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  1. Asimzranger

    PM Imran Khan Q & A with Afghanistan Journalist

    PM Imran Khan Q&A with Afghanistan Journalist.
  2. Asimzranger

    PM Imran Khan Interview To PBS News

    PM Imran Khan Interview To PBS News. Interview raised questions on Afghanistan and USA relations with Pakistan. Also PM Clarified His Stance On Previous Comments on women rape and crime in Pakistan.
  3. Asimzranger

    Need Advice On Property

    Assalamoalikum PDF members, I would like to know which is best place to live in as i would like to move away from Karachi to Punjab side as my relatives are near.I have a budget of 75lac so please advice thank you. @Imran Khan
  4. Asimzranger

    Please pray for my mom

    Plese pray for my mom she is no more with me. May Allah grant her janat. I might have nothing to life for.
  5. Asimzranger

    Pakistan Defense Logo

    Hello my wonderful fellow PDF and mods:police: I made this video for this forum hope you like this,do give your feedbacks thx also will be uploading next week video on 27th February assault so Please Please subscribe to my channel thx :cheers: @Dubious @waz @Horus @Windjammer...
  6. Asimzranger

    My First YouTube Video

    Hello my PDF brothers & sister, I made this video as a hobby do give your feedback Its basically my opinion what could be zodiac sign of game of thrones character are.
  7. Asimzranger

    Drew Binsky in kashmir ....

    Please see this latest video of drew binsky vlog on azad kashmir
  8. Asimzranger

    WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Jeddah KSA Live!!!!

    WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Jeddah KSA live !!!! http://watchwrestling.in/watch-wwe-greatest-royal-rumble-2018-4-27-18/
  9. Asimzranger

    Sheikh Imran Hosien Maybe Coming To Pakistan 2018

    Sheikh Imran Hosien Coming To Pakistan August 2018 Recent lecture in london march 2018 Q & A
  10. Asimzranger

    Sikh Brothers Visiting Pakistan(Vlog From India To Pakistan)

    Hello Fellow Pak Defence Members, Found This latest Vlog 2018 Of Sikh Brothers Visting Pakisan. Enjoy.

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