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  1. alimobin memon

    Murree Tragedy: Pakistan Army once again steps up!

    Demolish all these hotels. They are murderers in one way or the other.
  2. alimobin memon

    Pakistan finalized Z-10ME Helicopters deal with China : Journalist Sumaira Khan

    Newer Z10 variant has 1300 kw engine. probably has better rate of climb
  3. alimobin memon

    PAF J10CP - will perform flypast on 23rd March , 2022 l Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed

    Good Analysis, JF17 is also good just a light fighter. It can fare against Indian air force planes. J10C is overkill against all fighters except Rafale where it might be equal or near equal to it.
  4. alimobin memon

    Impacts on Ukraine war on Pakistan

    I think Pak was in talks with russia for t80ud upgrades after mi 35 deal.
  5. alimobin memon

    U.S. Intel Says Russia Is Preparing 175,000 Troops For Ukraine Offensive - Forbes

    That's not the case actually. training a limited force in arctic versus a country whose whole population can fight in winter.
  6. alimobin memon


    Could be the fact that barq punches more warhead yield ?
  7. alimobin memon

    The EU realizes it can't rely on America for protection. Now it has a blueprint for a new joint military force

    Sir max 2035. the way it has already started working on 4th. Plus, news is leaked late. most probably construction of 4th and 5th like Development specification is already on works.
  8. alimobin memon

    Taiwan President shows their F 16 Upgrade Program

    Sir don't waste time on such petty posts who don't even know the rockets iron dome intercepted were dumb bombs that even on impact didn't have much effect anyway.
  9. alimobin memon

    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    Right thats what Im saying. Maybe there is no use. but I highly doubt its budget issue as pakistan has finally ordered large ships they would never risk getting with lesser performing suite.
  10. alimobin memon

    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    I think that they did not go for newer variable sonar is the fact that they reportedly opted only for newer improved search and air survelliance radar. Since, its targetted as air defense ship more than anti submarine ?
  11. alimobin memon

    Breaking: U.S. Troops Have Secretly Been Deployed in Taiwan for at Least a Year

    Its not gonna be same always. I think Antiship missiles from china coming in 100's and their navy is also strong. unlike japan in WW2 that when there were no AA missile systems to counter dozens of air raids over them. Now both navies have SAM systems to counter Air raids and attack enemy ships...
  12. alimobin memon

    US submarine hit underwater seamount in South China Sea

    Chinese subs have come close to US carrier group without them noticing. So, its highly likely they are not noisy, besides nuclear subs can't be as stealthy as normal AIP diesel electric don't know if that is true.
  13. alimobin memon

    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    In real war no one knows if enemy something in surprise, Pakistan should have better anti tank ammunition atleast 650 to 680 mm at 2km is must.
  14. alimobin memon

    WW2 Footage: Heads of French Women Collaborators are Shaved in France.

    "War is not about who is right, but who is left"
  15. alimobin memon

    PIA adds two new airplanes to its fleet First aircraft reached Islamabad Tuesday

    4 yr old is nothing in aviation industry. Many airlines are flying 10 to 15 years old.
  16. alimobin memon

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    No ones talking about range. Plus not always active is better then semi active. I still believe semi active has its benefits.
  17. alimobin memon

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    is there evidence that CAMM-ER is better than HHQ 16 A ? maybe B version of HHQ16 B is also in tables. Tables have changed I think Chinese HHQ16 A is as potent as any counter part. West dillema needs to end. I may be wrong so please enlighten if CAMM-ER is better.
  18. alimobin memon

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    So what are options no Z10 ME and Mi35 ?
  19. alimobin memon

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    t129 is dead ?

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