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  1. Jaggu

    Spreading LGBT To The Muslim World

    The downfall was due to internal conflict between Sikhs and also because of Dogras of Jammu. Punjabi Muslims had nothing to do with the downfall.
  2. Jaggu

    Spreading LGBT To The Muslim World

    But Sikhs north of Satluj were barely 6% of the population of Punjab while Muslims were almost 2/3 of the population during the time period of Ranjit Singh. Sikhs were outnumbered by Muslims 8 to 1. If Sikhs had mistreated Muslims of Punjab as you claim wouldn't they have risen in rebellion?
  3. Jaggu

    Spreading LGBT To The Muslim World

    Syad Ahmad Barelvi rose in prominence because of Pashtuns. Once he became powerful he then made the mistake of trying to force Pashtuns to marry their daughters and sisters to his needy Hindustani followers which they refused to do, that was the reason for his downfall. As for Ranjit Singh...
  4. Jaggu

    History of Afghan betrayal , fraud and oppression on Pashtuns

    The term Pathan may also be Anglo Saxon but Indians have used this term for hundreds of years to denote Afghans. There are writings in India which are over 500 years old which calls Afghans as Pathans.
  5. Jaggu

    Maratha Muslim Prince

    I think the Marathas as they were are not the same as modern Hindutva people try to identify them as. They were not entirely Hindu nationalists and Anti Muslim as they are being portrayed today. They had Muslim allies and Hindu enemies. The Rajput Rajas of Rajasthan did not like them due to the...
  6. Jaggu

    How Urdu language was imposed on the people of Punjab by the British colonialists

    This quote is taken out of historical context. It was written during the 1700s at a time when Sikhs were in a state of war with the Mughals. The original Gurmukhi text says Turk not Muslim as the translator has written. since Mughals were called Turks in old Sikh literature. And I have read...
  7. Jaggu

    ‘We’re alive today because of our Sikh brothers’: Kashmiri drivers tell tales of agony

    All over India Kashmiri students are now being persecuted by ultra nationalists. Hundreds of these students have taken refuge in Gurdwaras where they are sheltered and given food by Sikhs.
  8. Jaggu

    Why was south Asia so difficult to unify?

    Hindustan(Indo-Pak-Bangla) is not like other regions of the world which can easily be made into one state. It is like a continent on it's own. It is as diverse as Europe. Imagine all of Europe being one country, that is what Hindustan as one political nation state is like. The British managed to...
  9. Jaggu

    North Indian racism towards South Indians

    And exactly who in India have Sikhs treated as dogs? You can visit Punjab or see Sikhs living outside of Punjab where they have settled and live in model communities all over in India.
  10. Jaggu

    North Indian racism towards South Indians

    What are you talking about? There are plenty of African students in Punjab, Chandigarh. No one attacks them. We don't even have issue with North easterners. I think you are just lumping Punjabis for no reason with UP, Biharis. The North vs South animosity as it is known is between you guys and...
  11. Jaggu

    North Indian racism towards South Indians

    I don't know from where you are getting your info about Sikhs, but your views are far from ground reality. South Indians don't even register in our thoughts, since we barely have any interaction with them. The North Indian and South Indian animosity is between UP, Bihar areas vs South India...
  12. Jaggu

    A despicable Israeli policeman hits a young Palestinian

    You are living in the past. What happened in 1947 is over 70 years ago. How am I or any other Sikh today responsible for what happened generations ago. And murders, rapes, destruction happened on both sides of the border. It wasn't exactly a one sided affair. While the Sikhs began violence in...
  13. Jaggu

    NDP leader Singh says Canada should declare 1984 anti-Sikh violence a genocide

    you do realize the same had happened to the Sikhs in western Punjab.
  14. Jaggu

    Help needed to read Persian inscriptions.

    According to historian annete beveridge who is an expert in Mughal studies, the Mughals during the times of Babur were central Asian Turkic linguistically and culturally. Babur had written his autobiography in Chagatai Turkic language. But after the Mughals retreated from India during the times...
  15. Jaggu

    Khalistan, a Sikh homeland. A myth or reality?

    That's true. Every Sikh that goes to Pakistan has experienced warmth and respect from Pakistanis. I've heard this from many Yatris myself. My comment was not towards you, it was directed towards the member PAKISTANFOREVER who I feel has a wrong understanding of the Sikhs community. No Sikh I...
  16. Jaggu

    Khalistan, a Sikh homeland. A myth or reality?

    The million people dying figure is for all the deaths of partition(Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs combined) not just Muslims alone. The amount of Muslims that were killed is about the same amount that Hindus and Sikhs were killed during this same time. Pretty much everyone is to be blamed for the...
  17. Jaggu

    Shalwar Kameez - a Pakistani dress?

    This is true. I have heard from my elders who lived in West Punjab before partition and they tell me that it was very rare to see Muslim Punjabis wearing Salwar. The educated class(Muslim, Hindu and Sikhs) mostly wore the tight Pajama with Achkan.
  18. Jaggu

    Khatris, who are they ?

    Khatri is a corrupted word for Kshatri. In Punjabi language, the sanskrit sh sound evolved into kh sound. So that is why they are called Khatri. Khatri in Punjabi means Kshatri. But it is true, they are the original Kshatriys of the olden times that we read about in the epics. But over time they...
  19. Jaggu

    Gurkhas owe a lot to their British masters

    I don't think the British made the Gurkha reputation. Even before the British, During the early 1800s the Gurkhas were expanding all through the himilayan range. Just then they came into conflict with the Sikhs who were also expanding into Himachal hills in 1809 over the strong Kangra fort...
  20. Jaggu

    IAF officers can't grow beard on religious basis: Supreme Court

    A beard and mustache should be mandatory for a soldier. Or at least a soldier should have a mustache if nothing else. It makes a soldier look more martial and manly. The clean shaven soldier look was given to us by the British.

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