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  1. Nemesis

    Etiquette, deference, tradition and tea amid an unsung tour of duty

    Indian UN peacekeepers in Congo: an unsung tour of duty | World news | guardian.co.uk Unsung heroes of the Indian army.
  2. Nemesis

    Pakistan must help break al-Qaeda, says Brown

    BBC News - Pakistan must help break al-Qaeda, says Brown Interesting choice of words before a meeting between the PMs, don't you think? It won't go down well in Pakistan.
  3. Nemesis

    Impact of the Media in Pakistan

    BBC News - Ahmed Rashid: Pakistan conspiracy theories stifle debate This is exactly the problem that some members on the forum continue to highlight. This explosion of conspiracy theories is part of the problem. Unless there is a real debate on why militants continue to kill innocents, there...
  4. Nemesis

    Ex NSG chief gives account of 26/11 operation

    NSG decided not to use gas in 26/11 attack - India - The Times of India
  5. Nemesis

    Comparing India and China

    Comparing India and China - Views - livemint.com
  6. Nemesis

    India has forgotten lessons of 1962 war:Global Times

    China says India has forgotten lessons of 1962 war - Yahoo! India News :disagree: Disgraceful choice of words.
  7. Nemesis

    'Operation Green Hunt' invention of media, claims Chidamabaram

    'Operation Green Hunt' invention of media, claims Chidamabaram - India - The Times of India Well well well, it appears that the centre is feeling the heat. Apparently, discussions, seminars, protests, etc etc by Leftist intellectuals is having an effect. At least we are doing something...
  8. Nemesis

    Superpower rivalry, Sino-Indian style

    Superpower rivalry, Sino-Indian style | Kapil Komireddi | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk Also a refutation of the claims of Neville Maxwell - Kapil Komireddi is not usually a very "pro India" writer, but this was brilliantly written.
  9. Nemesis

    The heart of India in under attack

    The heart of India is under attack | Arundhati Roy | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk I don't agree with some of the things she says here. I even might try to refute some of it in a later post. However, no one can deny she writes brilliantly. Also her opinions are a refreshing change from...
  10. Nemesis

    Tale of two Pakistans

    BBC NEWS | Programmes | From Our Own Correspondent | Tale of two Pakistans The Pakistani elite it appears is not so different from the Indian one.
  11. Nemesis

    "The youngest headmaster in the world"

    BBC NEWS | South Asia | The 'youngest headmaster in the world' A truly inspirational story. With that said, illiteracy is a major problem in South Asia. What measures can be taken by South Asian governments to get literacy levels up to the 90% range? Discuss.
  12. Nemesis

    No sporting ties with India right now: Pak

    KARACHI: Pakistan sports minister Aftab Shah Jillani does not foresee restoration of sporting ties with India in the near future. "I don't think it is possible to restore bilateral sporting ties with India at this stage and in these existing circumstances," Jillani told reporters at a...
  13. Nemesis

    Mughal descendant rescued from a life of penury

    Job for Indian royal descendant A descendant of India's last Mughal emperor has been rescued from a life of penury in Calcutta by getting a job with the state-run Coal India. Madhu is the illiterate great-great-granddaughter of emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and has been employed to run errands...
  14. Nemesis

    Burqa 'not welcome' in France: Sarkozy

    *************************************************** VERSAILLES (FRANCE): The burqa is "not welcome" in France because it is not a symbol of religion but a sign of subservience for women, President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday. "We cannot accept to have in our country women who are...
  15. Nemesis

    India "frustrated" by China's rise: Chinese Media

    ****************************************************** “India is frustrated that China’s rise has captured much of the world’s attention... India likes to brag about its sustainable development but worries that it is being left behind by China... India’s current course can only lead to a...
  16. Nemesis

    Intense social and political changes in Pak can explode into Islamist revolution

    Washington, May 2 (ANI): With the Taliban gaining ground and establishing its writ in newer regions of Pakistan, the intense social and political changes that the country is witnessing could ultimately explode into a full blown Islamist revolution, experts believe. The Obama Administration...
  17. Nemesis

    The Story of India

    The link below is a documentary done by Historian Michael Wood for the BBC called "The Story of India" . It encapsulates India from the Indus Valley civilization to 1947. A fantastic documentary. I believe it was also telecast on PBS in the US. PS - When it says "India" it actually means...

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