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    What do you get if you combine a Leclerc with a Leopard 2? This beauty: The Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) is a project by France and Germany since 2012 to replace their currently deployed Leclerc and Leopard 2 main battle tanks (MBTs).[2][3][4] In 2016, the program was in the concept...
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    The 1974 Cyprus Invasion in photos

    I found a video on youtube that has around 19 minutes of photos from the war by both sides. It has so many photos that I've never seen or have in my computer about the conflict. It's worth watching. Please keep it civil! Any attempt to flame or troll will be reported.
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    "We are a naval nation" Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu

    A few days ago,at the celebrations for the 800 years from the conquest of Alanya by the Seljuks,Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu mentioned that Turkey is a nation of sailors or naval nation. This rhetoric has been heard again in the last few years. That sounded a bit like Indians saying "We are a...
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    Greece and USA sign Mutual Defence Agreement

    After the defense agreement with France inked just weeks ago, Greece is getting ready to sign an amendment to its defense deal with the US at the end of this week. It will mark the renewal of the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA), first signed in 1990. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos...
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    Turkey angry about Greek-French deal

    Apparently,the Turks didn't like the deal... https://parstoday.com/en/news/west_asia-i154162-turkey_warns_against_warship_deal_between_france_greece https://nationworldnews.com/greece-france-seal-strategic-defense-deal-angry-turkey/ Cavusoglu said that Cypriot plans to hunt for energy and...
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    FDI and Gowind for Greece

    Greek defence sites Ptisi and Naval Defence,some of the most reliable defence and military news websites in Greece,report that the Greek government is very close to signing a deal for 3 FDI HN frigates and 3 Gowind HN. Let me google translate some parts: "As we wrote yesterday, the Hellenic...
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    Erdogan Vows to Proceed With New S-400 Delivery in CBS Interview

    (Bloomberg) -- Turkey will purchase new Russian missile defenses despite U.S. opposition, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with CBS News posted on the U.S. network’s website. The U.S. has urged Turkey not to go ahead with the delivery of Russian S-400 missiles and jettison...
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    Naval Legends: Georgios Averof

    The Averof is a legendary ship and part of the Greek history. It was the ship that almost single-handedly destroyed the Ottoman navy during the Balkan Wars and helped in the liberation of many of the islands in the Aegean. This is a nice documentary about it from World of Warships:
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    Defence companies merchandise

    Apparently a lot of big companies have their own merchandise sites. The best one that I've found by far,is Dassault's merchandise store. With all the craze about the Rafale here,I bought a Rafale C model myself at 1/72 scale. The quality is amazing. They have a nice variety of aircraft and...
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    Greece chose SPIKE NLOS for Armed Forces

    Greece has decided to buy SPIKE NLOS systems for the Army and Navy. When it comes to the Army,they will be used by vehicles and helicopters,probably Apache. https://www.ptisidiastima.com/spike-nlos-for-greece/
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    UNICEF makes video about India

    India is a superpower. There was an old video called "Put the poo in the loo". Imagine a country so dirty and backwards,that UNICEF actually made a video for them.
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    The reason behind Greece's recent arms deals

    Since I'm one of the very few Greek members here,I'd like to offer you some insight and information about our side of the story. You've probably heard or read about our recent arms purchases. You probably wonder why is a country that has been in an economic crisis,buying all these expensive...
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    Erdogan's new Pentagon

    I'm sure a lot of people here will drool over this "The planned compound, already dubbed by local media as the "Turkish Pentagon," also will house the armed forces chief of general staff as well as land, air and naval command headquarters. Around 15,000 personnel will work in the complex...
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    Indian video about Greek Rafales,involves Pakistan again...

    I found this video with a typical text-to-voice narration,although this time it's an indian accent. It starts talking about the HAF's Rafale jet fighters and how Turkish experts are worried. Then goes on to talk about some weird stuff like Greek air force getting another 20 by 2025 and having a...
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    The "Trojan Tank",a tank battle in Cyprus 1974

    During the 1974 war,there were probably few tank battles. The Cypriot National Guard operated 32 T-34-85s and the Turkish forces used the far superior M-47 tank on the island with a few M-48s as well.During an ambush,a Turkish M113 and M-47 were captured. The M-47 was put into service...
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    Planet India (screenshots from my collection)

    Throughout the years,I've collected screenshots of the dumbest things I've seen Indians say in FB groups,youtube etc. Some of the weirdest came from Indians and ocassionally Banglas and Africans at a group about Russian military equipment,where I put a question in order to stop the masses of...
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    Photos from Cyprus 1974

    Now you probably haven't seen any photos from the Greek Cypriot side. I have some from the Coup and 1974 Invasion and also many from the Turkish side,but since I got a great deal of them from this forum(I think),I don't know it's useless to post them. If you want the Turkish photos too,just tell...
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    Defence ads in Greek magazines

    So I tried to scan some interesting military and defence advertisements from old Greek magazines that I have. I'll translate in english some of them.Some are cool,some are nice,some are cheesy. Let's start with an old ad about the Gripen. On top it says" "GRIPEN: IT'S RETURNING TO THE AEGEAN"...
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    Hello to all!

    Hello guys,I'm just a greek guy who has been occasionally checking out the forum. Back in the early 2010s I was more "pro-Indian",but after I started seeing Indian comments and talking with Indians on FB,I completely changed my mind. Especially after all the retarded posts I kept seeing in a...

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