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  1. The BrOkEn HeArT

    First time in my life, I have watched something Pakistani, and I loved it!

    I hate daily shops on TV , especially Indians. But one of my online Pakistani friends suggested me to watch a Pakistani Drama. I started to watch it with my lazy mind, and in no time, it has become my habit. I must accept this is a masterpiece of TV industry. I use to work in a creative...
  2. The BrOkEn HeArT

    My first novel released! Need your support!

    Hi all, I am happy to announce that my first novel book has been released. It is now available on amazon and other platforms. The novel name is "A BOY IN A WONDERLAND" As this is my first novel, so I need your support guys. If you can't buy, atleast give a good rating after clicking the...
  3. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Aug 29/30 Conflict between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladhak.

    More details awaited. No casualties reported yet on Indian side.
  4. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Philippines to scrape deals with blacklisted Chinese firms.

    Everyone seems to following India's way to boycott Chinese firms.
  5. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Indian has "military option" to deal with China if talks fail-: CDS Rawat

    I already told coming winter is gonna be romantic for Chinese this year.
  6. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Vaccine race-: Where are Islamic countries?

    The whole world is suffering from Covid-19 and many progressive countries are in the race of inventing Vaccine. Yesterday I was searching about it. There are countries like US, India, China, Israel, England, Japan those who are researching on vaccine, but not even one Islamic country. Why...
  7. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Imran Khan surrender to Modi - Pakistani politicians

    Some sane Pakistani politicians start accepting the fact. @PAKISTANFOREVER @FOOLS_NIGHTMARE
  8. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Pakistani leader in Washington thinks, no matter who is the president, US will support India

    Recently, Joe Biden made. a remark on Kashmir. But Pakistani leader in Washington thinks, no matter who is the president of US, he will support only India. Full interview -:
  9. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Congress Next PM candidate - Choices

    As a citizen of the largest democracy of the world I am upset that we don't have a strong opposition and a strong opposition leader that can do justice to Indian democracy. Congress is the main opposition but it has been swallowed by a single family. No more talent coming. Rahul Gandhi doesn't...
  10. The BrOkEn HeArT

    China denies funerals of PLA soldiers killed in India skirmish - US intelligence.

    More on why China continues to hide its casualties in the June 15 clashes with India — the first Chinese combat troops killed in action, other than in UN peacekeeping operations, since the end of China's war with Vietnam in 1979. India honored its fallen. https://t.co/5Psr0Hbj5c Please someone...
  11. The BrOkEn HeArT

    SHOCKING - This Indian kid already predicted war against Carona Virus.

    Plz share your thoughts after watching the video. This kid is a genius . This can shock non Indian members that sanatna Dharma has accurate predictions. This kid already told.
  12. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Israel thanks Modi for Chloroquine tablets

    The world is going through a tough time for the first time after world war 2 . And Indian prime minister Mr. Modi Is leading the way to fight against carona virus. After US President Mr Trump, Brazilian PM, Shri lankan PM, UK, now Israeli PM join the group thanking Modi for his support...
  13. The BrOkEn HeArT

    UK that gets caught pants down but India is fighting it on a war level!

    If you go to read the comment section, you would know that there is no screening happening in many countries on arrival at airports. This is the big mistake they are making. I want to make a point here that every country must do screening and checks up on arrival at airports. This is a very...
  14. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Rajnath Singh is a new defence minister of India !

    So Rajnath singh is new defence minister of India. What impacts are gonna get on defence line of India? Indian memebers, are you guys thinking its a good decision to make Rajnath singh , a defence minister? ? I think it's gonna boost Indian defence at double speed now.
  15. The BrOkEn HeArT

    27th Feb was not an end !

    This is election time in India. Being a biggest democratic country, India has some responsibilities. Pulwama happened on wrong time. India had to respond but didn't want to go into war like situation. Reason was clear. Because India want to elect and form a new govt first. This is why...
  16. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Is Pakistan already a bankrupt state?

    I appreciate PM imran khan intension to build an important dam for pakistan. But the way Pak PM is begging for donations to build a single dam in the country, it seems Pakistan already a bankrupt state which don't have money to build even a single dam. Pakistan claims to have over $9 billion...
  17. The BrOkEn HeArT

    Watch a Bangladeshi cricketer interview. You will die laughing! !

    It is hilarious for those who didn't watch it yet.

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