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  1. Secur

    China to build Asia’s largest oil refinery in Pakistan

    Pakistan and China have agreed to build an oil refinery in Dera Ismail Khan WAK group from Pakistan and Guangdong Electrical Design Institute from China have signed an agreement in this connection in Dubai. Under the agreement, Asia's largest oil refinery will be established at Yarak area of...
  2. Secur

    Society, Women and Behashti Zewar

    معاشرہ، عورت اور بہشتی زیور ۔ ڈاکٹر مبارک علی A must read on the criticism of the most renowned and so called authentic book on matters of marital matters (for exclusively women of course). It gives an insight into the opposition to modernity and secular education present during the British rule...
  3. Secur

    KP govt confirms women vote blocked by political parties

    PESHAWAR: A Khyber Pakhtunkhwa minister has confirmed the Dawn.com report that women would not be allowed to vote in parts of the province under the tacit approval of PPP, ANP, JUI-F, PML-N and JI. “Yes I can confirm this agreement has taken place in Lower Dir, have reports of similar agreement...
  4. Secur


    Well, since the topic of traitors is trending in this country at the moment and the politicians are extra ordinarily active in getting the resolutions of "condemnations" approved from provincial assemblies. I would like to ask the reason for this yet again selective activeness, loathing and...
  5. Secur

    When Ayub Khan Accused Fatima Jinnah Of Being An Indian And American Agent

    November 26th, 2009 | 50 This story is from the Time Magazine datelined Christmas Day 1964. It sheds interesting light on how far back this game of the security establishment conjuring up images of US-India collusion go. Ayub Khan actually accused Fatima Jinnah of being pro-Indian and...
  6. Secur

    A curious question!

    If the whole country will celebrate Eid tomorrow, after actually seeing the moon, how exactly do a group of people sight the moon, when no moon can possibly be seen with reports coming in till midnight to Mullahs, despite meteorological evidence confirming the impossibility of such a thing...
  7. Secur

    Firing on Vehicle Kills Asmatullah Betni

    North Waziristan : Asmatalluh Betni - member of Taliban shora amongst 5 killed in a firing incident on a car . Sources
  8. Secur

    Army operation in Tirah leaves 9 terrorist dead .

    Security forces operation in Tirah leaves 9 terrorist dead , 8 injured and 4 hideouts destroyed . Geo
  9. Secur

    Calling Members Again for TF2 work !

    PDF needs you for the TF2 project ! We are working on creating a Pakistan Defense Forums " Wiki " to make the forum , a authoritative , detailed , credible and comprehensive source of information on " Pakistan's military affairs " . At the moment , we are collecting information from different...
  10. Secur

    The War That Never Was .

    A War That Never Was . The Haqqani Network, visits President Ronald Reagan in the White House. By Secur There , It all Began . That was the era of the Cold war . On December 12 , 1979 the Soviet politburo - executive committee met to formally approve the decision made several days earlier...
  11. Secur

    Indian troops not allowed to patrol up to LAC?

    NEW DELHI: A committee tasked by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to assess the situation on the China border is understood to have reported that Indian troops are not being allowed to patrol up to the perceived Line of Actual Control (LAC) by Chinese Army. The team, headed by National Security...
  12. Secur

    Dirty war on LoC preceded deadly Poonch ambush

    This, and only this, do we know for a fact: early this month, Zafran Ghulam Sarwar, Wajid Akbar, Mohammad Wajid Akbar and Mohammad Faisal left their homes on the Pakistani side of the control in the Neelam valley, and never came back. Pakistan claims they were innocent herb collectors, who were...
  13. Secur

    In the line of fire

    AT the young age of 18, Sharafata had already attained the attributes of a quintessential Pakhtun woman born and bred in rural Peshawar. Of course she knew of the threat that her job entailed, but in her decision to eschew security while administering the polio vaccine to children she was guided...
  14. Secur

    In the line of fire

  15. Secur

    Pakistan Cabinet to decide on NATO supply lines

    Pakistan's government has shown signs of its willingness to open its border with Afghanistan for NATO's trucks carrying fuel and other supplies. The border was closed seven months ago after an accidental American airstrike killed 24 Pakistan soldiers. Senior Pakistani government officials are...
  16. Secur

    Pakistan rejects Panetta's comments on militant safe havens

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday rejected US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s recent comments on militant safe havens in Pakistan, a move that could intensify tensions between troubled allies Islamabad and Washington. “We feel that the Secretary of Defense is oversimplifying some of...
  17. Secur

    Iran offers to finance entire IP gas pipeline - Tehran Times

    With no country or company willing to take part in a project that the U.S. opposes, Tehran has offered to lay the entire Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project. Pakistan has pitched investment proposals to China and Russia but no major progress has been made due to U.S. pressure. Both...
  18. Secur

    WikiLeaks Reveals Sex, Drugs, And Rock & Roll In Saudi Arabia

    After the initial reaction to WikiLeaks’ “mega-dump,” the conversation shifted from the content of the cables to “meta” issues such as Julian Assange‘s supposed sex offence and the meaning of transparency and privacy in the internet age. But there’s still some interesting stuff, albeit...
  19. Secur

    Individual terrorists not to affect China, Pakistan relations

    Individual terrorists not to affect China, Pakistan relations: Xinjiang official BEIJING, March 7 (Xinhua) -- A top official from China's northwest Xinjiang on Wednesday said violent activities by individual terrorists will not affect the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan...
  20. Secur

    Russia and China veto UN resolution against Syrian regime

    Anger from Europe and US as two security council powers argue implied threat of sanctions will not bring peace Russia and China have vetoed a European-backed UN security council resolution that threatened sanctions against the Syrian regime if it did not immediately halt its military...

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