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  1. humblehobbes

    Bilawal Bhutto to undertake summer internship in Congress

    Half the idiots here don't even know a spoof from real and here we are trolling each other on defense and offense.. :D :D
  2. humblehobbes

    Bilawal Bhutto to undertake summer internship in Congress

    Islamabad, Pakistan. Bilawal Zardari Bhutto, the 23-year-old son of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, has been mighty impressed with his first ever tour to India, where he got to stand behind the Pakistani President and the Indian Prime Minister. Sources say that Bilawal could soon come...
  3. humblehobbes

    Prof Yunus spurs country to cash in on ever-growing China, India

    ^^Why do you wanna troll.. Nothing else to do with life?
  4. humblehobbes

    "Disgust' over Muslim wife-beating book

    This is such a stupid thread.. All you bloody morons sitting on all sides. Don't tell me you have never seen this. Perhaps in your own home.
  5. humblehobbes

    Stop criticizing India for being poor: We are too.

    hey! the logic applies to both parties here.. but more so towards the other side considering their propensity to bring in Dalits, christans, poverty, toilets and all the assorted hotchpotch
  6. humblehobbes

    Stop criticizing India for being poor: We are too.

    Consider that you are the fastest kid in your class.. But if ur friend/classmate always makes fun of your huge nose or ur squinty eye or your big arse, you will definitely take offense. same logic here.
  7. humblehobbes

    Stop criticizing India for being poor: We are too.

    See. You are missing the point. Although most of you may not accept it, you guys justify partition and hence Pakistan only with respect to India and hence all these pointed acts. How many Indian started threads do you find about "Ahmadi persecution or forceful hindu girl kidnap > Marry >...
  8. humblehobbes

    PDF Is Becoming Truly a Cosmopolitan World Forum

    If there's anything that really matters, the forum's standard has really gone down. It was pretty good when I last visited it 2 years ago. Trolls were there, a little bit, and they kept getting banned. I dont feel like posting much as there is just too much of noise and too little music...
  9. humblehobbes

    China’s J-10B Advanced Fighters To Pakistan Worries India

    "India after Gandhi " google about this book.
  10. humblehobbes

    China’s J-10B Advanced Fighters To Pakistan Worries India

    An observation. Except for Nehru, Everyone felt the need for the defence to be China oriented. and I am talking about the 50s and 60s, just years after independence. And for the records, Nehru , Jayaprakash Narayan, Rajaji and a host of other Indian leaders of the time were more inclined to let...
  11. humblehobbes

    Habib Jailb: India and Pakistan can be mine,but America is the wall between

    Surprising that there was a communist party in Pakistan. Surprised that it still is there in a different name. I thought Communism and Islam dint gel well
  12. humblehobbes

    Speech of Abul Kalam Azad about separation of Indo-Pak.

    Pakistanis need to understand that there was a wholesome country or atleast the struggle for a united Hindustan before Pakistan was even a figment of anyone's imagination. You have a seperate country, accepted. It doesnt mean that you have to forget that you were a result of "Partition" and most...
  13. humblehobbes

    Indian connection to top 100 global thinkers of 2010

    Srilankan always has the tendency to catch the most interesting topics and pictures! Nice one dude..
  14. humblehobbes

    Killing India’s hidden ‘Cold Start’ strategy

    ^^ Either ways, you are gonna say how India is worse off compared to Pakistan.. why bother creating a new thread.. Lets have the same stuff here
  15. humblehobbes


    I wud personally request all members to stop talking about this crappy thing.. It was the talk of forums when I first joined defence forums in 2006 and now I have about 4.5 years of workex, quit my job and in the US for studies and its still speculative.. What good is a plane if its always on...
  16. humblehobbes


    Life was a lot better when working in a corporate Industry, than slogging it out in a Grad School! After 5 years of being my own king, I find it difficult to make ends meet and asking my parents for money :| Yeah! first post since leaving India! Or perhaps 2nd
  17. humblehobbes

    India: Economic power house or poor house?

    Poverty Rate of USA = 12.7% People living in Poverty in USA = 36 840 786 Some Statistics on Poverty in America Poverty Rate of Uruguay = 27.2% People living in Poverty in Uruguay = 906 862 Uruguay Population below poverty line - Economy Rings any bell? Uruguay is better off than USA USA is...
  18. humblehobbes

    Women prefer men in red

    you mean like this??
  19. humblehobbes

    Kashmir | News & Discussions.

    Yet again! Another thread to the trolls...

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