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    Dyson engineer wins unfair dismissal claim after Sikh manager told her ‘I don’t like Muslims’

    For those Pakistanis who think that sikhs are our allies, please read this article of how a sikh manager for the Dyson company bullied and harrassed an Iranian female engineer because she was a Muslim. He did this mainly because of his hatred of Pakistanis...

    Racist gets knocked out on the London Underground

    A racist on the London Underground mouths it off and then gets knocked the f**k out.............:lol:.....................See 0.59 secs for the killer punch.................:lol:: (This incident happened on 15/08/2020) That was an excellent, powerful and well-timed punch. He fell like a...

    Anti Pakistani and Anti Chinese propaganda on PDF must stop

    I'm concerned with the recent spike in anti-Pakistani and anti-Chinese propaganda on PDF. Why is this even being allowed? PDF is being used as a platform by our enemies to spew anti-Pakistani and anti-Chinese propaganda and even insult Pakistani and Chinese people. MODs need to do something...

    Pakistan Vs England 1st Test 5th-9th of August 2020 (Old Trafford)

    Salaams everyone Not a cricket fan myself but I know a lot of you are so you can check the latest score between Pakistan and England here for the ongoing first test match: https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/19495/game/1198241/england-vs-pakistan-1st-test-england-v-pakistan-2020 Feel free...

    Unarmed Afghan civilians murdered by British special forces (SAS & SBS)

    Often some Afghans complain at how Pakistan and Pakistanis are their enemies but they fail to confront those people who mass murder their civilians. What is happening to innocent unarmed Afghan civilians is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. What are the Afghans going to do about the following outrage...

    I salute brother Ghazi52

    @ghazi52 I'd like to take this opportunity to salute and commend brother @ghazi52 for all the excellent work he does in promoting Pakistan and showing Pakistan in a positive light. You NEVER EVER troll or engage in ANY sort of meaningless conjectures whatsoever and you go above and beyond in...

    Latest on Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Development

    Back in early 2011, an article was published by the Institute for Science and International Security stating that Pakistan had the capability to produce thermonuclear weapons...

    Indian obsession with Pakistan and CPEC continues..............

    Here is a link to an indian journalist who claims that CPEC is not good for Pakistan and will cause the destruction of Gwadar.......................:lol:: https://www.newsintervention.com/cpec-project-for-development-or-destruction-of-gwadar/

    "Pakistan and india must reunite"

    Sorry if this has been posted before but back in 2018, an indian judge stated that india and Pakistan must "reunite" whatever that means: https://indicanews.com/2018/09/26/india-and-pakistan-are-one-and-must-reunite-under-a-secular-govt/ Is this is a belief to bring back the idea of a "united...

    Deleting the American flag from the emojis section

    As a country that continues to malign Pakistan and done everything it could to undermine it's interests, is it possible for the MODs to delete the american flag from the emojis section? This is in respect of the 1000s of innocent Pakistanis killed by the american imposed WOT on our nation...

    Adding the Turkish Flag in the Emoji section

    As a country that is pro-Pakistani and whose people are the brothers and sisters of Pakistani people, I was wondering if the MODs could add the Turkish flag in the emoji section. Could you also please remove the american flag? @waz @Arsalan @Horus @WebMaster @krash @Irfan Baloch

    Repatriating all the Non-Whites from the UK

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:...............Guys watch the following clip in FULL, especially for if you are a UK based Pakistani.........:lol:: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CNZUTPF7DYz7/ Listen to what is being said...............:lol: This is a response to Whites becoming a minority in the UK...

    Afghanistan suspend their best batsman indefinitely for living and working in Pakistan

    I could not resist this news as it is absolutely hilarious..........:lol:........it's real and NOT a joke.........:lol: Apparently, the Afghan Cricket Board have suspended their best batsman indefinitely as he lives in Peshawar, works there and is married to a local woman. He refused to return...

    UK sikhs don't want to be identified as "indian"

    The UK sikh community is all set to get a seperate box to tick their ethnicity for the 2021 UK census. They no longer have to tick "indian" but have the option of ticking "Sikh". In the 2011 UK census, 83,000 sikhs refrained from ticking the "indian" box and instead ticked "Asian Other" and...

    indian activist calls for Muslim birthrate in Europe to be curtailed

    A indian activist has called for the Muslim birthrate in the West to be reduced and for Muslims in Europe to leave Islam https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/tory-mp-bob-blackman-hosts-anti-muslim-extremist-5qlwzbxvm PS The above creature is so ugly that if I looked like him, I too would hate...

    BBC Asian network sacks a Sikh for racism against Pakistanis

    A sikh and another indian were sacked from the BBC Asian network for racist remarks against Pakistanis and sexiest remarks against a White employee: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4762296/BBC-suspends-DJ-racist-slur-female-radio-producer.html

    12 Pakistanis who won UK elections last night set to become MPs

    12 Pakistanis won elections yesterday evening across the UK are set to become MPS for their constituencies: https://www.geo.tv/latest/145165-here-are-the-12-british-pakistanis-who-won-in-the-uk-polls This is a sign of growing Pakistani political power in the UK.

    india should drop a nuclear bomb on Pakistan - indian politician claims

    An indian politician yesterday advocated that india should drop a nuclear bomb on Pakistan: http://zeenews.india.com/rajasthan/drop-nuclear-bomb-on-pakistan-vhp-leader-acharya-dharmendra-2011278.html This creature is letting everyone know what india's REAL agenda against Pakistan is. I've...

    Global IQ Scores

    Here is the Global IQ map which gives the average IQ scores of each nation: https://iq-research.info/en/page/average-iq-by-country# As can be seen, there is a strong positive correlation between average IQ scores of a country and their level of development, sophistication, culture and history...

    india really shaken and stirred because of CPEC

    Because of the growth of CPEC, india is genuinely worried about it, as it has all but destroyed india's plans to vanquish Pakistan. Here is an article from an indian newspaper which proves this. The fear is very telling...

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