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    Featured Azerbaijan's Border Service Says Two Troops Killed in Clash With Drug Smugglers on Iran Border

    Azerbaijan's Border Service Says Two Troops Killed in Clash on Border With Iran https://sputniknews.com/world/202105151082900372-azerbaijans-border-service-says-two-troops-killed-in-clash-on-border-with-iran/
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    Iran Laser Weapons

    Iran Makes Advanced Laser Cannons General Shahrokh Shahram said Tehran has obtained the technical know-how to manufacture and utilize advanced cannons using high-power laser beams. “Laser is being used in artillery systems for two purposes, and could help increase the volume of fire, mobility...
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    Iran and Russia cooperation, Relationships, Banking, Military

    Iranian Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani was welcomed by Russian State Duma Vice-Speaker Neverov after landing at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.
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    Yemen attack, reconnaissance "Qasef-1" "Rasad" UAV

    Yemeni resistance attack, reconnaissance "Qasef-1" "Rasad" UAV مقاومت یمن پهپاد
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    IRGC clashes with terrorists at border of Khoy / arrested 5 terrorists and killing of others

    IRGC clashes with terrorists at border of Khoy / arrested 5 terrorists and killing of others درگیری سپاه با تروریست‌ها در مرز خوی/ دستگیری ۵ تروریست رزمندگان سپاه شهدای آذربایجان غربی دیشب با تروریست‌ها درگیر شده و شماری از آنان را به هلاکت رساندند. به گزارش خبرنگار دفاعی خبرگزاری فارس،...
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    Iran shoots down intruding unmanned aerial vehicle

    we shot down drone in west of country Iran has shot down an intruding unmanned aerial vehicle in the west of the country, the official Iranian news agency, IRNA, says. A commander of the country’s Air Defense said Saturday the drone which was sent on a spy mission was shot down a few days...
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    1 killed, 3 injured in attack on Iranian bus in Turkey

    One killed, three injured in attack on Iranian bus in east Turkey Fri Aug 7, 2015 At least one person has been killed and three others wounded in an attack by unidentified gunmen on an Iranian bus travelling in eastern Turkey. Iran’s official news agency IRNA quoted Hossein Qassemi, the...
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    Explosion hits Iran-Turkey gas pipeline

    Explosion shuts down natural gas pipeline from Iran to Turkey ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's energy minister says an explosion on a natural gas pipeline between Iran and Turkey caused a large fire and shut down the flow of gas. Taner Yildiz said Tuesday the explosion was in Agri province, some 15...
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    top-security building at a classified U.S site replica Iran nuclear program and sites

    inside a top-security building at a classified U.S. site, government experts intensely monitor rows of tall, cylindrical machines that may offer the Obama administration its best hope for persuading the public to back a nuclear deal with Iran. Using centrifuges acquired when Libya abandoned its...
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    Iran VP under Ahmadinejad gets five-year sentence and 10-billion-rial (around $369,000) fine

    hursday, 22 January 2015 Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Iran’s first vice president under former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been sentenced to five years in prison and fined, state media said Wednesday. Appointed by Ahmadinejad after a controversial election win in 2009, Rahimi is the most senior...
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    1 IRGC killed in Israeli attack on Syria

    IRGC Commander Allahdadi reportedly lost life in Syria Site associated with Revolutionary Guards says that several IRGC were killed in the Israeli strike in Syria شهادت اعضای سپاه و حزب‌الله در حمله اسرائیل در جولان سوریه+فیلم - سایت خبری تحلیلی تابناك|اخبار ایران و جهان|TABNAK[
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    Iran Air force / Air Launched Weapons / History/IRGC Air force/maintenance/overhaul/general news

    تست موفقیت‌آمیز "جنگنده برهان" در تونل باد ملی و دستیابی به قابلیت‌ جدید + جزئیات و تصاویر به گزارش خبرنگار دفاعی خبرگزاری تسنیم، جنگنده برهان که با نام B92 شناخته می‌شود و یک محصول کاملا ایرانی است، در تونل باد ملی با موفقیت تست شد. "برهان" جدیدترین جنگنده ایرانی به شمار می‌رود و هم‌اکنون...
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    Iran Air defance and Domestic Radar Systems and general air defence news

    تست رادارهای رهگیر و موشک‌های سامانه موشکی باور ۳۷۳ خبرگزاری تسنیم: فرمانده قرارگاه پدافند هوایی خاتم‌‌الانبیاء گفت: تست‌های سامانه موشکی باور ۳۷۳ در حال انجام بوده و رادارهای رهگیر و ردگیر، موشک‌های ارتفاع پایین، متوسط و بالای آن در حال تست هستند امیر فرزاد اسماعیلی فرمانده قرارگاه پدافند...
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    Iran and India relation Banking oil gas culture economy

    Iran and India signed Banking agreements between two countries
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    Iran Defense Minister Unveiling of 2 achievements in field of defence /Iranoutdoor Site for measurem

    Iran outdoor Site for measurement of object radar cross section
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    Iranian Drones May Soon Fly Over Mexican Skies?

    Iranian Drones May Soon Fly Over Mexican Skies? Zachary Keck December 11, 2014 Unlike Mexico, however, Iran has a fairly robust indigenous drone program. In fact, the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College has noted, “Iran has one of the oldest drone development programs in the...
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    Iran Video of the Day

    Iran Sharif University Technology AVITA electric motorcycle and electric car

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