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    Featured IAF Mi-17-V5 Helicopter carrying CDS Bipin Rawat with family crashes

    Mi-17- V5s in IAF is relatively new getting in service in 2012 and one of the most reliable military helicopters. I don't have any sympathy for CDS Rawat but it is indeed tragic how the incident unfolded with multiple casualties.
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    PLA special force martyred in a mission at Sino-India border?

    I did gauge his caliber by his speech as Admiral and Chief of Naval Staff of Republic of India Armed Forces whilst him wearing his uniform and representing both his institution and his nation.
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    PM Modi welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin

    i (iota) as in imaginary?
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    Nagaland Firing: Civilians, Soldier Among 15 killed, Section 144 Imposed, Mobile Internet Shut

    Are western media outlets reporting it in similar manner as they cover China or Pakistani related affairs?
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    PLA special force martyred in a mission at Sino-India border?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maqbool_Hussain Bullsh*t. Infact, I do not have the words to call you out on your bs. We know the caliber of your incumbent and past 4 star military officers, let alone your 3 or 2 star officers...
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    Panic Grips Indians With Mysterious Lights Over Pathankot !

    Trolling aside.... I saw them too over inside Pakistan.
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    India summons Pak envoy over Kartarpur photoshoot

    According to their religion, the head must be covered. You might not take offense but they do. Just like many seculars in West do not find offense in making cartoons of Prophet Muhammad SAW and other prophets (Na'auzubillah) but Muslims do. I can see Sikh being hurt and we must apologize but to...
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    Chinese TV interview : "India claims to carry out "surgical strikes" on PLA and China recently, We PLA dare them!"

    I presume our Chinese brothers finally understood what kind of nonsense Pakistan had to keep up with since all these scores. The kind of stupidity that comes from India could make anyone surrender lol..... not by strength but thanks to their idiocy.
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    Former PAF ACM Sohail Aman Gives His Views on PAF V IAF !

    So next time, even in a minor skirmish, we can expect actual usage of missiles at Pakistani targets? India knowing our restraint and economic woes which might make us hesitant to prolong/further the conflict will certainly devise strategy to play with us. You can't give peaceful gestures to a...
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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    Ye bhi theek hai!
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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    Do watch the very end of the video!
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    Pakistan Military Multimedia

    at Okara?
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    Featured 60 Aircraft To Participate in 'Shaheen X' Exercise Being Held in China

    In Total, PAF = 414 vs IAF 900 (All kinds of military aircraft) https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/iaf-in-vs-paf-aircaft-inventory-situation.724255/
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    Online trolls threaten to rape the nine-month-old daughter of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli

    Twitter User Threatening Kohli's Daughter With Rape Is From India, Not Pak Soon after the disturbing tweet went viral, several other users claimed that this account was run by a Pakistani user. We found these claims to be false. During an ongoing spate of trolling on Twitter against Indian...

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