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  1. Mav3rick

    A simple question on Reciprocity of Arms Trade

    Friends & fellow Countrymen, I have a very simple question, which has been bothering me for a few years now. Some introduction before the question. Our ally, US, is selling Billions of Dollars worth of Military equipment to India. Probability of that equipment being used against Pakistan is a...
  2. Mav3rick

    US lawmakers question Pakistan’s policies

    WASHINGTON: Several members of the US Congress launched on Wednesday a multi-pronged attack on Pakistan, questioning its policies and priorities. Pakistan had to bear this humiliation for the $742 million that the Obama administration has proposed for the country in the next fiscal year. The...
  3. Mav3rick

    Drone strike kills ten in South Waziristan

    PESHAWAR: US drone strikes targeting a militant house and vehicle in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal area killed at least ten suspected militants Sunday including two key militant commanders, security officials said, the second attack in 24 hours. Two US drones fired four missiles at a house...
  4. Mav3rick

    Dilemma.......Why are we so unfortunate?

    Most of us have continued to vote for the same respective political parties that our forefathers voted for....why is that? Recently I conducted a voting session with my esteemed colleagues who are all highly educated, highly trained in various countries for their respective roles and have years...
  5. Mav3rick

    Shooting Ranges in Pakistan

    Guys I often go to the Naval Shooting Range at Karsaz (Karachi) on Sunday's with friends for practice, how many of you go to shooting ranges? I practice with my Taurus 24/7 PRO (0.45mm) Pistol that I carry at all times.

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