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  1. MyPakistan1947

    Kerry Seeks 'Reset' On U.S.-Pakistan Ties

    By TOM WRIGHT And MATTHEW ROSENBERG ISLAMABAD—U.S. Sen. John Kerry told Pakistan's civilian and military leaders that Washington wanted to hit the "reset button" on deteriorating relations, amid mounting Pakistani anger over the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Sen. Kerry, who...
  2. MyPakistan1947

    Pakistanis, please stop refering to 1947 as a "Partition" !

    There was no "partition" in 1947. We PAKISTANIS, have to stop refering to Independence of Pakistan as a "partition". Otherwise this gives indians a chance to say "Pakistan was always apart of india, they got seperated from us in 1947". "Pakistan and india were one nation living peacfully...
  3. MyPakistan1947

    17 year old Kashmiri arrested for creating ''anti-national'' group on Face book

    Srinagar: A 17 year old class 12 student was taken into custody for allegedly espousing the separatist cause on a social networking site. Irfan Ahmad Bhat was picked up for questioning by special investigation team of the Jammu and Kashmir police from Ganderpora locality of downtown Srinagar...

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