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    General Hameed Gul Death Anniversary today. Miss you Sir

    May Allah shower his blessings on Gen Hameed Gul
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    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    Alhamdollilah no loss of life
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    Picture of the Day

    Bro! from where u get this pic, if this house is in medina, then u must keep in mind that the old medina city is now masjid-e-nabvi.
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    Naswar Corner

    Behtreen bhai, Quote of the day
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    my 2000 posts yahooo

    Congrats, Imran Khan bhai
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    Bhoja Air Flight crashes on final approach to Islamabad Airport.

    One of my friend / office collegue was also the passenger of the same flight, May Allah showers his blessing to all those who were in the flight
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    Kaise ho doston

    Guru Jee Adab arz hai
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    Quality control on Member's club

    I agree with Jat balwan sb. However, most of us cross the limits and hurt the other, main khud ik dafa kar chuka hoon phir sorry kaha to baat bani, ab buhat muhtat hoon
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    The season you like.

    I think all weather are equally good and have thier adv/dis adv, btw i hate load shedding in karachi
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    Would you prefer to wear Western or traditional apart from work or office

    Dress pant and shirt in office, shalwar kurta at home, Jeans n T-shirts when go for outside w /wo wife. Kurta with little karhai for wedding and the parties
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    Iphone 4 or Galaxy SII

    I personally feel Status Conscious people are more inclined towards Iphone, otherwise, S2 is better than Iphone-4s
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    Is PDF Slow ?

    its to slow to open, this thread was openned in 5 or 6 attempts
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    Your favourite pet?

    You are right but don't you think dogs are not friends of their own community ????
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    AAJ Bahut khush hoon main??????

    Langar khana dikha nahin aap nay poora thread ghoom lain andaza ho jain ga
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    AAJ Bahut khush hoon main??????

    Jon bhai aaj kuch late ho gai aap ?
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    AAJ Bahut khush hoon main??????

    To bhai ban honay wali post avoid karni cheyah naa, post prudently :D
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    AAJ Bahut khush hoon main??????

    Muabarak Imran Bhai aaj corum poora ho gaya:yahoo:
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    AAJ Bahut khush hoon main??????

    Yaar aap ko bhi mubarak ho dhang ka naam aakhir ho hi gaya, kaha to ham nay bhi tha magar koi shunwai nahin hoi
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    Who's your fav 5 actor & actress & why?

    Thread is going in wrong direction
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    Childhood memories...Fights between brothers and sisters

    Meray ik baray bhai aur ik choti sister hai, aur ham log kabhi kisi baat par bagair laray nahin rahay, Scrable khailtay waqt to buhat ziyadha phadda hota tha, ik dosray ka record bhi buhat lagatay thay, jab Walida ya Walid say kisi ik ko dant parhti thi to ramaining do hans hans kar dil kabab...

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