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  1. GR!FF!N

    What is a neutron bomb?

    used against ballistic missiles. like Gorgon or Sprint.
  2. GR!FF!N

    Afghan Army to be reshaped on Indian Army model: US

    Most of the noobs don't even know what Territorial Army is... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_Army_(India)
  3. GR!FF!N

    HAL LCH ready to roll out!

    Everyone knows we'll buy more Apache in near future.It is bound to happen. I don't like Rudra type platform being used as gunship.But as long as it performs properly,I'll not say anything.Hopefully they'll fare better than those makeshift MI-17 gunships.
  4. GR!FF!N

    HAL LCH ready to roll out!

    India is retiring MI-35.Apache will fill the rank.Plus you forgot to count Rudra Attack Helos..
  5. GR!FF!N

    BBC: China claims victory over India in Himalayan border row

    China pulled back its road building machineries... Adverse weather..LOL
  6. GR!FF!N

    Bangladesh's Deep Sea Port Problem

    IN doesn't use its Surface fleet for merely patrolling purpose,which ICG's role. ICG is possibly bigger than BN,both in number and tonnage of ships. Meanwhile in IN - 11 Destroyers(5000-7500 tons class) 14 Frigates(3850-6200 tons) 23 corvettes 10 OPVs These are just the major surface...
  7. GR!FF!N

    HAL LCH ready to roll out!

    lol... Heavy class means it can carry more weapons and the platform is also bigger and much more capable while light class means it carries lesser weapons. Both has its utilities.India used MI-35,which is of heavy class,but it also restricts its various capabilities like ceiling.India wanted a...
  8. GR!FF!N

    As the Doklam crisis continues to linger, Bhutan seems to be drifting away from India

    Thats what Bhutan thinks..No one wants thugs,even if they're living in golden halls. By the way... http://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/border-row-bhutan-rejects-beijing-s-claim-that-doklam-belongs-to-china-117081000418_1.html
  9. GR!FF!N

    Bangladesh's Deep Sea Port Problem

    Indian Navy is totally in dominant position in IOR,where we operate.China has to contend against USN,JSDFN,Vietnamese navy and of course with IN.But IN has to contend against only PLAN((handful of ships operating in IOR in any given time) and PN(If you call it a Navy.LOL).Still,150+ Surface...
  10. GR!FF!N

    HAL LCH ready to roll out!

    One is Heavy,another one is light
  11. GR!FF!N

    India to deploy Israeli CIBMS at Bangladesh, Pakistan borders

    Thats what happens when you cross an international border without permission.Its sad but only his father is to blame here.
  12. GR!FF!N

    Kashmir on the edge - IAF called to use airforce against Kashmirs

    You didn't even read the article. :lol:
  13. GR!FF!N

    2 militants killed in brief encounter in rajwara forests in Handwara

    what kind of pig uses holy places like mosque to hide weapons?
  14. GR!FF!N


    First,USA never declared Modi a "Terrorist". Second, How about a "Terrorist Country"?? :lol: Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, introduced the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Act (HR 1449) in the US House of Representatives on Thursday...
  15. GR!FF!N

    India's longest river bridge ; India can now swiftly move Troops and Battle Tanks to China Border

    Those geniuses who are saying China will blow this bridge should know,Tibet is full of such "High Value Target" where even bombing a tunnel can effectively cut off a big section of Tibet easily.Thats not even the case for India as it is redundant bridge.
  16. GR!FF!N


    Meanwhile in Pakistan.... :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  17. GR!FF!N

    Kashmir on the edge - IAF called to use airforce against Kashmirs

    They were right.India used it on militants,only once.Some civilian casualty was unfortunate as they were used as shield. Recent election???? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jammu_and_Kashmir_Legislative_Assembly_election,_2014 Turnout - 65.23% yes,they've spoken as they were doing for last 70...
  18. GR!FF!N


    Meanwhile...... 99% of Indians don't even know who the f is Erdogan.those who knows,99.99% don't even know he is visiting India.Couldn't care less to such a low profile leader.

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