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    Pakistan to borrow $600m from China

    China's President Xi Jinping (R) shakes hands with Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at their family photo session prior to the Dialogue On Strengthening Connectivity Partnership at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing November 8, 2014. PHOTO: REUTERS ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided...
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    Trump may allow Lockheed Martin to make F-16 combat jets in India

    Big boost for Modi’s ‘Make in India’: Trump may allow Lockheed Martin to make F-16 combat jets in India US defence firm Lockheed Martin wants to push ahead with plans to move production of its F-16 combat jets to India, but understands President Donald Trump's administration may want to take a...
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    NSA Ajit Doval's Office sees 10 fold increase in budget

    The body is responsible for advising the Prime Minister on key strategic and security issues, both on domestic as well as international fronts, and consists of academics and eminent professionals. The National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), which reports to National Security Adviser (NSA)...
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    "India's 'surgical strikes' in Kashmir: Truth or illusion?"

    India's 'surgical strikes' in Kashmir: Truth or illusion? By M Ilyas Khan, BBC News, Pakistani-administered Kashmir 23 October 2016 India's army said its forces attacked on 29 September - but gave few details India made headlines in late September after carrying out "surgical strikes" on...
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    Is India going for F-35 instead of F-16 or F/A-18?

    Indian Air Force's Tejas landing after a fly past during the 84th Air Force Day parade at Hindon Air Force Station in Ghaziabad on Saturday | photo: Sanjay K Sharma Ajai Shukla | New Delhi October 8, 2016, Business Standard‎ A global contest has restarted for supplying India a medium...
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    Russian S-500 defense to be deployed in 2016 and What it means for India

    S-500 (missile system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Russia's Cutting-Edge S-500 Missile System to Begin Tests ... Russian S-500 Prometheus ballistic missile defense to be deployed in 2016 S-500 Samoderzhets - GlobalSecurity.org Interesting. End of Tactical nukes and Nuke blackmailing?
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    Today, the 341th anniversary of the coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji (at Pune)

    Shivaji was coronated in a lavish ceremony at Raigad on 6 June 1674, Pune. He is considered as one of those who turned the tide of History for ever.Today, he declared himself as "Chhatrapati"(Emperor) and is considered to be the founder of the Maratha Empire. The coronation of Shri Shivaji...
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    A Brief History of The Warrior Rajputs

    After the fall of the Guptas in the 6th century, India again got divided politically into South India and North India. At that time, the Pratihars who later came to be known as Rajputs were the preeminent power in the North and Western India. They stopped Arabs at the Rajastan border and Arabs...
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    The Great Maratha Empire

    Maratha Empire(1674-1818), at its peak, ruled over much of the Indian Subcontinent(modern-day Republic of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as bordering Nepal and Afghanistan). Apart from capturing various regions, the Marathas maintained a large number of tributaries who were bounded by...
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    India's spend on elections could challenge US record: report

    Indian politicians are expected to spend around $5 billion or Rs. 30,500 crore (at 1 dollar=61 rupees) on campaigning for elections next month - a sum second only to the most expensive US presidential campaign of all time. The estimate has been offered by the Centre for Media Studies, which...
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    Ashoka was no Shah Rukh Khan!

    Shah Rukh Khan as Ashoka Emperor Ashoka was a stubby man, who as a prince, visited a site in Odisha with his girlfriend. Writer Charles Allen discusses little-known nuggets about the king who made Buddhism world-famous, with Anuradha Varma. Most reviewers of Charles Allen's book Ashoka: The...
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    Beyond Mullahs and Marxists-The Hindu

    LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: “During my travels I found young Muslims vigorously debating the ‘challenges’ facing India’s 170-million-strong Muslim community, and what it should do to haul itself out of the hole it is in.” A scene during Partition. The notion that a practising Muslim cannot be liberal...
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    Remembering the Mahatma on his death anniversary

    Gandhi at 76 ...I still remember that dark cold evening of January 30, 1948, when my young neighbour, Desraj burst into our building screaming, “Mahatma Gandhi has been killed! Somebody killed Mahatma Gandhi!” But no one seemed to believe him. Instead, they questioned his sanity, “Pagal ho...
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    Rahul Gandhi Sings "Congress Mukt Bharat is My Dream"

    1 minute and 48 seconds.:D
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    Northeast India Anticipates Seaport

    Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project Come 2015, the people of northeast India will be able to use a seaport in Myanmar for transport and trade. The Sittwe port in the Bay of Bengal is expected to link Mizoram in the far east of India to...
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    Massive miscalculations found in India's GDP data -The Hindu

    India will on January 30 revise its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate for 2011-12 from 6.2 to about 7 per cent. Faulty data earlier underestimated industrial output by about 7 percentage points, sources in the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council told The Hindu . “India has been...
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    After India, Russia too supports Bangladesh elections, regrets boycott

    Dhaka: Russia has backed the Jan 5 general elections in Bangladesh and said it was ready to continue constructive partnership with the next government, a media report said Saturday. Russia also regretted that the key opposition parties in Bangladesh boycotted the elections, bdnews24.com...
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    Descendants of Prophet Muhammad are in India

    Highlights:- 1) 2) 3) 4) Some historians say that Muhammad's family was driven out of Arabia sometimes after His death. February 4th marks the Milad-un Nabi the sacred birthday of Prophet Muhammad. In this context, it is interesting to consider the saga of Sayyids - the traditional...
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    Indian army chief breaks trend, appoints No. 2

    General Bikram Singh and General Dalbir Singh The Indian Army will ring in the New Year with changes in its top hierarchy, with senior generals taking up key assignments on December 31 and setting the stage for a change of guard next year. General Bikram Singh has reversed the recent trend of...
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    Top 10 Achievements and Developments of Indian Military in 2013

    Indian Military has expands its hardware, on its path to achieve modernization. (Wikimedia Commons) India has a large pool of technology related talents, and defence research organisations are doing their part to bring out the best in the Indian Armed Forces, by either collaborating with...

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