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  1. Anas Ali

    Type 54A radar ?

    what is the radar that is used to guide the HQ-16 missile on the Type 54A Frigate ?
  2. Anas Ali

    Beechcraft 1900

    WHAT IS THIS UNDERNEATH the Beechcraft 1900 !!! here is a zoomed version and here is without it so what is it ?
  3. Anas Ali

    about the mig-29m

    what are these parts on the mig29m ? better resolution without Circles
  4. Anas Ali

    jamming pods range

    what is the range of jamming pods against ground radar ?
  5. Anas Ali

    aster 30 picture

    hi guys i was wondering what could be the nationality of the army personals on this picture because there was some fights on other websites about them being Libyan other say Egyptian so please any suggestions would be much appreciated
  6. Anas Ali

    Alexander Davidenko (PAK FA designer) : the F-22 RCS is 0.3-0.4 m2

    Alexander Davidenko – Director Design of the PAK PMI program at Sukhoi stated that the stealth capability's of the pak fa is better than the other aircrafts on the market , because the pak fa's RCS has been lowerd to 0.1m2 and also said that the Raptors rcs is in about 0.3-0.4 m2 and the su-27...
  7. Anas Ali

    Trophy countermeasure

    can the trophy system be beaten by a quick attack with other tank shells or tow after receiving heavy smoke shells from howitzers ?
  8. Anas Ali

    what is that on the shilka's radar??!

    hey brothers what is this part on the shilka's radar ??! its only fitted in the Egyptian army . what could it be ?
  9. Anas Ali

    missiles , systems and there counterpart

    hey brothers i have been thinking about this subject for a long time and i decided that i want to share it with you and also very eager to know you opinion and thoughts the subject is very cool and simple which is missiles and air defense systems and the counterparts like between American and...
  10. Anas Ali

    Could the AWACS works as ground based radar on some conditions?

    Could the AWACS works as ground based radar on some conditions? like scans while its stationed on the air bases !
  11. Anas Ali

    what is this ?

    what is this in black Circle ? its almost in Every Egyptian ships
  12. Anas Ali

    Egyptian Modified M-60a3 patton

  13. Anas Ali

    SPARROW RIM–7M Missile Launchers

    what is the range of land launched SPARROW RIM–7M Missile Launchers ? any thoughts would be much appreciated
  14. Anas Ali

    APG-68 V9 radar

    hi guys i had the manual for the APG-68 V5 radar for some time now and the max range specs are TWS Range /track while scan : 296.32 km/ 160 nm RWS / range while search : 296.32 km/ 160 nm VS Scan / velocity search : 148 km / 80 nm STT / single target track : as required An Apg 68 V5...
  15. Anas Ali

    can the hawkeye 2000 achieve data link/Communication with eastern fighter

    can the hawkeye 2000 achieve data link and Communication with Russian or Chinese fighters ?
  16. Anas Ali

    AN/TWQ-1 Avenger vs cruies missile ?

    i read in this site that AN/TWQ-1 Avenger (also act as a deterrent against cruise missiles) The Avenger Air Defense System Protects Soldiers From Missile Attacks the question is does it really capable of stopping cruise missiles attacks ? and how good cant defend against them ?
  17. Anas Ali

    what is the expeced f-15 raam rcs fully loaded ?

    what is the expeced f-15 raam rcs fully loaded ? also the f-16 sufa's rcs fully loaded ? :what: doesn't have to be accurate but the closest to realistic rsc
  18. Anas Ali

    patriot missile reloading time

    how long does the patriot pac-2 and pac-3 takes for reloading ? :undecided:
  19. Anas Ali

    what is this ?

    what is this thing ? i am sure its not fan song
  20. Anas Ali

    new radar for Tayer Al Sabah (modiefied SA-2)

    the Egyptian Air defense forces upgraded its sa-2 batteries with a new radar i read this in a magazine about air defense but as always they didn't mention what is this radar and its specs so is it a local built radar or not ? and if it not local please brothers if any of you recognize this radar...

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