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  1. Pak_Sher

    A Sri Lankan national lynched in Sialkot by mob of terrorists for blasphemy

    Punish the culprits swiftly. This is outrageous
  2. Pak_Sher

    Group Captain Abhinandan V to get Vir Chakra from President for the false claim of shooting down F-16 on 27 Feb

    @Tejas Spokesman , ISRO is an advanced space organization, do they have any footage of the shot down F-16? US already conducted the inventory inspection of the PAF F-16s & we are good on that front. the company that makes ejection seats for the F-16s has global satellite tracking anywhere on...
  3. Pak_Sher

    ‘Imran Khan is crushing the poor’: anger rises as inflation grips Pakistan

    The journalist is clueless on global inflation and the impact of the pandemic on the economy.
  4. Pak_Sher

    Xi hails China, Pakistan as 'iron brothers'

    Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia. Did you not see the $4.3 billion Saudi bailout package.
  5. Pak_Sher

    Healthy 16 Year-Old Boy Drops DEAD During Virtual Class, Mom Blames Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

    Feel for the parent and the child. May the Lord have mercy.
  6. Pak_Sher

    US Navy Chief : U.S. Cannot Outspend China, Must Use Allies To Counter

    China is trying to make engines for 4th Gen Aircraft & US is working on 6th Gen. US perfecting laser weapons which cost $1 one dollar a pop. Warfare is rapidly changing
  7. Pak_Sher

    US Navy Chief : U.S. Cannot Outspend China, Must Use Allies To Counter

    China is doing hundred of billions of $$$s business with the US & the Western World. All of that will come to a halt to zero. It will be financially devastating for China especially when the US stops paying on the Chinese Debts. So it is easier said then done.
  8. Pak_Sher

    Galwan Valley Movie | Ajay Devgan | Film Based On India-China Galwan Valley Clash

    @K_Bin_W , Pakistan captured Gilgit-Balistan in 1948, but Indian history books show India won the war. Pakistan captured Azad Kashmir & Indian history books show India won the war. Pakistan lost 1971 & our history books show we lost. India always tell lies. They host the Dalia lama &poke nose...
  9. Pak_Sher

    US military and industry have best AI technology in the world; China only ahead in surveillance: US Army

    @F-22Raptor US is #1 in civilian and military tech. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft… Boeing, General Dynamics, McDonald Douglas & the list goes on. Other countries also have technical skills & expertise, butUS is still ahead. Americans though need to work hard to compete & that is...
  10. Pak_Sher

    Hindu Mob Vandalise Church Attack Worshippers

    Hindu terrorism is increasing by the day. Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Maoists & other minorities are continuously under attack of Hindu Fundamentalists & Extremists & the BJP-RSS Modi Government always puts a blind eye to it.
  11. Pak_Sher

    Qatar calls Taliban moves on girls education ‘very disappointing’

    On average half of the population is females. How can they keep half the population away from education and the realities of normal life. This system to curb the freedoms will not last. maybe short term people will be forced, but long term barring education for half the population is a recipe...
  12. Pak_Sher

    Sarah Everard murder: Wayne Couzens given whole-life sentence

    The victim’s family will get some relief with the sentencing, but they are scarred forever.
  13. Pak_Sher

    Taliban, Tajikistan embroiled in battle of words, saber-rattling

    If Taliban are going to rule then they need to understand how to govern and how to act as diplomats. They need to learn from their screwups and behave with the norms
  14. Pak_Sher

    Scrutiny and possible actions against Pak for perceived or real support to Afg Taliban.

    @AZADPAKISTAN2009 Your analysis is way off. Please include the $8–10 Billion $$ of textile exports to the US & hundreds of millions of $$ for overseas Pakistanis remittances. Pakistan still stuck in FATF & US influences World Bank & IMF. US still supports the F-16s, PC3 Orions etc. please...

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