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  1. S.M.R

    Anyone using tapatalk?

    Whenever i browse forum using tapatalk, in every thread and every page, following post appears? I am alone facing this?
  2. S.M.R

    Iphone / Other Smart Phone Users - Report in!

    Please share your experiences / applications being used by you on your Iphone / Other smart phones. I have iphone 4 wiht iOS 5 installed on it. So far I have found - Opera mini (browsing internet) - Magic Jack (for free calls to USA / Canada over wifi) - Fring (social networking)...
  3. S.M.R

    Countdown begins for another benchmark of 40,000 members

    Presently :pdf: has 39,991 members. Just 9 Members more to cross the 40,000 benchmark. :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: 10 Members were remaining now T21_Tipu has joined, reducing the figure to 9. Waiting to welcome those remaining 9 Members
  4. S.M.R

    Why I don’t support Imran Khan

    Why I don’t support Imran Khan – The Express Tribune Blog This is not the way a revolution happens – with unquestioning obedience and a blind following; this is how cults are made. That is exactly what we have happening here, much like the cult following of the Bhuttos, Imran...
  5. S.M.R

    New Think Tank members: Kakgeta, Developereo and notorious_eagle

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Oh just observed, Congrats Kakgeta, Developereo and notorious_eagle for being the part of Think Tank. :)
  6. S.M.R

    What is that?

    It will touch your heart..... Must watch
  7. S.M.R

    Why America needs a draft

    By Will Mackey After the September 11th attacks, Bush argued that the U.S. needed to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to prevent another such attack, and most politicians, both Democratic and Republican, agreed with him. But 10 years after 9/11, U.S. troops are still in both countries, and now...
  8. S.M.R

    Garbage in, garbage out

    Garbage in, garbage out Published: October 7, 2011 Marvi Memon Let us assume that you have a driver who has done three fatal lethal accidents with your family in the car, would you keep or fire him? I am sure that if you care about your family, you will not expose them second time to...
  9. S.M.R

    Supreme Court Decision on Suo Moto Notice on Karachi Situation

    The supreme court is announcing its decision on Karachi Situation. So far 'Aqwaal e Zareen', Ahadiths, and Aayaahs. Lets hope someone get screwed positively.
  10. S.M.R

    Haqqani Group met US officials in secret meeting

    Haqqani network delegation met US officials in summer, Pakistani official has revealed. The secret meeting held in some Gulf Country and delegation was led by Siraj uddin Haqqani's brother. Pakistan facilitated this meeting, no afghan govt person was there in this meeting. US has refused...
  11. S.M.R

    Women in Saudi Arabia 'to vote and run in elections'

    Women in Saudi Arabia are to be given the right to vote and run in municipal elections, the Gulf Kingdom's King Abdullah has ruled. He said they would also have the right to be appointed to the consultative Shura Council. The news will be welcomed by activists who have long called for...
  12. S.M.R

    Quick reply box gone?

    Is there any change? I cant see the quick reply box at the end of thread?
  13. S.M.R

    Muslim first or Pakistani first?

    By Khaled Ahmed Published: September 17, 2011 Renowned Islamic orator Zakir Naik was on a TV channel talking to British Pakistanis about their identity. (I heard his entry into the UK has recently been banned.) He said, why get embarrassed when the Brits ask you: are you a Muslim first or...
  14. S.M.R

    Aleem Dar bags ICC best umpire award

    Aleem dar has bagged ICC's best umpire's (umpire of the year) award for continuous 3rd time. Geo News reporting. :pakistan:
  15. S.M.R

    Browsing from cellphone, anyone facing this problem?

    Few days back, i have changed my cell phone from nokia E90 to iphone 3gs. In both cellphones i have been using opera mobile for PDF. On iphone the opera version is bit different, a strange problem i am facing. While posting a reply 70 to 80% of my reply (from the last) is copied and pasted...
  16. S.M.R

    ISI urged SA not to fund Nawaz: WikiLeaks

    KARACHI: ISI asked Saudi Arabia not to fund Nawaz Sharif for his election campaign, a secret cable of 2008 revealed. According to WikiLeaks, National Security Adviser Tariq Aziz told Asif Zardari that after being elected as a prime minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi could challenge his authority...
  17. S.M.R

    Search Quran Software developed by a talented Pakistani

    Search Quran Software has been developed by an intelligent pakistani Zahid Hussain. By using that software you can search the entire quran even by using the 'roman urdu' words, like 'Zulm', 'Jabar' etc. A very very useful software and it is totally FREE. Yesterday he was on Geo Tv...
  18. S.M.R

    PAF Museum opens for public after three months

    Azeem Samar Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Karachi The PAF Museum, which had been closed since May 22-23 audacious armed attack on Naval Aviation Base PNS Mehran, has been opened for public after temporary closure for around three months. Officer Commanding PAF Museum Group Captain (retd)...
  19. S.M.R

    Islamabad restricts foreign diplomats’ movement

    SLAMABAD - The Pakistan Foreign Office August 20 updated the circular on the movement of foreign diplomats in Pakistan that will take effect immediately, Dunya News reported. Foreign diplomats will have to seek permissionto visit certain prohibited areas 15 days prior to their travel...
  20. S.M.R

    A question from members about Facebook

    I was using Facebook and was quite addicted to it. When FB promoted the draw Muhammed day and they refused to remove the aforesaid page despite of our several requests, I and my many friends collectively decided to boycott facebook and disabled our account by mentioning the reasons. The...

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