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  1. Oracle

    Android App for defence.pk is not working since last 2 days

    it results in "this forum is currently not available on this app is there any new app ? or any technical difficulties?
  2. Oracle

    Doctors Situation during Corona

    My wife is Medical doctor and working in a reputable hospital (Quaid E Azam international hospital ) in Islamabad. Alof of staff and doctors got positive, and my wife also got suspected. and one of their head nurse died due to Covid+ last week , as Out door patients are open there. We payed...
  3. Oracle

    Increase in advertisements against china on social media

    In recent months in Pakistan I have seen alot of advertisements which are type of documentaries or news which are against china, government killing people, killing Muslims in China, genocides etc.. Even though such acts are done by advertising companies, Facebook is not sponsoring it. However...
  4. Oracle

    USA F22 carshed : Pilot safe

    Eglin F-22 crashes; pilot safely ejects An F-22 from that wing crashed on May 15; its pilot safely ejected and is in stable condition. (Samuel King/Air Force) An F-22 Raptor from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida crashed Friday morning on the base’s test and training range, but its pilot is safe...
  5. Oracle

    Seek Advice

    please delete the thread now...
  6. Oracle

    Indian News : 'Pakistan-made' 2000 Rs Indian notes caught

    How Mumbai police caught flyer with 'Pakis .. MUMBAI: . MUMBAI: A man who arrived on a flight from Dubai on Sunday morning was arrested for carrying fake Rs 2,000 notes with a face value of almost Rs 24 lakh. The accused told police they were printed in Pakistan and sent to Dubai, with India...
  7. Oracle

    Oil Prices and Current Govt

    Oil Prices have reduced dramatically since January ( even less than Jan 2019, and our current govt reduced 0.06 Rs / liter Same goverment accused PMLN of corruption when fuel price was around 70-80 Rs / liter , and said it should be around 45-50 Rs / liter. Middle class ki bhi gurbat ma...
  8. Oracle

    PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen arrested in Peshawar

    PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen arrested from Peshawar Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) chief Manzoor Pashteen was arrested from Peshawar’s Shaheen Town during the early hours of Monday morning, local media reported. Quoting an official of Tahkal police station, the report said, “the PTM chief is...
  9. Oracle

    Facebook has blocked live streaming of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation's over Kashmir

    Facebook has blocked live streaming of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation's (PBC) news bulletins for highlighting Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir, Radio Pakistan reported on Monday. However, temporary arrangements have been made to continue live streaming of Radio Pakistan's bulletins...
  10. Oracle

    Saudi Apache helicopter Down by Houthi

    Yemen's Houthi rebels say they shot down Saudi Apache helicopter Rebel spokesman says Houthis used surface-to-air missile to down Saudi helicopter near border, killing its 2 pilots Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed the shooting down of a Saudi Apache helicopter near the border with its...
  11. Oracle

    Two Indian nationals arrested in Cholistan Pakistan

    BAHAWALPUR: District police officials in Cholistan have arrested two Indian nationals for entering Pakistan illegally, according to reports. Police say that both Indians entered Pakistan without proper documentation. Police have registered a case against the apprehended, who have been...
  12. Oracle

    Air Force's MiG-27 Fighter Jet Crashes In Rajasthan, Pilot Ejects Safely

    As IAF activity increased due to tensions along with Pakistan border , technical issues among ground staff and aircraft readiness is becoming difficult causing 2nd aircraft to go down in a month . Birds are to blame every time an aircraft is down by IAF More sorties for aircraft requires less...
  13. Oracle

    Another attack in IOK : One dead, 32 injured in grenade attack at bus stand in Jammu

    One dead, 32 injured in grenade attack at bus stand in Jammu IOK You killed their children , raped their women , butchered them for generations . They will attack your army. If you keep on doing that , then be afraid of time for tit for tat .... civilians are being targeted , i am sorry for...
  14. Oracle

    Saudi Govt about to topple again ? with help of USA

    King Salman's brother returns to Riyadh amid Khashoggi crisis after assurance from USA & British that no one will kill him The only surviving full brother of Saudi Arabia's King Salman has reportedly returned to the kingdom, amid international outcry over the killing of journalist Jamal...
  15. Oracle

    Israeli aircraft landed in Islamabad:

    A tweet from a Israeli journalist that an aircraft flew from Tel Aviv to Islamabad has sparked a storm of rumors on social media. According to BBC the plane was not registered in Israel and it actually flew from Amman. Avi Scharf, editor of Israeli newspaper Haretz who first tweeted about...
  16. Oracle

    Info regarding : 23 march parade

    My brotherinlwa is Newzeland National ( born and raised there ) not Pakistani national . he is in Pakistan for a visit. He wants to see 23 march parade live. however( its not possible now as we dont have passes ) Question is what is possibility that we can see rehearsal of 23 march ? ( its 1...
  17. Oracle

    Iran currency growth ? Need suggestion from Economists

    I have bough bundle of Irianian Currency 3 years ago, so one day it could Soars up and i will get some profit . However it is falling down since. Getting rumors that Iran will replace its currency? how much there is truth in that . and how much it will effect the old currency inside Pakistan ...
  18. Oracle

    Breaking : ISIS leader al-Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russia-led air strike

    The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday it is checking on information indicating that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly killed in a Russia-led airstrike in Syria. Russian Su-34 aircraft and an Su-35 multirole fighter carried out airstrikes near the Islamic State (IS...
  19. Oracle

    Afghanistan: Large blast rocks west of Kabul

    Loud explosion and gunfire rings out near security compound in west of Afghan capital, Kabul, witnesses say. A loud explosion was heard across the Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday, with witnesses also reporting the sound of gunfire. ( 2 explosions as per latest info, 1 dead and 35 injured )...

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