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    Pakistan’s debt, liabilities cross Rs50tr

    Abhi inka 7 years baaki hai..
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    Courtesy of Mr. Gulzar (Chief Justice): Builders/Construction Association is halting WORK

    This looks like a clear case of double standards by judiciary. If Prime minister’s private residence can be spared, same rule should apply to middle class people. Only people deserving of punishment are builders and government officials who allowed this to build. Opposition parties have got a...
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    IMF rejects borrowing request

    Good suggestion. I hope concerned authorities in Pakistan’s cabinet take note of such "out of box" thinking. Going to IMF every time and accepting their dictates should be the last resort.
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    Abu Dhabi crown prince to visit Turkey on Nov. 24

    You belong to this group ?
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    Pakistan's Economy - News and Updates

    The prairie fire of inflation THE monetary policy statement released on Friday had several notable things to focus on but consider one for now: core inflation. This indicator measures inflation in a basket of goods that excludes food and energy prices, meaning it is largely immune to the...
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    IMF rejects borrowing request

    I just like to see informed discussions.
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    IMF rejects borrowing request

    Just being informed about economic development of neighbor country. For example: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/pakistans-debt-liabilities-cross-rs50tr.729137/
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    Pakistan’s debt, liabilities cross Rs50tr

    Pakistan’s debt, liabilities cross Rs50tr Burden increased by Rs20.7 trillion in past 39 months ISLAMABAD: For the first time ever, Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities have crossed Rs50.5 trillion, an addition of Rs20.7 trillion under the current government alone, revealed the official...
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    Abu Dhabi crown prince to visit Turkey on Nov. 24

    Only AKPidiots are crying these days.. Everyone else is enjoying this meltdown with their popcorn..
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    Biden infuriates China by inviting Taiwan to democracy summit

    Interesting move. They must have already taken this "fury" in calculation before inviting Taiwan.
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    Abu Dhabi crown prince to visit Turkey on Nov. 24

    Things must be dire for Erdogan to eat this humble pie. He has spend last few years denouncing UAE rulers and calling them names.
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    Anticipated defense cooperation between Morocco and Israel

    There is no mention anywhere of Terra system being transferred. Also El-2032 is not AESA.
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    Govt releases over 100 TTP prisoners as ‘goodwill gesture’

    Oh well.. what else could have happened? Wasn't Imran trying to become spokesman for TTP just 10-12 years ago ? His stand against Drone attacks is well known. Why would his govt behave harshly towards the same people. And now he has a guy in Pindi who himself is prone to making deals with such...
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    IMF rejects borrowing request

    ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has rejected Pakistan’s request to keep a door open for borrowing from the central bank and also did not agree on any meaningful accountability of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The central bank’s profit would also not be transferred 100% to...
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    Islamabad swallows bitter IMF pills

    Pakistan has agreed to take Rs800 billion measures through a combination of cut in expenditures and slapping about Rs500 billion in taxes, including Rs20 per litre fuel tax, to revive the stalled $6 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme. “The tax collection target of the Federal...
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    Can MQM make comeback in karachi 2023

    Altaf Hussain is coming back.. to reclaim his constituency.
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    Monetary policy: SBP jacks up interest rate by 150 bps to 8.75%

    Demand compression tactics to fight supply side issues.

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