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  1. Sinnerman108

    Pakistan's Serbian Embassy Social Media accounts hacked

    So government servants openly defaming and revolting is lack of discipline and against professional norms. People like you, who sell propaganda at a small salary are just despicable. @WebMaster Qibla, Please note the paid content.
  2. Sinnerman108

    Massive Gold found in Turkey as Euphrates river drying up

    This better not be true.
  3. Sinnerman108

    Exim Bank of China is about to seize Uganda’s only international airport and some other of its assets, for non-repayment of a $207m loan.

    All deals are like that. No matter how you candy wrap them. Have your forgotten the east indian company ? Or do you not see, how india is being prepared to fight american war.
  4. Sinnerman108

    Video: Overseas Pakistani is begging fellow Overseas Pakistanis to NOT come to Pakistan EVER

    People in Karachi, and for that matter anywhere else in Pakistan should be angry and blame themselves for keeping goons from PPP etc in power.
  5. Sinnerman108

    Video: Overseas Pakistani is begging fellow Overseas Pakistanis to NOT come to Pakistan EVER

    Why isn't he taking it up with Saeed Ghani ? The guy who makes most money from illegal buildings ?
  6. Sinnerman108

    Indians, Don't Push Your Luck or You May Face The Skeletons in Closet !!

    The Sukhoi was shot down It crashed on the indian side. Exact location / coordinates are known. Matter was kept wrapped on Russian request, as well as not to further escalate. Hindian may want to investigate the strange death of Su Pilot, about 2 weeks later; Cause of death was criminal...
  7. Sinnerman108

    LOC in ripe shape to be taken over!

    Awwww, Bangladesh is an independent country till date. In spite of all that mother india could do, Bangladesh is still free.
  8. Sinnerman108

    India's Modi backs down on farm reforms in surprise victory for protesters

    Modi didn't loose to the farmer, He lost to Punjabis who are mostly farmers. Modi's blunders will not start to fire back.
  9. Sinnerman108

    LOC in ripe shape to be taken over!

    There is a reason why you have some thing called as Pakistan Occupied kashmir in Hindia A country that is many times smaller in geography and smaller in economy and smaller in Airforce, Navy, Army Is occupying and running a part of India...
  10. Sinnerman108

    Ancient Pakistan the Defense Wall of India

    Tell us then then why were the local indians so easy to subjugate ?
  11. Sinnerman108

    Ancient Pakistan the Defense Wall of India

    No We watch gangus eating cow crap, and we can almost precisely estimate.
  12. Sinnerman108

    Fisherman from Maharashtra arrested by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) off Gujarat coast

    What kind of stupid Godi stuff is this ? If the sailors were in Indian waters, then to fire on them and capture them, Pakistan Navy went in Indian waters which would imply indian navy couldn't detect or respond. A more reasonable understanding is that the hindi fishermen were in Pakistan's...
  13. Sinnerman108

    Bangladesh will buy 5 warships from Britain.

    And this is how it starts. a. Bangladesh ears FOREX b. Bangladesh buys Warships c. Forex returns back to Bank of England d. Maintenance services provide a continued line of revenue. We have made all the mistakes and are learning from them... hope bangladesh does better.
  14. Sinnerman108

    "I may be somewhat Indian" - Conor McGregor

    The very fact that you had to flunt this flaunt this here almost 100% defines your insecurity and your constant need of assurance.
  15. Sinnerman108

    Indians pretending to be online AFGHANS

    I have worked with and observed these creatures closely. I have to agree, if Indians could they would scratch their skin off to be someone else. The reason for that is their religion and the subsequent caste system. Their religious material talks of wars .. which loosely resemble the Aryan...
  16. Sinnerman108

    US colluding with India to sabotage CPEC: PM’s aide Khalid Mansoor

    Awwwww how cute ! absolutely NOT. India is a insecure little B. who needs American spine on lease to challenge anyone. they know they are following a false belief.
  17. Sinnerman108

    Making the case for a global ban on privately-owned personal transport cars and two-wheelers

    There are two things which are going to happen ... maybe i will be see them, maybe not. a. Vehicle ownership and the whole concept of transportation will be changed. b. Currency will be made obsolete; and it will exist only electronically ( Not digital currency like Bitcoin).
  18. Sinnerman108

    Asteroid Bennu reaches highest impact risk level

    Gas shooting out means, that the asteroid's gravity (however small) is defeated. and the force that causes the gassification is present internal to the asteroid. I can take it, that some material does heat up and evaporate; however that can not be called gas shooting out. See the picture...
  19. Sinnerman108

    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    The only solution to this problem is to have a twin engine plane. Thus putting less stress on the single engine; and keeping it well within the material limitations. The closest example, is that of a naturally aspirated engine Vs Turbo charged. The Turbo charged engine will fail much before...

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