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  1. Mumm-Ra

    WW2 special: Blitzkreig

  2. Mumm-Ra

    WW2 Special episodes on Operation Barbarossa

    A look at the types and amounts of tanks available to the German and Soviet armies on the eve before Barbarossa.
  3. Mumm-Ra

    Operation Barbarossa : Transport vehicles and logistics

    another good supposed from the WW2 YouTube channel. @PanzerKiel, I believe, it’s slowing getting to the part you’re interested in most.
  4. Mumm-Ra

    Admiral Yi of Korea

    was going to simply add these videos on the Japanese Invasion of Korea thread but this guy was just too good and I think it would be better if he got his own thread.
  5. Mumm-Ra

    Japanese invasion of Korea

    This chronicles one of mya favorite naval commanders. Admiral Yi of Korea. Guy never lost a naval battle and quite possibly single handedly save Korea from Japanese rule
  6. Mumm-Ra

    Week by week history of WW2

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1AejCL4DA7jYkZAELRhHQ This is an interesting channel. Gives you a weekly account of the war and some interesting tidbits about various players in the episodes. The first episode
  7. Mumm-Ra

    Peter Jackson's new WWI documentary

    Looks really good
  8. Mumm-Ra

    Question: How do you evaluate the effectiveness of a monetary policy framework

    Gents I would appreciate if you guys could give some pointers on this topic or point me in the right direction. My main focus will be evaluating the monetary policy framework of Pakistan. Pakistan does not have a specific monetary policy objective. Instead it has interest rates as intermediate...
  9. Mumm-Ra

    Join the SBP as Assistant Directors

    I could not find any other place to post it as the careers section only accomodates Military and defense institutions. Any interested person should avail this opportunity. The salary is pretty good, the nature of the job is exciting, though it depends where you are posted, and the perks are at...
  10. Mumm-Ra

    Any Economists here?

    Is there any person here who specializes in macro economics?
  11. Mumm-Ra

    The War Memorial of Korea

    I visited the War Memorial of Korea recently.The entire place had a sorrowful and yet peaceful outlook.You can tell this event is very near to the heart of the Koreans. The place was huge. Could not cover the entire exhibition in one visit. I will post more once I visit again during thanksgiving...
  12. Mumm-Ra

    Get a MasterCard Credit Card on Your Own Terms and Credit Limit in Seconds!

    https://propakistani.pk/2017/07/19/get-mastercard-credit-card-terms-credit-limit-seconds/. Most Pakistanis are by default not qualified to get a credit card in Pakistan. They (read: banks) tell the commoners that an individual must have a salaried job, a sizable income, an office address, a...
  13. Mumm-Ra

    What caused the Pakistan Stock Exchange boom and bust?

    When the Pakistan Stock Exchange provided returns of a stunning 46pc in 2016 — the highest returns on equity investments by any market across Asia — market participants and regulators moved about puffing their chest. Brokers and analysts projected the Index would hit 56,000 points by Dec 2017...
  14. Mumm-Ra

    A new world economic section

    I was wondering if we can have a section specifically for discussing major economic issues that face the world today. From analyzing the last financial sector meltdown to current like the effect of BREXIT on UK and European economies, economies of major countries of the world, new development in...
  15. Mumm-Ra

    New Gold-Based Shariah Compliant Digital Currency Launched

    An Islamic financial services and technology company, OneGram, has partnered up with GoldGuard to build one of the world’s largest gold vaults in Dubai. The merger will also result in the creation of the world’s first entirely gold-backed digital currency. According to a statement, the...
  16. Mumm-Ra

    Vipin spills the beans

    interesting read.. The writer is a former Ambassador of Pakistan. The views expressed here are his own By all accounts Vipin Narang is an outstanding scholar at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) specialising in South Asian strategic issues. At a recent conference on...
  17. Mumm-Ra

    Taxmen as corrupt as society: FBR chief

    ISLAMABAD: The head of the government department that is responsible for collecting taxes on Thursday said that tax officials were as ‘corrupt’ as society. “The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) bashing will demoralise the force… and we should not forget that the FBR is as corrupt as [our]...
  18. Mumm-Ra

    Petition filed to restrict access to facebook

    http://nation.com.pk/national/13-Mar-2017/petitioner-seeks-closure-of-social-media-site. Better get ready to use proxy to access Facebook now :hitwall::hitwall:
  19. Mumm-Ra

    Story of Pakistan’s elite wheat

    THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE > BUSINESS Story of Pakistan’s elite wheat By Syed Ali Sajjad Pakistan is primarily an agrarian economy and 80% of the farmers’ grow wheat on over 9 million hectares – or 40% of Pakistan’s agricultural land. Locally, wheat forms around 72% of the nation’s daily caloric...
  20. Mumm-Ra

    Crypto-Currencies; Bitcoin – The Myth of Micropayments Solution

    Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a payment system in 2009 – Bitocoin - which has the potential to be viable for micropayments keeping in view the deficiencies in the current financial system. This system is a peer to peer, autonomous, decentralized, cryptographically secured with the ability to carry...

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