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  1. Ziggy1977

    AUKUS to bring ‘nuclear-powered submarine fever’ across globe: Global Times editorial

    the US was in Afghanistan for 20 years and in Vietnam for 11 years = 31 / 2 = 15 years, 6 months. so i guess the US guarantee in a conflict is only good for 15 years, 6 months. so the US allies can only hope that the war doesn't last that long
  2. Ziggy1977

    AUKUS to bring ‘nuclear-powered submarine fever’ across globe: Global Times editorial

    i told you that the US was going to create a Defense alliance against China. and the USA is going to add a whole Fleet to Australia. with a AF command. Japan is going to be the next country to join this alliance. then ROK, Singapore and yes Taiwan. Japan has already stated they will not...
  3. Ziggy1977

    [Japan's path to NATO] Japan to scrap 1% GDP cap on defense spending: Minister Kishi

    in the near future what the anti China alliance will look like. Japan/ROK/US 7th Fleet combined forces 1 Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier (CVN) 2 Aircraft Carriers (CVS) these will be ready in the near future. +ROK is building one soon. 2 Helicopter Carriers (CVH) 9 Guided Missile Cruisers...
  4. Ziggy1977

    [Japan's path to NATO] Japan to scrap 1% GDP cap on defense spending: Minister Kishi

    Japan, ROK, Australia, NZ, USA & Taiwan will sign and create a NATO like Defense pact. at some point in the future. all of them will officially recognize Taiwan as a Nation. and other NATO & EU nations will do the same.
  5. Ziggy1977

    Checkmate Fighter. Russia's new Fighter Jet.

    Marketing to who. NK can't afford it Russia can't afford build T-14, barely can afford the SU-57 in limited production. China don't need it. will likely buy a few just to reverse engineer anything they don't already have. Iran can afford it. but can't maintain it. India see China comment...
  6. Ziggy1977

    The U.S. Military 'Failed Miserably' in a Fake Battle Over Taiwan

    same thing happen in war games vs Iraq, Iran, USSR, Russia, China, north korea and every other war game for the last 70 years. Millennium Challenge 2002
  7. Ziggy1977

    Checkmate Fighter. Russia's new Fighter Jet.

    who going to buy this??
  8. Ziggy1977

    India's Newest Aircraft Carrier

    it completed it's 1st 5 days shake down cruise. it will likely be commissioned in 2022. this is a big step forward for India. and this ship wasn't created to counter Pakistan. but in response to China & the USA...
  9. Ziggy1977

    Checkmate Fighter. Russia's new Fighter Jet.

    I have to agree. it doesn't seem possible to make a cheap Stealth Fighter, as part of the stealth is not only it shape. but also the stealth material it is made out of. it takes a lot to maintain that and it cost a lot. Russia only going to make like 80 SU57. and it is struggling to makes...
  10. Ziggy1977

    Checkmate Fighter. Russia's new Fighter Jet.

    Russian claims Fully Stealth fighter it engine will be 35% more powerful then SU-57"s 7,500 Payload it will be cheap to maintain Advance Digital it has not been tested in the air yet?
  11. Ziggy1977

    poland maybe buying 232 M1A2 SEP V3 Tanks

    Poland will likely be buying 232 Brand new M1A2 SEP V3 tanks. i guess they going with this over buying more Leopard 2A6 or even A7s. this will allow them to be able to get the M1A2 SEP V4 upgrade when it comes out. But cost wise and logistically it would have been smarter to buy Leopard...
  12. Ziggy1977

    RIA Novosti: In 2021, the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive two serial Su-57

    man this program is moving slow and has issue. they have had working test planes since 2009. it is now 2021 and they are still working out the bugs. it took 9 years for the F22, F35B & J20 to enter full combat operational status, 10 for F35A, 13 years for the F35C. at this rate it going to...
  13. Ziggy1977

    China deployed J-20 jets powered by WS-10C engines to keep Taiwan's F-16 jets at bay and keep peace in Taiwan strait

    the news agency in the linked video mistakenly called J-20 a 4th generation Fighter???
  14. Ziggy1977

    Army Recruitment Ads: China vs Russia vs USA

    yet the US army is able to have a 100% volunteer force. while russia still can't recruit enough volunteers and still needs 33% of it forces to be draftees. and they are only draftees for 1 years. which means they are almost just wasting time. they don't even make good reserve soldiers. because...
  15. Ziggy1977

    Chinese new self propelled 35 mm ack ack + missile SHORAD, better than Pantsir

    i mean the Pantsir has failed in syria, Libya & Armenia. at some point you can't keep blaming the operators. but instead the equipment itself is likely not as good as claimed.
  16. Ziggy1977

    The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed - Forbes

    so the F35 failed because it cost a lot it does everything else the US Military wants. it just costly and weighs a lot. LOL so the article writer thinks that means it is a failure. no a failure would be if it was cheap and light and didn't work. and his idea to do the exact same thing from...
  17. Ziggy1977

    How How Good is Chinese J10-C fighter jet

    the F15 is both a Point Defense and CAP fighter. the F16 was created to do Point Defense and yes CAP as well. it roles have expanded into multi role fighter. the SU35 can do Point Defense well as a Interceptor or in a role as a combat air patrol fighter. in fact it can do both roles better...
  18. Ziggy1977

    How How Good is Chinese J10-C fighter jet

    so china is only buying the SU35 because it is supporting a russian defense company?? or maybe the fact that the SU35 is just better then the J10C.
  19. Ziggy1977

    How How Good is Chinese J10-C fighter jet

    if the J10c is so good Why is china buying more SU35?? they have the same role as far as air superiority fighters. of course the SU35 can also be used in other roles. so the J10c is limited.

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