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  1. newb3e

    Sir Syed aka Siri Modi g

    wah modi g wah!! matlab kuch bhii!!
  2. newb3e

    how Dhas became Pakistan

    https://www.thefridaytimes.com/how-dhas-became-the-most-powerful-housing-societies-of-pakistan/amp/ well well well! politicians are babies infront of boys!
  3. newb3e

    Shining India

    #thankyouModikiG may Allah protect muslims of India from these barbaric cowards!
  4. newb3e

    Mufti Taqi Usmani survives assassination attempt in Karachi, guards martyred

    Firing on Mufti Taqi Usmani sabhs car and another car belonging to Darul Uloom Korangi.Mufti sabh safe but 2 martyred. will security estalishment grow a pair and care about Karachi and launch a real operation and clean all the mafias,police,dha land grabbing boys and politicians?
  5. newb3e

    the great sindh police

  6. newb3e

    Malik Riaz the untouchable

    https://dailytimes.com.pk/311071/the-untouchable-malik-riaz/amp/ another open and shut case just like panama with all the evidence pointing to the fact that nexus of evil ie Fauji PPP and Riaz are involved in looting people of Pakistan but just like Panama case a weak verdict by Mou ka fire Cj...
  7. newb3e

    Story of Kashmir

    must watch!
  8. newb3e

    Karachi a city without water!

    thanks to army corrupt politicians under armys protection Sharjeel Emaan Memon and army protected Rao Anwar and Rangers own water tanker mafia people of Karachi are deprived of basic human needs!!! ohh and Armys Dha and Zardaris Bharia have routed water for khi to their respective project...
  9. newb3e

    American Col leave for USA

    thankyouBjaway!!! bhadur fauji made good money?
  10. newb3e

    How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy

  11. newb3e

    Ebay Store from Pakistan

    hello everyone, i am planning to start ebay shop and operate it from Pakistan did some research and to setup shop on ebay paypal account is needed and paypal offers no service in Pakistan so i cant make a paypal account.and then their is issue of shipping , shipping single package is expensive...
  12. newb3e

    Shinning India

    @Ahmet Pasha @El Sidd @BHarwana @Ocean @Areesh @Enigma_ @lastofthepatriots
  13. newb3e

    How Us failed Afghanistan!

    and yet idiots blame Pakistan for everything bad in Afg.
  14. newb3e

    China to divert water from indias largest river.

    https://qz.com/1114843/chinas-grand-plan-for-the-brahmaputra-a-1000km-tunnel-to-divert-water-away-from-tibet/?utm_source=DG This could be huge! Can someone verify.if true that would be amazing!

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