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  1. gogbot

    Tejas(LCA)- Setting the record straight

    Sorry for Answering a question from Year ago, and bring back a dead thread. But i just happen to be reading some of the comments on the handful on thread i made, and luck would have it i just came across some info to actually answer it this time. Wind Tunnel Models from when LCA was still...
  2. gogbot

    Indian UAV's and the Road Ahead

    To quote some one , whom you can't disagree with. However My own Personal opinnion: With a payload of only 75kg, It seems to too small to carry munitions , targeting equipment and Fuel. It is highly unlikely that the Rustom can carry missiles. At least Smart missiles A single Nag Missile...
  3. gogbot

    Indian UAV's and the Road Ahead

    According to live fist they have yet to release those details. Only Info we really have on the programme is that And i quote liveFist on this info I have not been able to fine more info on this sorry, It might be out there and i just have yet to come across it. Sorry to disappoint...
  4. gogbot

    Tata Donates $50 Million to Harvard

    Why ? Tata group probably has its own university in India that could use that much money. Hell Tata group is free to to what is wants but i just can't get the Rationale behind this.
  5. gogbot

    Indian UAV's and the Road Ahead

    India's Mini Gas Turbine Engine For UAV/UCAV Programme India's indigenous minaturised gas turbine technology demonstrator for UAVs/UCAVs. The Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) Finally the Vision The first slide you see shows an unmanned network centric...
  6. gogbot

    Indian UAV's and the Road Ahead

    I thought i might Write a post about what Rustom is and the Road ahead This may help clear up some Confusion a lot of people are having. Aircraft pictured above : Rustom-1 MALE UAV A smaller derivative Rustom-1, a prototype/technology demonstrator, Rustom (English: Warrior) is a...
  7. gogbot

    DRDO test flies Rustom TD unmanned aircraft

    No , this RUSTOM TD only has a payload of 75kg, too small to carry any munitions. But this aircraft is just the stepping off point for the Rustom H which a much larger aircraft , with possible combat potential. This UAV also contributes to Project AURA which is an attempt to develop an low...
  8. gogbot

    Cyber attacks on CWG website: India suspects China

    YouTube - Punch line drum
  9. gogbot

    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    Ok , Tell me a few deadlines you know that were missed. We will examine your claim that "all" deadlines have been missed.
  10. gogbot

    Obama's India visit

    I remember when George Bush Came , he said forget NSG . From now on you can trade Nuclear materials and reactors. That worked out very well for India. :lol:
  11. gogbot

    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    Technology restrictions, Testing facilities infrastructure, R&D into new materials Engineering aircraft from designs underfunded for the majority of the development Requirements creep. The reasons for delays is vast , citing one and pointing to it alone is not very fair. Every...
  12. gogbot

    Initial Operational Clearance For LCA-Tejas On December 27, 2010, In Bangalore !!!

    Exports are years away , we need to outfit our selves first. May be if they are willing to help set out additional production lines. But that's unlikely given our lack of experience with large exports
  13. gogbot

    Security threat: DRDO to make own OS

    This is way out of the scope of DRDO. this project will suffer from delays and Budget over runs. OS development should be handed out to Pvt sector who are specialized in the field. BE practical here DRDO was not meant to do any of this kind of stuff. DRDO will eventually look for outside...
  14. gogbot

    Russian-Indian fifth-generation fighter will not be a copy of the T-50

    This is 50 Billion dollar project.(Long term) With a Substantial part of the money being pumped into Russian R&D. Russia invited India for the JV so we the Funding can be sorted can be easier and faster. The FGFA is as beneficial to the Russians as it is to India. Russia will use the Funds to...
  15. gogbot

    Which country will next send a man to the Moon?

    For all those making their ridiculous arguments against space travel Understand the space research is pioneer in the field of all scientific develop. Engine research , Energy research , Material science , Human Biology. etc Have yielded countless benefits to Human life already. Velcro and...
  16. gogbot

    Why do people fight with each other?

    -Apparently Indian's Killing Innocent Kashmir people. -So Pak is with in right to train Militants on it's soil and then slip them into India. Using Ceasefire violations -Then Pak should be proud of doing this . because India Killing Innocent Kashmir people . -This then makes Indian's...
  17. gogbot

    JF-17 Picture for Military Aviation?

    JF-17 defense mode activate. :rofl: You guys really need actually read the OP first rather than a few lines.
  18. gogbot

    Which country will next send a man to the Moon?

    Possible but would China consent . It's been an Issue of National Pride for China's Manned space Missions. I would imagine China would want to go at it on her own. They have never shown intent og carrying other nation's payload on their missions have they. I firmly believe the Mission to mars...
  19. gogbot

    Hindus in Pakistan fear backlash from extremists after Ayodhya verdict

    Anti-riot police are all over ayodhya from day of judgment , prepared for such an outcome , so far no one has come out onto the streets. India has learned from such things. Adequate measures are being put in place now for such events. But Extremist elements are the real problem , they will...
  20. gogbot

    Crowds giving Delhi Commonwealth Games a miss

    Much better unlike Aussie crying about War tunnels :eek: Explains what happen at the opening by the time the Camera Cut to Pak. The Flag bearer seemed flustered from Something with everyone gathered aground. hope he gets punished appropriately.

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