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    Photo of Muslim Man Being Beaten in Delhi Riots is Reuters' India Pick in 'Pictures of Year' List

    The German Nazis were disciplined, who respected the chain of command. Hindutvas are a vigilante mob, that are out of control. I think the only thing that could rein in the kind of hysteria we are seeing in India today is a revolution similar in magnitude to the Cultural Revolution.
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    ‘LOVE JIHAD’ Another Step Towards India’s Nazification

    Below is an excerpt from a paper titled "Framing Consent: Nazi Anti-Semitic Imagery, 1933-1945. The paper is authored by Gregg Hunt and published by Cal State. It describes the kind of Nazi propaganda that preceded the holocaust. The similarities with "Love Jihad" are ominous. "The image of the...
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    Mahira Khan, Sania Nishtar featured on BBC's list of 100 inspiring and influential women for 2020

    I do not think people appreciate the scope of the work Dr. Sania Nishtar is doing, or the magnitude of its impact on society. It will only become obvious in a few years. She deserves all the accolades. It seems greatness runs in the family, as she is the granddaughter of Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
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    Hypocritical Tarek Fatah's is rooting for Maryam Nawaz....or is he?

    I recently came across an article by Tarek Fatah, the Canadian man notorious for his hatred of Pakistan. In the article titled Pakistan's Joan of Arc frightens its generals, he likens Maryam Nawaz to Joan of Arc, a catholic saint from 15th century France, saying: "There is a key player that is...
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    Mohammad Zubair appointed spokesperson for Nawaz, Maryam

    I don't usually post in siasat, but this is too funny. Maryam says that no representative of NS visited the COAS >> It is revealed that Zubair did visit the COAS >> Zubair is appointed officially as the spokesperson of NS Seems like she does not even try to hide her lies anymore! Mohammad...
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    President Arif Alvi passed an ordinance to take over the custody of 2 Islands of Sindh under Federal government

    Some countries have multiple cities designated as federal territories. For example, Malaysian federal territories include three cities, Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya, and Labuan. Would this be the same?
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    Featured Businesses to follow unrealistic guidelines to escape FATF grey list

    I realize that a common narrative in Pakistan is that we have all the laws we need, but are lacking the implementation/enforcement of those laws. That is a only a partial truth. There are two main reasons why laws are not implemented: 1. The laws are badly written/designed 2. There are gaps in...
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    Featured Businesses to follow unrealistic guidelines to escape FATF grey list

    Whether similar laws exist in the US or Europe is irrelevant. In Pakistan, we need exceptionally stringent laws to control our exceptionally high levels of corruption. The perceived disadvantages of these laws that you enumerated in your earlier post are hypothetical. Even if they are true...
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    Important revelations regarding man behind leaking personal information of Gen (r) Asim Bajwa's family

    Take him to court then! Nothing stopping anyone from doing that. Doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani ho jayga.
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    Tree Plantation in Pakistan

    You expect too little.
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    Asim Bajwa involved in dissolving Balochistan govt, Nawaz Sharif blames

    Because these accusations were leaked to the media, but never taken to a court of law.
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    Asim Bajwa involved in dissolving Balochistan govt, Nawaz Sharif blames

    I guess it is now plain for everyone to see that it was NS's people who were behind the recent attack on Asim Bajwa, and the leak of all his family's tax/NADRA information. The fact that that Indian vlogger was the one to break the story should be an indication of whose interests are aligned...
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    A warning to people sitting in power circles in Pakistan.

    You can wallow in your hopelessness by yourself. Why create this thread and share/spread your hopelessness?
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    CPEC under vicious attack!

    I do not know if Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa is corrupt or not. But two things are worth considering. If there is any credible evidence against him, why is he not being taken to court. Despite what some people would have us believe, military personnel (especially retired) are not untouchable...
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    NAB Sukkur: Not a home of Saudi Prince but of PPP minister's in Larkana

    There's no accounting for taste. That's tacky!
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    New Singapore public housing unveiled with emphasis on community farming

    Unlike Pakistan, you can be sure that the real thing is going to look exactly like the renders :-)
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    I posted this on the Turkish Defence forum as well. Posting it here as there are some interesting comments re Pakistan. HOW AMERICA’S EXPERIENCE WITH PAKISTAN CAN HELP IT DEAL WITH TURKEY War On The Rocks Aaron Stein and Robert Hamilton August 25, 2020 In its ties with Turkey, the United...
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    OP: While it may worry the Turks that some US commentators are beginning to talk about Turkey in the same tone as Pakistan, I believe the equivalence is inaccurate, and the premise of this article is rather shallow. Nevertheless, it's useful to understand their thinking. HOW AMERICA’S...
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    The decadence of the Arab world

    I understand why what I am saying would be hard to accept, and offensive. I am certainly not saying that all Arabs have this complex. Many Arabs are confident, humble, enlightened people, who embody the essence of the Islamic character. Unfortunately, they do not wield much influence in the...
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    Pakistan Afghanistan Border Fencing 1700 KM complete

    Anti personnel mines are illegal according to the Geneva Convention, of which we are signatories.

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