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    2 promising movies in June

    Shanghai 2012 Hindi Movie Trailer (New) (Micvial) - YouTube Gangs of Wasseypur Trailer - YouTube
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    Paan Singh Tomar

    Bihad mein sirf Baagi hote hain,Dacait miltein parliament mein how many of u have seen it? Kero Mama (Remix)- Paan Singh Tomar - Full Song - YouTube
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    Time to quit

    Guys, I feel we should quit this forum.It is a waste of time,we are sitting here and arguing with some hardcore brainwashed souls.I feel this has become like the international arena,where all our neighbours conspire to isolate us and similarly we should do the same and get out.i hope all the...
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    Yeh Hain Cheez

    Sochta Hoon Ke woh Kitne Masoom Thay- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - YouTube Hum se yeh soch kar wadda karo
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    Rang De Basanti

    Flash Mob Mumbai - CST Official Video - YouTube In memmory of all those souls lost/reborn on 26/11/2008,May them RIP.
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    Maine Patthar se Jinse Banaya Sanam

    Sochta Hoon Ke woh Kitne Masoom Thay- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - YouTube Sochta hoon ki woh kitne massoom te
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    Sahi Dhande Galat Bandey

    Recent Bollywood movie about gangsters in Delhi taking up the land acquisition agitation and some great songs,here are a few: Naino waali whiskey "Naino wali" [New video song] 'Sahi Dhande Galat Bande' - YouTube Mast Kalandher Mast Kalander - Full Song HD - YouTube Desi...
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    Anyone in Doha?

    Hello guys, Anyone living in Doha here?Just moved here last sunday.
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    Can all pakistanis Speak Punjabi?

    Nothing more,is it the case?
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    Query about Chak Churasi

    I want to know about a village called Chak Chaurasi(old name before partition) near Lyallpur/Faislabad.If anyone knows about it or ever been there,can u tell me the current status of that place?My girlfriend's family is from there and she wants to know about it.Thank you in advance.

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