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  1. RayKalm

    Has Twitter bowed down to India again? Take a look at this.

    We've all heard of American companies like Facebook, CNN and others pandering the large Indian audiences. Google, for example, shows Indian news results whenever you search for anything Pakistani related - so the world sees the Indian perspective and not vice versa. You can search for India and...
  2. RayKalm

    Steady rise in share of daily-wagers in suicides, 23% in 2019

    The share of daily-wage earners among those who died by suicide has been steadily rising, doubling to 23.4 per cent in 2019 as compared to six years before. At nearly a quarter of the suicides, or 32,563 of the total 1,39,123, the daily-wage earners comprised the largest chunk of such deaths...
  3. RayKalm

    All Pakistani pilots in Vietnam have valid licences: government

    All Pakistani pilots working for Vietnamese airlines have valid and legitimate licences and none have been involved in a flight incident or safety threat, the government said on Saturday. Vietnam last month grounded all Pakistani pilots working for local airline amid concern from global...
  4. RayKalm

    Global Fire Power bumps Turkey down from 8th to 13th

  5. RayKalm

    Dozens killed in stampede at Soleimani's funeral

    NEWS /IRAN Dozens killed in stampede at Soleimani's funeral: Iran state TV Huge crowds of mourners pack the streets of Kerman, the hometown of Iranian military commander killed in US air strike. At least 32 people have been killed in a stampede that erupted in the Iranian city of Kerman at the...
  6. RayKalm

    India is Planning for a False Flag before Imran Khan's UN Speech

    There was a reason why Imran Khan and the army mentioned a potential false flag carried out by India on its own troops like that in Feburary. Read this article by the Indian Tribune: Groups based in Pakistan reportedly used a drone to drop weapons inside the Indian territory near Khalra...
  7. RayKalm

    Iran and Israel drop, Pakistan and Canada rise on Global Fire Power rankings

  8. RayKalm

    Modi tries to blame Pakistan - Sri Lankans Slam Indian Media for ‘Politicising’ Easter Blasts

    Sri Lanka's government was "aware of information regarding a possible attack" before a series of deadly bomb blasts rocked hotels and churches in the capital Colombo and two other cities, according to the country's prime minister. Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking to reporters late on Sunday...
  9. RayKalm

    Iran agrees to trace militants involved in Pakistan's Balochistan attack: FM

    ISLAMABAD, April 20 - Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Saturday said that his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif has agreed to trace militants involved in a recent terrorist attack in Pakistan, and take due action against them after investigations. Addressing a press...
  10. RayKalm

    Pakistan Should Not Blindly Surrender to Modi Over Sikh Demonstrations

    Sikh civil society groups have condemned Pakistan’s decision to ban activities of Sikhs peacefully campaigning for “Referendum 2020” in which Sikhs plan to defy New Delhi and exercise their democratic right to vote on the issue of self-determination. Next year, Sikhs intend vote “yes or no” on...
  11. RayKalm

    Indian rupee slides as jets violate Pakistani airspace

    MUMBAI: Indian rupee declined for the first time in three days after geopolitical tensions escalated with Pakistan claiming airspace violation by its neighbour. Indian fighter jets violated an agreed border between the two countries, the Pakistani army said Tuesday, as tensions between the...
  12. RayKalm

    South Korea ups Pakistan loan limit to $800 million

    TOKYO: South Korea has jacked up its lending limit for Pakistan from $500 million to $800 million at an interest rate that is lower than offered by any other country/lender, a Pakistani envoy said. “South Korea extends loans for Pakistan's development projects at a lending rate of 0.1 percent...
  13. RayKalm

    DIGUSTING! Look how Foreign Media is giving leeway to terrorists in Pakistan!

    The foreign outlets are sharing this opinion piece of Kathy Gannon (below) and even spreading their own words/pieces in which they don't denounce the terror attack against the Chinese operations in Karachi but instead call it "attacks which have been carried out of anger over Chinese influence...
  14. RayKalm

    Jagmeet Singh May just bring a Khalistan State to Canada; and Pakistan Benefits

    Leaders like Imran Khan and Donald Trump (as polar opposites as they may be) don't rise for no reason. There is a purpose for every event, be it right or wrong. Jagmeet Singh recently won the title as the leader of the NDP party in Canada (Canada's third largest!, and now Ontario's second...
  15. RayKalm

    Pakistan's ambassador to Germany beautifully destroys anchor spreading the 'army is in charge' strat

    Must watch this from start to finish. The ambassador did a WONDERFUL job representing Pakistan. This is how Pakistani politicians should act like outside (and inside) Pakistan.
  16. RayKalm

    "Armenian-Christian" terrorist arrested for attack in Canada

    Police have identified the suspect in a deadly van attack in Toronto as Alek Minassian, a 25-year-old man from Richmond Hill, Ont., a suburb north of the city. Ten people were killed and 15 injured on Monday afternoon after a rented white Ryder van jumped a curb and plowed into pedestrians...
  17. RayKalm

    New GlobalFirePower List seems very Biased (Pakistan dropped to 17th, Iran Rose)

    https://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.asp (Pakistan dropped to 17th, Iran rose, Israel Dropped)
  18. RayKalm

    What's Next For Asia's Best-Performing Stock Market (Pakistan)?

    Pakistan has plowed an independent trajectory this year, outperforming both its fellow frontier markets and members of the emerging-market grouping that it is slated to join in 2017. The country's benchmark KSE100 Index has rallied 27 percent year-to-date to become Asia’s best-performing...
  19. RayKalm

    Afghan Lawmakers Call for Stoning of Fellow Parliamentarian

    ISLAMABAD — Lawmakers in Afghanistan have called for stoning to death of a fellow parliament member for stating the country's long border with Pakistan is an international boundary. Afghan commentators and newspaper editorials have also slammed the parliament member for speaking against "the...
  20. RayKalm

    Afghanistan Reacts Angrily to Pakistan's Fencing of Border

    https://www.voanews.com/a/afghanistan-reacts-angrily-to-pakistan-fencing-of-border/3797351.html Afghanistan is calling on Pakistan to stop fencing off the border between the two countries, suggesting that Kabul might resort to military action if diplomacy fails to resolve the issue. The...

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