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  1. All-Green

    SC orders govt to implement 2007 Lal Masjid judgment

    Here I was hoping that the verdict would be to ban Maulana Abdul Aziz and his wife and maybe (just maybe) actually try them in a terrorist court for their primary role in indoctrinating their student with religion driven violence and thuggery prior to the military operation. In context of the...
  2. All-Green

    Darpa's Long Range Autonomous Submarine Hunter

    Interesting concept and perhaps a significant step in moving towards an unmanned total warfare capability... Source:- BBC - Autos - Meet Darpa's new autonomous submarine-hunter With the push for driverless vehicles in recent years, one might think that humans had a less than stellar history in...
  3. All-Green

    Malik Ishaq of Lashkar e Jhangvi Set free due to "lack of evidence".

    It is absolutely pathetic that our prosecution is falling flat on its face. This is the problem that has been the bane of all out counter terrorist and counter insurgency operations. I have seen this happen in many cases now!!! It is the sole reason that we are unable to eliminate the...
  4. All-Green

    USAF grounds F-22s over oxygen system concerns

    Washington (CNN) -- The U.S. Air Force has grounded its entire F-22 Raptor fleet amidst continuing concern over how the fighter jet provides oxygen to the pilot, according Capt. Jennifer Faerrau, a spokesperson for the Air Force's Air Combat Command. The stand-down order was made Tuesday but...
  5. All-Green

    Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6

    An alleged al-Qaeda militant suspected of bombing a luxury hotel and two churches in Pakistan in 2002 was an informer for MI6, it has been claimed. Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili was detained at Guantanamo Bay between 2003 and last year when he was sent back to his native Algeria by...
  6. All-Green

    Thirty thousand Pakistanis dead since 2003

    DAWN.COM | Pakistan | Thirty thousand Pakistanis dead since 2003 ISLAMABAD: According to figures made available to DawnNews by senior Pakistani military officials, at least 30 thousand Pakistanis have lost their lives or were injured since 2003. More Pakistanis have lost their life in the...
  7. All-Green

    Bloody October and Condeming the Terrorist as a Nation

    October 2009 is a time many will like to forget, however to me it is the one time this nation must never ever forget. May Allah grant paradise to all innocent souls that left us and may their innocent blood be the catalyst that accelerates the demise of TTP scum...in this manner they shall...
  8. All-Green

    27 May Bombing of Lahore Rescue15 Building

    Terrible news as a very high powered explosion has occurred in the Rescue 15 Building (similar to 911 in US) in Lahore near the Mall Road. I am roughly 5km away but my office building shook as well. May Allah protect us all from these terrorists and may they burn in hell!
  9. All-Green

    Anti-Islam propaganda sites on the internet

    Salaams I was just searching for some references on a topic i was studying regarding Quran and the holy Prophet (PBUH). These two absolutely rubbish sites have caught my eye which are full of lies and deceit about Islam. What has prompted these accursed morons to come up with such...
  10. All-Green

    Government of Pakistan should declare a Jihad on the terrorists

    Salaams I have emphasized in many posts about the need for GOP to make a very organized and comprehensive attack on the terrorists in all forms possible. I think it is high time that we take a much more direct approach to the problem. I believe it is time that GOP should declare a Jihad...
  11. All-Green

    Would any second hand aircraft help PAF in its modernization?

    Salaams I was wondering whether there are any good second hand aircraft which can be bought by PAF to enhance its capabilities in any role. Both fighters and non fighter aircraft can be considered. I know that there are many who disagree with this strategy but in light of modernization of...

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