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    Gentlemen Cadet at Pakistan Military Academy

    Gentlemen Cadet at Pakistan Military Academy
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    Its time to properly punish Modi.

    Right. I think they did this to force Pakistan for such act against India so that when something happens, they can use it to do propaganda against Pakistan and satisfy their public, curbing humiliation from 27th Feb. Maybe reason for another skirmish.
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    Queries related initial tests, ISSB and medical

    What ad? Didn't get it. Please explain. They first check height weight n chest. Then they check eyesight by making u read the chart. Then they do a complete body check up. A surgeon performs this check What kind of help u need? Ask Braces don't make u unfit.
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    Queries related initial tests, ISSB and medical

    I havent given final medical of PAF, I gave Long Course's final medical. Wrote about it in a thread
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    Joining PMA L/C as a Graduate

    U will have to train for 2 years if you go to PMA in LC, no matter if your qualification is higher it doesn't make a difference.
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    ISSB test is same for all commissions irrespective of branch or force. Only the medical of GDP is much more strict and they also have to clear the Flying Aptitude Test.
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    India’s F-16 Neurosis

    Lol and this IAF wants to compete against PAF, which has people like Sarfraz Rafiqui who decided to support his teammates while on a raid in Indian Airspace despite the fact that his guns got jammed. He didn't abandon the team and embraced martyrdom. Shaheen kbhi parwaz se thak ker nahin girta.
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    How to convert issb??

    Don't know about that bro
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    How to convert issb??

    Kr skte hain but merit pe naam ane ka chance thora kam hta. Depends on your recommendation category
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    How to convert issb??

    Yes he can and army prefers those recommended from PAF. Specially one who is GDP recommended. The way is to .. Like if u want to apply for army when u have a recommendation letter for PAF and for example u want to apply in long course, Apply in long course, clear initials and when u are...
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    People who recently gave ISSB test

    Psych ke question ka answer ye dia ke mam i will be satisfied ke mene mehnat ki he aur uska reward mjhy kisi na kisi surat main milega, dosra ager wo mere group mate he aur use sara credit mila he to as a group partner mjhy b kuch credit milega but wo b na mile to i will still be satisfied...
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    People who recently gave ISSB test

    U gave ISSB too ? If yes, which course n result?
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    Indian aircraft were out ranged by Pakistan Air Force in aerial combat.

    Exactly, getting French equipment isn't hard, keeping it and getting spares for it is. France, US and Israel all participated in the 26-27 feb skirmish. Israel for obvious reasons. France and US actually fooled Indians. Now Lockheed Martin will present their new block of F-16 for Indian Air...
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    People who recently gave ISSB test

    Initial medical is a complete body checkup, though not as detailed as final medical. First height weight n chest are measured then eyesight. Then surgeon comes and examines body parts and checks for deformities. Which course have u applied in ?
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    People who recently gave ISSB test

    GTO asked: Kis baat pe pareshan hote ho? I said sir jese pakistan match har jaye kbhi to pareshan hota he said bachun wali batain na kro ...kb hote ho pareshan. I said mulk ke halat par jese ager koi blast wghera ho jaye kahin. He asked aaj balochistan main blast main kitne foji shaheed hoye...
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    People who recently gave ISSB test

    Can provide u details of both initial and final medical, you can ask
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    People who recently gave ISSB test

    I did in PMA 143 LC. Discussion topic was: Pakistan ki maeeshat (economy) Lecturette topics: Mine = Pakistan main kamzoor adlia ka kirdar Others = Zindagi main khushi aur gham ka ta'aluq --- Inteha pasand insaan ki nishanian --- Insaan inteha pasand kyoon bnta he --- Nojawan nasal ke masail (...
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    Preliminary and Final Medical Exam - Pak Army

    Weakness upto 2.5 is declared fit in Long Course if it can be corrected by wearing glasses. Also, if your eyesight is getting weak without any reason, you should go for a check up. For dental, I can't say much but u can go to AFID, Armed Forces Institure of Dentistry and ask the doctor there for...

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