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  1. Kaiser

    Armymen beat Colonel’s son

    What a elite and proffecional army
  2. Kaiser

    FC-1 Engine News !!!

    Here is some info on this somewhat new taihand engine Xinhuanet Zhuhai, (Xinhua Zhang Yusheng) October 31 . of the China Aviation Industry Corporation on October 31, announced in Zhuhai Air Show,After more than 10 years of assiduously.China's independent intellectual property rights of...
  3. Kaiser

    PAF personnel busted in assasination attempt

    Listen I can post ALOT of articles on how the Indian new is controlled strickly by the goverment. You dont see the fact that even if the Indian army numbers 3 million 100 people commiting suicide is still relatively a high number for a ARMY. This shows the lack of moral and dignity in the army...
  4. Kaiser

    PAF personnel busted in assasination attempt

    He is a iranian baluch so you can expect him to say stuff like that. Anyways its only natural that there are many posts dominated by punabi's since punjabi's do account for about 60% of the population (just as in the US many posts are held by whites) but to say that the PA is dominated by...
  5. Kaiser

    IAF pilots to evaluate Boeing's F-18 warplanes

    The MRCA deal is no threat to PAF or pakistan by the time all 126 MRCA fighters are delivered to the IAF, the PAF will be well into the procurement plan for the next generation fighter.
  6. Kaiser

    PAF personnel busted in assasination attempt

    <Personal attacks clipped off> -- Asim Anyways all these assassination attempts on musharaf are from the al-quada that is well known, they are the source of the problem. While many here think that pakistan should stop supporting the US on the war on terror you must think, how can you say that...
  7. Kaiser

    Interview, ACM clears everything!

    RD-93 will power the JF-17 and in the future it will be WS-13a Everything has been cleared :)
  8. Kaiser

    The Shame of Being An American

    Yes yes same happened in 1967, and 1973 until british, french, and US forces came to israels rescue. Also keep dreaming of a united islamuck force
  9. Kaiser

    Pakistan foils coup plot

    Atleast we here dont spell **** wrong :lol: There was no coup attempt and never will be. Musharafs times almost up there are even indications that the elections will be held early. Although I would love to see musharaf in office for another 3 years.
  10. Kaiser

    Rectify Islam

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7953765637027768633&q=pakistan Great video
  11. Kaiser

    Cool pakistani video

    Know A.Rahman lets not discuss religion we would be going completely off topic :) Better to stay on topic
  12. Kaiser

    Cool pakistani video

    I never said jihad is terrorism I only said that the concept of jihad has been corrupted by the extremist. Also your saying that the muslims in iraq that are killing eachother arnt extremist? I know more about religion than anyone here let me assure you and I can say the concept of religion...
  13. Kaiser

    Bomb test may scupper Indo-US nuclear deal

    Its been over a year and Congress has already postponed the bill about 3-4 times. The deal was dead from the beginning
  14. Kaiser

    India, Pakistan, North Korea all different: US

    Yes but you dont see all the good things the US has done for the world such as its large acomplishments in science and tech. Only benchood idiots like you people look at everything the US dose bad then cry about it
  15. Kaiser

    Pakistan's shadowy secret service

    If you people didnt realize yet the taliban is already a people movement. The US might as well leave Afghanistan know
  16. Kaiser

    Breaking News: North Korea conducts Nuclear test

    There are know reports that NK might be preparing for a second nuclear test in the manner of which Pakistan and India did in 1998. This might lead to Japan and SK starting up its nuclear program Remember people, scientist estimate the if within one month of starting nuclear program japan...
  17. Kaiser

    Breaking News: North Korea conducts Nuclear test

    There are know reports that top japanese, south korean, and US military advisers are having meeting. The South Korean PM himself is currently holding an emergency meeting. The US wont dare attack NK or else you can say bye bye to Los angela's, san farsisco, las vegas, etc...
  18. Kaiser

    Breaking News: North Korea conducts Nuclear test

    Breaking News North Korea Claims Successful Nuclear Weapons Test CBS News Interactive: North Korea Threats (AP) SEOUL, South Korea North Korea said Monday it has performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test. The country's official Korean Central News Agency said the test was...
  19. Kaiser

    India's shopping Spree

    Sorry meant F-16
  20. Kaiser

    India to buy 40 fighter jets from France, Qatar

    We are going for F-16, jf-17, and J-10 lets just leave it at that. Will it really matter how many advanced fighters india will go for know that china is gonna tests there J-XX in the next decade giving them a fighter which is generation ahead of india's. With no news of the PAK-FA I think...

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