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  1. WinterFangs

    Foreign tourists in Pakistan

  2. WinterFangs

    Why I am resisting the Vaccines: A Personal Take!

    I booked my first dose today, had to because of work, otherwise I would’ve not taken it.
  3. WinterFangs

    Rubbish cleaning delays PIA’s Manchester flight

    My mum worked at Heathrow, and she always told me people would always get annoyed and curse out when pakistan, India or Bangladesh flights came, because they were notorious for being the most dirty. according to her Singapore and Korea had the best.
  4. WinterFangs

    Sikh minority group targeted in India through fake social media accounts

    Mate Twitter is the heaven of fake Indian accounts, **** me I’ve seen like 1000+ Indians posing as fake Jews, Muslims, sikhs, or they act like their from Europe, however one thing I’ve seen is if you go to their likes etc they always like posts in hindi etc.
  5. WinterFangs

    U.K. pass bill to remove citizenship without notice

    ??? He’s using it as a example because the bill was passed due to shamima begum who was British bangali, secondly he’s using it as a example, where does Pakistanis come in this? That’s like when dumbasses like you use Asians as a example of grooming gangs when majority of them are Caucasians...
  6. WinterFangs

    Liverpool terror attack - global silence

    His janazah happened in a mosque right near my house, 5 mins walk, it was very shocking especially that it didn’t get the news coverage it deserved, agenda at It’s finest.
  7. WinterFangs

    Pakistan and Palau established diplomatic relations - Pak Mission UN .

    Nice 👍 I watched a video on them recently by drew, Great move
  8. WinterFangs

    Video Gamers report in!

    games good, reviews are low due to performance issues and some bugs and bloom, the game has amazing potential however, once these issues which can easily be solved and some that have already been solved and coming in upcoming updates, game will be miles ahead of recent fps games. Saw this game...
  9. WinterFangs

    U.K. pass bill to remove citizenship without notice

    This bill got its pros and cons, but I can see priti Patel abusing it, I hope it doesn’t end something like what happened in Kenya in the future, funny that this bill Was introduced by someone who was kicked from Kenya due to her ethnicity.
  10. WinterFangs

    U.K. pass bill to remove citizenship without notice

    The British government is escalating its assault on democratic rights, quietly introducing new amendments into its authoritarian Nationality and Borders Bill as it passes through report stage. The latest update, noted in the UK’s media only by the Guardian, would further strengthen the state’s...
  11. WinterFangs

    Video Gamers report in!

    I bought it for my brother and he plays it on pc with a rtx 2060, and he doesn’t even get 50 fps, depending on the map he gets 35-50 fps, beside portal where he gets around 60-65. Playing on the ps5 I have no issues. It’s prob a issue with the game I’m not sure, unless they’ve now patched these...
  12. WinterFangs

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    Ole has been sacked, but the main issue was his coaching staff, who still now remain and infact are being said to still carry on as intern managers, nothing has changed. yes idk why, ole has made a fool himself many people have stopped calling him a legend, and what a ending to his managerial...
  13. WinterFangs

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    Never mind, he has been sacked. Thank god
  14. WinterFangs

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    We said the same after Liverpool, Man City and now Watford, we will be saying this against Villarreal too.
  15. WinterFangs

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    At this point it’s even useless saying anything, ole has ruined my passion for football and Man Utd, I can’t watch this anymore, if ole is not sacked after this, I won’t be watching any more epl.
  16. WinterFangs

    Bangladesh threatens to send Pakistan team back | Pakistan vs India in Triangular series

    this video shows how majority of people in Bangladesh feel about Pakistan. it’s these politicians who try to divide.
  17. WinterFangs

    Video Gamers report in!

    So I’ve been grinding bf2042 for the last few days, even bought it for my lil bro, and what a amazing game (besides the bugs and server issues which is expected in early access) I’m prob a handful of players who have completed two masteries in the game to T1, I’d assume not even 100 players have.
  18. WinterFangs

    Addis Ababa asks residents to prepare to defend Ethiopian capital

    If he’s gone and the tigrayans take control, Ethiopia is fucked
  19. WinterFangs

    UK to adapt fully-vaccinated definition to account for fuzzball boosters - PM Johnson

    I haven’t even got my first vaccine shot yet, not that i don’t wanna, I just cba to book it 😂
  20. WinterFangs

    Are buddhist and hindu( upanishads) philosophy influenced by Taoism?

    Ah please don’t start another bhai bhai fetish now

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