By ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: May 10, 2011 22:59 Updated: May 10, 2011 22:59 TAIPEI: Taiwan is postponing purchases of US-made Black Hawk helicopters and Patriot air defense systems that are part of a $6.4 billion US weapons package that has been strongly opposed by China, officials...
  20. Pak_Sher

    Iran warns US against extending war into Pakistan

    TEHRAN-(Online) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned US President Barack Obama against extending the war in Afghanistan to neighbouring Pakistan. ‘I warn Obama to take a lesson from former President George W.Bush’s fate and to stop expanding the war’, he said. ‘The best option...

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