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    Imran challenges Nawaz to play '11 questions' on TV

  2. seekers

    Iran should just leave the NPT

    i think the position of Europe is going more weaker with soaring oil prices. Iranian nation had fought 8 year war with saddam who was supported by US. and Arab countries .I think they have enough tolerance to face the embargo. US. is unable to make any adventure before clearing their mess in...
  3. seekers

    Saudi crown prince to visit Pakistan by end year

    you cant leave airport with own choice, they snatch your passport and forcefully hostage in bus which driver took 4-5 hours from jeddah to Mecca.All this is routine under the nose of saudi govt.In saudia umrah plgrims are on custody of muaalim who is responsible to reach one at Mecca. second...
  4. seekers

    Saudi crown prince to visit Pakistan by end year

    This corruption is equally part of saudi arabians.saudi Bus driver don't let go any Pakistan haji without bribe, one can't get passport back after paying him bribe.This is my personal experience after entering a Holy land, bus driver has dropped me with my family without passport and luggage on...
  5. seekers

    Saudi crown prince to visit Pakistan by end year

    Coming for Reward for opening NATO supply
  6. seekers

    Hum nahin tu kon? THE THIRD OPTION

    what about the past experience of Marshall anti cheater and looter forces?? i don't think that history could change with MARSAL forces. corruption is now circulating in blood of this nation and nothing could change until nation realize their own deeds.
  7. seekers

    Abdul Qadir Gilani wins NA-151: unofficial results

    after this election i access that New IJI formation ( PTI,PMLN,JI,DPC.....) against PPP has been developed by establishment. History is going to repeat again.
  8. seekers

    Abdul Qadir Gilani wins NA-151: unofficial results

    i live in lahore and use to go Multan. when i compare to road development project in Lahore and Multan. i find Multan projects are well planned than Lahore,specially overhead bridges in Lahore at Thokar, Kalma chowk and Muslim town are ill planned as compare to Multan kacheri, Khaniwal roads...
  9. seekers

    Nawaz vows economic blast, if given government

    this is quite easy to create a bubble economy like Musharaf did in past by using US & saudia shoulders. But this bubble economy use to blast after withdrawing the Oil Shieks's shoulders.
  10. seekers

    Hum nahin tu kon? THE THIRD OPTION

    He is more better politician than any present one. He is successfully running social work. In his interview (aik din geo kay sath) , he said he donate 50,000 $ to poor man in timbiktoo to open a hotel. He has more potential to press the lotas and lifafas. He has now joined the profession of his...
  11. seekers

    Shia killing watchdog site apparently banned

    this page at facebook has been banned in the past. but it would not hide the faces of butchers lj( lanti jhangvi)
  12. seekers

    Why Pakistanis lost faith in democracy?

    one of mullah was arguing with me about Khilafat. He said this is only best solution for Pakistan.When i asked how do you find Khalifa.His answer was ,Khalifa would be elected by people. When i said i don't find any difference between criteria of khilafat and democratic system if both is...
  13. seekers

    "ISTASNA" real beneficiary in Pakistan

    I think the word "Istisna" is even aware who are unaware with urdu in Pakistan. I think the real beneficiary of ISTASNA (immunity) in Pakistan are 1. General 2. Judges 3. journalist All three have had never been accountable in any court ( even not in Asghar khan petition) in history-...
  14. seekers

    Shahid Afridi to host Ramazn Transmission on Express Entertainment

    sooner the people look him acting in dramas. He is going toward right job.He is the biggest actor but very selfish player.
  15. seekers

    Who is Pakistan’s enemy?

    Pakistan own people are worst enemy of Pakistan. people who was against Pakistan at time of independence and declaring Quaid e Azam as kafir e azam(nauzobilah) are getting in power by external forces.They have aim to implement their own sharia rule over country like taliban and forcefully...
  16. seekers

    Saudi Arabia Persuades Pakistan to Abandon Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

    This note is in response to the intellectual dishonesty charges raised by Dr A Q Khan against Dr Samar Mubarikmand. I am in agreement with Dr Khan due to the following reasons: 1. Dr Khan is a metallurgist which is linked with mining while Dr Samar's area is Electronics which is far removed...
  17. seekers

    Saudi Arabia Persuades Pakistan to Abandon Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

    do you kindly send these companies here to sell a gas. Thar coal has technical problem in gasification process. there is a water which make it difficult to continues burning underground coal and supply of coal gas.For mining need heavy investment and time taking other sources, DAMS: can't built...
  18. seekers

    Nawaz, Imran Khan assured me of a pro-US government: Munter

    even all your justification are fake because IK acts are not match your words. Two facts you have not attempt to be clear. 1. make merger with PMLN in future 2. master of U turn. anyway this is enough from PTI member
  19. seekers

    Nawaz, Imran Khan assured me of a pro-US government: Munter

    they both made collation in future because of same ideology. both are anti PPP both are pro taliban both are pro GHQ both are pro US & saudia both have vote bank in punjab both are barbola both are master of u turn both will make merger after election for gain power in center
  20. seekers

    I look 30-40 years into future: Zardari

    this is not joke,, he can't award the Nishan e haider even the Army Shaheed without approval of Army General. Do you know that kyani has turned down this award even the approval of President and prime minister to Lt.Yaser ,who was deserved for this award as per inquiry of Naval Base.

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