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  1. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Aussie PM gets Kangaroo hopping mad instead of punishing its war criminals

    Japan and Korea are lost causes and China is the last bastion of Asian pride. Apparently Vietnam wants to join the canine club, its gotten that bad.
  2. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Aussie PM gets Kangaroo hopping mad instead of punishing its war criminals

    Initially I thought it was a clumsy move by the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman but watching how things unfolded I find it to be a brilliant move! Give that man a medal! Relations have plummeted alarmingly overnight and hilarity ensues.
  3. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Australian 'war crimes': Elite troops killed Afghan civilians, report finds

    Talk the biggest bullshit about humam rights and high horse values but act like savages when they think no one is watching. I'm certain the numbers are higher. Much much higher.
  4. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    This 'vertical forest' will be Southeast Asia’s tallest green residential building

    Looks very similar to a completed project in China. The plants overgrew due to lack of maintenance and occupancy but still looks like a neat idea. Hopefully Vietnam gets it to work.
  5. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    SpaceX successfully launches 4 Crew-1 astronauts to space!

    Space x has the advantage of having ex NASA staff and expertise. It will take China decades to catch up with NASA but in the long game I am optimistic.
  6. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    China’s Mega Banks Are in Mega Trouble—And So Is the Chinese Economy

    Comrade Gordon has been a Chinese secret agent throwing disinformation for decades now. He tells the westerners what they want to hear and throw them off the true state of national rejuvenation.
  7. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Brazil suspends trials of China's Sinovac coronavirus vaccine, citing 'serious adverse event'

    Serious adverse event was a suicide. Who gives a fcuk it they want it or not, just don't twist and make up nonsense to build a fake narrative.
  8. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Death in a digital world

    @TaiShang This article is a bit different from what we get at PDF, I hope all is going alright on your end. Then again I'm not too bright and might be interpreting it incorrectly.
  9. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    India and China: Two Very Different Paths to Development

    Its 2021, how can Indians still believe in this nonsense? India will be lucky to overtake Japan this decade and will still struggle with fundamental economic and social issues. Situation is fcuked and the only salve is nonsense rhetoric like the above article. I would rather live in China...
  10. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Vietnam’s rising stature: Chinese palpable nervousness

    I hope that Indian delusions of superpower status does not rub off onto Vietnam. Facts are important but the hoi polloi do not care for the truth, sensationalist nonsense is more palatable and soothing for their insecurities. A few months back at the barber shop the Vietnamese lady was joyously...
  11. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Vietnam’s rising stature: Chinese palpable nervousness

    Gotta watch out for Vietnamese delusions of grandeur. It might lead them to start a war and invade Guangxi. Chinese dragon is no match for Vietnamese simian power.
  12. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    French airstrikes kill over 50 Al-Qaeda linked terrorist in Mali

    I wonder who is the bigger terrorist? Europeans conduct bombing in Africa and label the victims as terrorist. I doubt that there will be any investigation.
  13. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    India Resists U.S. Pressure to Buy Armed Drones as Trump Looks for Foreign Policy ‘Wins’

    Its like going shopping but with only 2 dollars in the wallet. Ask staff for quotes and details, discuss terms and conditions and then reveal that they don't have the cash. One of the most difficult customer groups for retail staff to work with.
  14. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Chinas new 5 year plan

    I'm so glad that civility, etiquette and socialist values is prioritised in this plan! Wealth without education, manners and cultural values makes for boorish people.
  15. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Shanghai spending big to build the new ‘Silicon Valley’

    "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance"
  16. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Vietnam GDP could top Singapore’s this year: IMF

    Where would you rather live, Vietnam or India? I would live in Vietnam 1,000,000,000 % In fact I would rather live in Vietnam during the 1980s compared to 2020 India.
  17. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    China CETC showcased it's swarm drone

    It would be good if that box could launch them faster and release an instant swarm.
  18. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    India to surpass Japan to become the third largest economy by 2050: Lancet

    Im quite sure India will surpass Japan before 2030. It would take incompetence of epic proportions to fail that goal.
  19. +4vsgorillas-Apebane

    Featured Bloomberg New Economy: China is Winning the Trade War With Trump

    And what are talks gonna change? Its the ground reality that matters. The west talk like they are the paragons of justice and peace but in reality they are the worst perpetrators of human rights abuse. They also talk of decoupling while increasing the depth and scope of trade, bar a few items...

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