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  1. deepfried

    Move to reduce foreigners, hire more locals in jobs

    this discussion is going nowhere... they dont have enough info thats why may be they are saying like this.. better dont reply.. now lets come to the main topic.. i think this is a good move, there are people living inside and outside of the country highly experienced and capable enough to run...
  2. deepfried

    Dhaka’s no to US request for sheltering Afghans

    bd is world's refugee dumping ground ... kekw but took a good decision
  3. deepfried

    Giving citizenship to Rohingyas in exchange of loans! Bangladesh is angry over World Bank's 'unfair' conditions

    wait and see what happens... we will revisit this topic in future..
  4. deepfried

    Giving citizenship to Rohingyas in exchange of loans! Bangladesh is angry over World Bank's 'unfair' conditions

    ya i also think so, bd does not have the power to say no. Myanmar is way powerful than bangladesh. bangladeshi people will forget about it tomorrow, and slowly they will be integrated into the society. (of course to get the load from WB/IMF). but, do u think the govt. learnt anything from...
  5. deepfried

    Giving citizenship to Rohingyas in exchange of loans! Bangladesh is angry over World Bank's 'unfair' conditions

    it is a good decision. but i am worried at some point they will be forced to accept. do you guys think bd has the power to say NO? everything is for the prize.... mann o mann!! alles scheiße leute
  6. deepfried

    US governor pledges to address Bangladesh's vaccine needs and will support commercial supply and coproduction of Pfizer vaccine in Bangladesh

    it will never happen. they are just saying .... and bd govt also knows it very well. Chinese or russians will provide only bulk, so for sure pfizer/biontech wont
  7. deepfried

    Bangladesh allows Phase III trial of a Chinese vaccine

    as far as i know three got the approval 1. bongovax 2. chinese and 3. indian vaccine. i am guessing, the indian one will not face any problem and bongovax wont be able to go further
  8. deepfried

    Bangladesh in 'desperate' search of vaccines, Momen tells CNN

    hmm... "ঢাকা বাংলাদেশ এর রাজধানী" পরা BCS দেয়া গরু গুলার কাছ থেকে আর কি পাওয়া যাবে? অনেক উপায় ছিল। খবর এ পরলাম, পররাষ্ট্র মন্ত্রী বলছে, ইন্ডিয়া র কাছে নাকি আবার উপহার ছাইসে। শুধু blowjob দেওয়া বাকি রাখসে। কতো বড়ো বুদ্ধিহীন এইগুলা। প্রত্যেক পদে পদে ধরা খায় তারপরও এইগুলার লজ্জা হয়না
  9. deepfried

    Bangladesh framing India-like rules to administer tariff preferences

    Indians (most of them) support modi and his ideology. they have one and only friend in south east asia that is bangladesh and they are doing everything to destroy that. now lets talk about the policy. we are all may be in favor of retaliatory trade policy. i wonder how certain group will react ???
  10. deepfried

    Doraiswami keen to push Covaxin as Covishield exports disrupted

    guys its not upto us, do u think govt is brave enough to say no to indian offer? i dont think so. they will do everything to delay bongovax but will do everything for india. just like last year's rapid test incident. what we can do is, not to inoculate ourselves with it
  11. deepfried

    Bangladesh requests China to name exhibition centre after Bangabandhu

    haha although i am bangladeshi but i laughed a lot....
  12. deepfried

    ‘Will build our own fighter jets’: PM Hasina

    i agree and adding to that, although they didn't admit publicly that myanmar's drones and helicopter crossed the border but they realized they need to do something. this could be the reason for moving into that direction. and about chetona... ya.. i agree they like to bring chetona everywhere..
  13. deepfried

    Avion aerospace signed a partnership agreement with Aeropup European Light Sports Aircraft Manufacturer

    i am not so sure of this company. this could be a bangladeshi "NIKOLA"

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