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  1. GriffinsRule

    Russian Su-57 without canopy

    Russians might be down but they are not out. Interesting video from their military channel also shows their latest wing shaped UAV. The clip here also shows Su-57 going through some sort of testing that includes flying without its canopy, which I think is pretty damn cool.
  2. GriffinsRule

    Jordan's underwater museum

    https://www.middleeasteye.net/discover/in-pictures-jordan-underwater-museum-aqaba-tanks Heres an idea for Pakistan's next tourism attraction off of Gawadar =P
  3. GriffinsRule

    Pakistan needs to ban Twitter

    What would it take for Pakistan to ban/block Twitter from Pakistan. It is acting as a tool for Indian subjugation now. I have never used it myself but I would ask everyone here to stop using it as well as a form of protest...
  4. GriffinsRule

    Scaled Aviation Industries Pvt Limited

    I had not heard about this private venture in Pakistan before. Anyone know what came out of it? The test pilot at the controls is ex-PAF Air Commodore (retd) Khaled Cheema. http://www.scaled.com.pk/site/index.php
  5. GriffinsRule

    Al-Rasub, new weapon in development?

    Government report reveals Pakistan’s progress on military acquisitions amid financial woes By: Usman Ansari https://www.defensenews.com/global/asia-pacific/2019/09/19/government-report-reveals-pakistans-progress-on-military-acquisitions-amid-financial-woes/ ISLAMABAD — Despite its economic...
  6. GriffinsRule

    Excript from 'The Last Salute'

    I had recently bought and read this book and with the news of Bahrain and UAE kissing *** of the fascist Modi, I couldn't help but come back re-read this chapter. Initially it had given be that feeling of pride while this time around it was more of dismay. Anyways, this weekend is the death...
  7. GriffinsRule

    Avoiding detection in aerial combat

    The art of avoiding detection By Air Marshal (ret’d) Greg Bagwell CB CBE Airforces Monthly, Sept 2019 The idea of stealth aircraft is now firmly set in the public imagination. Yet, we are still some way off from the Harry Potter-like ‘cloak of invisibility’. Firstly, stealth capability today...
  8. GriffinsRule

    PC-7 acquisition inquiry hits Indian training fleet

    Indian media reports indicate that investigations are under way into New Delhi’s May 2012 purchase of 75 Pilatus PC-7 Mk II basic trainers. The nation’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is understood to be looking into corruption allegations related to the acquisition – worth approximately...
  9. GriffinsRule

    Pakistan Navy to hold MARSEW 2018

    https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2018/12/11/pak-navy-to-hold-marsew-2018-for-averting-maritime-blindness/ Pak Navy to hold MARSEW 2018 for averting maritime blindness by Sana Saghir The author is a junior researcher at Pakistan Navy War College Lahore. LAHORE: In bolstering the potential of...
  10. GriffinsRule

    Jordan upgrades AF

  11. GriffinsRule

    F-16 A-A Refueling Ridealong

    Some nice footage from the backseat of an F-16. Good commentary as from the pilot during the close formation as well as throughout the flight. Worth the watch
  12. GriffinsRule

    F-16 picture request

    Does anyone have any pictures of the following 5 PAF F-16s? 85720 (crashed in 1987) 92729 (crashed in 2009) 14738 (Ex-RJAF F-16A) 14739 (Ex-RJAF F-16A) 14625 (Ex-RJAF F-16B)
  13. GriffinsRule

    Potential turbo-prop for PAF - Calidus B-250

    I have been a strong proponent of the idea that PA and PAF could have effectively used a Embraer Tucano type of an aircraft to provide CAS, precision night attack capability, and recon/intel gathering missions. While one could argue that the Tucano had too many Israeli origin equipment (not that...

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