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  1. Mirza Jatt

    Deals signed: India to export Non Basmatic Rice to China. ALSO Brahmaputra river pact renewed

    China has renewed its agreement with India on sharing data on the cross-border flow of waters from the Brahmaputra river during the flood season. Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed on June 9, the Chinese side would provide hydrological data from May 15 to October 15 — the period when the...
  2. Mirza Jatt

    India beat Kenya 3-0 in a jam packed stadium. Indian captain ranks 3rd just behind Messi

    In a jampacked stadium, Mumbai, India beat Kenya 3-0 with Sunil Chhetri scoring 2. He now ranks third after Ronaldo and Messi in number of international goals while David Villa holds the 4th Position. We face New Zealand now and the tickets are sold out already. Hero of the match ..yet again...
  3. Mirza Jatt

    NE election Result: Modi captures Tripura, To form Govt in Nagaland

    Northeast Assembly Election Results 2018: The BJP, which was hitherto a marginal player in Tripura politics, having failed to clinch even a single seat in the state in the last polls, has already won a majority on its own. Consolidating its position as a dominant force in the Northeast, the...
  4. Mirza Jatt

    China and India agree to end doklam stand off

    Just got the news. China and India will remove their forces together.
  5. Mirza Jatt

    MSD Thug life !!

  6. Mirza Jatt

    Chinese scholars 'deeply disturbed' by PM Modi's reference to Balochistan

    BEIJING: Chinese scholars are "deeply disturbed" by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent reference to Balochistan , a senior expert on Sunday said as he warned of joint steps by China and Pakistan if an "Indian factor" disrupts the $46 billion CPEC, with the region as its hub. "My personal...
  7. Mirza Jatt

    Japanese actually worship Hindu Deities: unknown facts

    A friend of mine sent me this video link telling me how theJapanese people actually worship Hindu deities in their monastaries. They worship gods like Shiva, Ganesha, Laxmi, saraswati and Varuna. Initially I was surprised but then I promptly recalled that it shouldnt come as a suprise as...
  8. Mirza Jatt

    Need help for a debate competition on economy

    Hi friends.. Its been a long time since I was here last....just want to let my friends know that I had enrolled in a MBA school and was a little busy with that. Recently there was a debate competition and I have made I to the final of it...the finals wil be against the seniors...the topic is...
  9. Mirza Jatt

    Russia rants at India's military buy !

    Russia rants at India’s military buys Head of air show team claims costly western purchases lack logic Bangalore, Feb. 8: The Russian bear raged here today. Viktor Komardin, the head of the Russian delegation to India’s military airshow Aero India, alleged that Delhi has...
  10. Mirza Jatt

    Dubai to build own '4 times bigger' Taj Mahal

    Dubai to build own '4 times bigger' Taj Mahal for 'honeymooners' in just 2 yrs! Manama, Oct. 4 (ANI): Developers in Dubai are reportedly planning to construct a replica of the famous Taj Mahal, which would be over four times bigger than the original monument. Developers said that Taj...
  11. Mirza Jatt

    Ravindra Kaushik, the real Black tiger from RAW !!

    This is really interesting..amazingly I never heard about Ravindra before but this true story of this real hero is really amazing.. ..all Indians should know about this reallife RAW agent who soent his entire life in Pakistan,away from his home just for the love of his country. Recently...
  12. Mirza Jatt

    Former Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh dies

    Former Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh dies CHENNAI: Union minister and former Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, who has been battling liver cancer in a city hospital, died here on Tuesday afternoon. He was 67. Having registered with the Tamil Nadu organ registry...
  13. Mirza Jatt

    Pak Hindus barred at Wagah after reports of mass exodus

    Pak Hindus barred at Wagah after reports of mass exodus Lahore, Islamabad: Immigration authorities today stopped 130 Pakistani Hindus from crossing over to India at the Wagah land border following a controversy over reports of an exodus of the minority community from Sindh province. The...
  14. Mirza Jatt

    Pakistani who polished shoes in India sacked

    Pakistani who polished shoes in India sacked Islamabad, Aug 2 (IANS) A Pakistani official who sought to create inter-faith harmony by serving devotees in Sikh temples in Pakistan and India has lost his job. Mohammad Khursheed Khan, a deputy attorney general in Peshawar, was sacked by the...
  15. Mirza Jatt

    Latest US drone attack on Pakistan torpedoes reopening of Nato supply route

    Latest US drone attack on Pakistan torpedoes reopening of Nato supply route WASHINGTON: Undeterred by Islamabad's shrill protests about breach of its sovereignty by American drone strikes culminating in a parliamentary resolution calling for a halt to such unmanned attacks, the US conducted...
  16. Mirza Jatt

    India swept by missile delusion: Chinese daily .

    India swept by missile delusion: Chinese daily . India may have missiles that can reach most parts of China but stands "no chance in an overall arms race" with the country, a Chinese daily said Thursday, when India test-fired its 5,000 km range nuclear capable missile, and added that New...
  17. Mirza Jatt

    Ajit kumar – a visually impaired man cracks Civil Services Exam to become a

    Ajit kumar – a visually impaired man cracks Civil Services Exam to become an IAS officer Ajit Kumar from Haryana is an IAS officer now after a long struggle. But what sets Ajit apart is the fact that he had lost his eyesight at the age of five with 100% visual impairment. Ajit cleared the...
  18. Mirza Jatt

    11 year old Indian girl has the highest IQ

    Indian talent-11 year old has the highest IQ 11-year-old Vishalini from Thirunelveli, a small city of Tamil Nadu has an IQ of 225, which is considerably higher than the previous Guinness of world record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is approximately 210. Her wonderful accomplishments...
  19. Mirza Jatt

    graviola tree ..natural cancer killer..is it true ?

    Hi guys saw this post in facebook where they were discussing about this magical fruit from graviola tree ...they are claimed to be 10,000 times more effective than the chemo drugs available in the market and they do not have any side effect..as they directly kill the cancer cellls and not the...
  20. Mirza Jatt

    Kolaveri Di goes dutch - nice video

    Found this on youtube....The Gyas rowing team from Groningen, Netherlands pays tribute to the Indian song, "Why this Kolaveri di?"

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