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    Al Qaeda Group Threatens American Hostage Luke Somers in New Video - See more at: http://www.610kvnu

    Freedom for Kidnapped Journalist Luke Somers Facebook Page(NEW YORK) — Al Qaeda's Yemen affiliate Wednesday night showed an American hostage on camera for the first time, who officials say was the objective of a U.S. rescue attempt last week, threatening to kill him in three days if President...
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    JSF Tests against Russian, Chinese Air Defenses

    Six Air Force F-35A Joint Strike Fighter aircraft are currently at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., to test the aircraft's stealth and sensor technologies against representations of Russian, Iranian and Chinese air-defenses. "The surface threat is a tough problem because it is a system of...
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    F-35C High AoA

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    RQ-180 ?

    A large, classified unmanned aircraft developed by Northrop Grumman is now flying—and it demonstrates a major advance in combining stealth and aerodynamic efficiency. Defense and intelligence officials say the secret unmanned aerial system (UAS), designed for intelligence, surveillance and...
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    Meet the SR-72

    Nearly two decades after the famed Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird spyplane was retired, its developer, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, has revealed exclusively to Aviation Week that it is ready to begin development of a hypersonic successor, the SR-72. In a detailed report in the Nov. 4 edition of...
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    F-22 Flew to Drone's Rescue off Iran Coast

    Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh on Tuesday sketched out a dramatic tale of a lone F-22 Raptor chasing off Iranian fighter jets over the Arabian Gulf. The confrontation is the first publicized engagement involving the Air Force's most modern fighter and military forces of Iran. "When the...
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    Burger grown from cow stem cells in laboratory put to taste test in London

    But it's no ordinary hamburger that two volunteer taste-testers tucked into in London on Monday. The meat was grown in a laboratory, from cattle stem cells. The perfectly round patty was pan fried in sunflower oil and butter and then sampled by Josh Schonwald, author of The Taste of Tomorrow...
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    NASA selling off launch pad, equipment

    Have a need for a launch pad? NASA might be able to help. NASA is getting rid of some unique items. Everything from the launch pad that sent the late Neil Armstrong to the moon to office chairs are up for sale at the Kennedy Space Center. Acres of old equipment that NASA no longer needs is up...
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    South Korea to Buy Global Hawk UAVs

    On Monday, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced that it has notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the government of South Korea. If approved by Congress, prime contractor Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC ) will sell four of its RQ-4 Block 30 (I) Global Hawk spy...
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    Scientists demonstrate unjammable radar based on quantum imaging

    Unfortunately for those in the enemy tracking game, sophisticated aircraft-equipped anti-detection systems can outfox radar by intercepting the signal and sending back a false image, as shown above. However, researchers from the University of Rochester have figured out a technique to defeat such...
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    Weird patches from around the world.

    So can we post every patches from around the world on this thread. Built by Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works, the Vindicator system was a highly classified project (rumored to be "more secret than the F-117A," the stealth fighter program) from the 1980s. This patch includes the Lockheed Advanced...
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    Researchers Using The Body To Grow New Organs

    Laboratories around the world are working on ways to build replacement organs and tissues. Dr. Tracy Grikscheit, a surgeon, spends much of her time in her laboratory at the Saban Research Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she is working with her research team to find a way to...
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    US Military Eyes Meditation for Combat Training

    WASHINGTON, December 8 (RIA Novosti) – Deep breaths and long periods of silent reflection are something one might associate with yoga or an ashram in India—not combat readiness. But the US military is now studying whether meditation can help bolster its soldiers’ mental performance in the fog...
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    Turkey to build first domestic aircraft carrier

    Turkey to build first domestic aircraft carrier | OANA NEWS Turkey plans to build the first domestic aircraft carrier, a project of which has been developed over ten years, the Sabah newspaper reported. That's it :D.
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    Robots replace costly US Navy mine-clearance dolphins

    For decades, science fiction writers and futurologists have predicted a time when wars are fought at the push of a button and Terminator-like robo-soldiers fight in place of humans. While the rise of drone warfare suggests that vision may be starting to come true, it would seem that it will not...
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    The f-35 can super cruise

    It has been 16 years since the Pentagon laid out a set of requirements—the blueprint—for the advanced stealthy strike fighter now known as the F-35 Lightning II. Ambitious plans called for the Air Force’s F-35A to be operational by now, before Russia or China could field their...
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    Navy Test-Fires Missiles from Robot Boats

    U.S. Navy ships face the growing threat of small boat swarms used by terrorists, pirates or enemy countries. New testing has shown off a possible counter that looks strangely similar except for the lack of human sailors — small robot boats armed with missiles. The Navy launched six missiles...
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    The blossoming, yet at the same time shadowy, saga that has become America’s next long-range bomber, now known as Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B), continues to gain steam, although it has yet to be determined if the current economic investment being made in the program equates to only a...
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    Planet with four suns discovered

    Astronomers have found a planet whose skies are illuminated by four different suns - the first known of its type. The distant world orbits one pair of stars and has a second stellar pair revolving around it. The discovery was made by volunteers using the Planethunters.org website along...
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    Astronomy thread

    Mods please make this a sticky! Every member is welcome here, just talk about things related to space like the Mars Rover please keep thread clean, thank you :) Strange star spiral offers clues to sun's fate An intriguing spiral structure surrounding a pulsing red giant star may be...

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