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    Indian Navy ships visiting Korea

    Indian Naval exercises with South Korean navy near Busan ... Joint exercise of Indian and S Korean naval warships in Busan | Business Standard Exercises....
  2. DMLA

    Documentary on Pokhran Tests (Star News)

    A new doc on Pokhran tests (ignore the theatrics ofcourse!)...
  3. DMLA

    Type 216: Silver lining for India's much delayed P-75I project

    There had been reports from 2010 of IN officials in consultation with HDW guys on a larger type 214 with vertical missile bay as well as AIP and increased sea legs and endurance. It would seem that HDW has obliged with the new Type 216 design drawing from the 212/214 design. This design clearly...
  4. DMLA

    OFB to develop 155mm artillery guns for IA

    Finally good news from reputable source clearing up much of the confusion on the "in-house" artillery development (155mm multi caliber) - Copyright Violation By the User, Action Taken Against the User -
  5. DMLA

    BLUE LINE DISPUTE - al jazeera

    Documentary by al jazeera on the shaba farms dispute. Note indian (UN) peacekeepers and shining INSAS rifles!
  6. DMLA

    Israel refuses to sell Barak-8 to Turkey

    link: DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security I hope that the "Indian" concerns did matter! Though I must say the Turkey - Iran - Pakistan connection is a bit of a stretch. I would be wary of Turkey - Pakistan connection!!!
  7. DMLA

    Twist in MMRCA

    Dorai on BRF provided the news. INDIA/FRANCE - Dassault and Thales in conflict - Intelligence Online I hope IAF decides for both and not either or as stated! 120 mk2's will be a force to reckon with!
  8. DMLA

    Army orders Akash

    link: Army agrees to acquire indigenous Akash missile idrw.org http://beta.thehindu.com/news/national/article396637.ece
  9. DMLA

    NDTV - Hawks squadron (no. 24)

    Rocky, Mayur at HQ of 24 squadron of Air Force Tag: Join Rocky and Mayur as they pay their tribute to the Indian Armed Forces Check it out! Some really good footage!
  10. DMLA

    Relevant videos from Israeli military technology exhibition

    Barak 8 (and arrow BMD): MFSTAR: (can see the array elements in the first part of this small video) Popeye, Spike, Derby & Barak: Searcher UAV: Spyder SAM: Videos from 2008
  11. DMLA

    C-130's for IAF under construction at

    C-130J's for IAF under assembly at marietta :). IAF is soon going to place a follow on order of 6 (in all likelihood as per recent reports) link: http://chhindits.blogspot.com/2010/04/c-130j-super-hercules-with-indian.html Pics are from the recent journo visit to the lm plant. I...
  12. DMLA

    Chennai launch pics

    Here are a few pics uploaded from BRF website from the chennai launch. The last pic also shows other ship getting outfitted. From R to L is P-15A Kolkata, P-17 Sahyadri, P-15A Kochi, MSV. Chennai being tugged in. Source: Indian Navy | Launching of P-15A Yard12703 Chennai...
  13. DMLA

    It's official. No more Arjuns!!!

    LiveFist - The Best of Indian Defence: "Army Does Not Want More Than 124 Arjun Tanks. It Is Official" I would seem that now we will have to wait for mk-II....
  14. DMLA

    Major differences b/w T-72 & T-90

    guys I found this comparison in a case study done by col. Ranjit Singh as part of higher defence management course in 2003. While the whole paper is very interesting read and would recommend people to give it some time, here are the differences from Appx.A. Here are some "interesting...
  15. DMLA

    Putin aya re!!

    From two sources: Putin to Push Arms, Energy in India | Business | The Moscow Times Putin visits India for more deals - UPI.com
  16. DMLA

    Swiss Army knife for 1.3 million IA troops

    :) India may hand Swiss Army Knife to its 1.3m troops - Times Online :P :P
  17. DMLA

    Aircraft cutaways

    I wanted to share some aircraft cutaways which I came across. I am posting those which are involved in indian RFP's!! Gripen: F-16 blk60: C-130J (purchased): AH-64: Super hornet: EF: Add cutaways if possible!
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    Public vs. Private - B. Kalyani

    Follow the link for the interview: Baba Kalyani - Defense News
  19. DMLA

    Some renders from Deviant-art

    Hi, Found some interesting renders from deviant art snd thought I should share: 1) J10 2) J-XX more later.....
  20. DMLA

    Kabut blast - aftermath!

    Saw this AlJazeera video. I hope the doctors are able to go back as soon as possible. To mods: I was not sure where I should post this video. Please shift this to a different section if required. thank you!

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