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  1. crankthatskunk

    India Is One Of The Few Countries Working On Hypersonic Missiles : U.S. Congressional report

    Congress report on Hypersonic Missiles , China and India.
  2. crankthatskunk

    Indian Hindu's violence against Muslims and other Minorities

    After incidents in Bangladesh, the Hindu groups in India are getting ready to launch a terror spree against Muslims and other minorities in India. Every Pakistani and Pakistani origin in the West should raise their voices against Indian terrorism. World should see these swords handling Saffron...
  3. crankthatskunk

    IAF Mirage 2000 is down today

    It seems that Another IAF Mirage 2000 is down after "Malfunction" pilot ejected.
  4. crankthatskunk

    Ladakh Is Now a Matter of Sovereignty for China

    China has conveyed to India, it is their way or High Way.
  5. crankthatskunk

    What will Happen if China Overtakes the US in AI? | Shifu Digital

    There seems to be worry that China is taking over USA in IA. This could cause huge problems for USA/West in any future wars.
  6. crankthatskunk

    Indian Media On Faiz Hameed Promotion

    The fear Faiz Hameed spread among Indians is amazing. Indians already fretting what would happen to India if Faeez becomes COAS of Pakisttan's Army. Indians also claiming that war is about to break out between Iran and Azerbaijan engulfing Turkey and Pakistan. Stupid Indians don't know when...
  7. crankthatskunk

    ICIJ: Prime Minister Imran Khan promised ‘new Pakistan’ but members of his inner circle secretly moved millions offshore

    PAKISTAN Prime Minister Imran Khan promised ‘new Pakistan’ but members of his inner circle secretly moved millions offshore Leak shows a key ally tried to bypass tax authorities and political and military elites bought luxury apartments and set up shell companies. By Margot Gibbs and Malia...
  8. crankthatskunk

    China Rattled By Agni-V Testing? Major Gaurav Arya Speaks On India Enhancing Missile Capabilities

    Indians at it again In the video, Major Arya says that if China has long range ICBM why India cannot have the capabilities!! Arya remember this comments, similarly Pakistan has the same rights to develop ICBM, when they do, don't start " Roona" in the world. It is also said that "India is...
  9. crankthatskunk

    India media's lies exposed on France 24

    Here is the clip The lies are now exposed worldwide. The Indians getting the Karma. Long it may continues.
  10. crankthatskunk

    Malaysia Buying JF 17!

    News circulating that Malaysia has decided to buy JF 17. Even Moid has twitted that Malaysia has decided to buy JF 17. Anyone has confirmation from official sources!!
  11. crankthatskunk

    Hum Documentary on 9/11

    It seems Pakistani media doesn't know its boundaries or when to shut their gobs. This documentary is indirectly implementing Pakistan's role in 9/11. People without brains in Pakistani media. We have Pakistani journalist extraordinary Mr Hamid Mir disclosing another of his many secrets and...
  12. crankthatskunk

    How I made a fool out of Nawaz Sharif - Narendra Modi tells a story at an event

    How Nawaz was fooled by Modi. Modi is making fun of Nawaz in a speech delivered in India. He also said that for Mumbai and Pulwama the world accepted Indian's version ,because there were no diplomatic efforts by Pakistan. That's not all, the Corrupt Sharif Brothers, actually committed high...
  13. crankthatskunk

    Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan is a target

    After passing few comments against Sind Government and its workings, CJ of SCP is a target of PPP's goons. Sadly, Pakistan has been run in such a way for decades that these criminals were given space to flourish, to rig the system so they can influence and rig the elections , control the...
  14. crankthatskunk

    RAW Agent reportedly caught

    A grade 18 officer on China's desk in the Foreign Office, is caught by Pakistani agencies. It is alleged that he was spying for RAW. He has passed valuable information to RAW regarding Pakistan and Chinese interactions. It is also alleged that he had pass information to the Russians as well.
  15. crankthatskunk

    Prime Minister Imran Khan's interview on Canadian television

    PM Imran's interview on Canadian TV on the killing of Muslim family in Canada. On the issue of Islamophobia.
  16. crankthatskunk

    Pakistani Businessman and Trader Experts Reaction on Federal Budget 2021-22

    It seems that this year budget is liked by the business community. PTI has provided a budget, which is geared towards providing fuel for progress. Targeting more industrial production and increasing the economic activities in the country.
  17. crankthatskunk

    LAC: China’s air defence at play, joint drill with Pak

    A massive news for Pakistanis, According to the Tribune , China is conducting the exercises at LAC with PA. They are not talking about LoC but LAC. That is a new development. China and Pakistan planning something big!! Ajay Banerjee Tribune News Service New Delhi, June 1 In a new...
  18. crankthatskunk

    The Chinese Military Threat is Not a 'Border Dispute', It's Time India's Leaders Realised This

    Unfamiliar with PLA’s information war, and worried about its excellent border management and military power supporting it, India, in the one year of the Ladakh crisis threw in the towel on three occasions. The genesis of the Ladakh crisis, which started in May 2020, lies in the creation of...
  19. crankthatskunk

    Will Imran Khan Take The Lead In Changing Global Aviation Industry?

    An Interview of Dr Sarah Qureshi. Her inventions are impressive. According to the video 2 patents are already awarded to her invention of chemtrail free jet engines. If what had been discussed in this video is true, she is also working on supersonic engines. Imagine the implications if she with...
  20. crankthatskunk

    Day 1 of the End of the U.S. War in Afghanistan

    Article from NY Times. The scenes over the weekend were almost as if a multitrillion-dollar effort had morphed into a garage sale. By Thomas Gibbons-Neff May 3, 2021 KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — A gray American transport plane taxied down the runway, carrying munitions, a giant flat...

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