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  1. khansaheeb

    India ramps up air power in message to China not to misjudge New Delhi’s resolve

    Yep, Chinese will happily add to the Pakistani makeover:-
  2. khansaheeb

    Pakistan's Silent Drone Revolution

    They need to develop airbags for drones so if they crash the impact is cushioned, very much similar to what is provided in cars, but the drone airbags should be both on the inside and outside.
  3. khansaheeb

    As China Speeds Up Nuclear Arms Race, the U.S. Wants to Talk

    When mad people act madder than mad and madness becomes madder than madness then madness becomes maddest. This is the state of the Arms control negotiations.
  4. khansaheeb

    Bosnia-Pakistan Relations: Building on a Strong Foundation

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosnia_and_Herzegovina%E2%80%93Pakistan_relations Bosnia and Herzegovina–Pakistan relations From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pakistan-Bosnia and Herzegovina relations Bosnia and Herzegovina Pakistan Bosnia...
  5. khansaheeb

    UAE decriminalises premarital sexual relations among 40 legal changes in reform push

    Corruption in all its form is the number one enemy of Pakistan and her citizens.
  6. khansaheeb

    Mobs of looters are grabbing goods in California thanks to downgraded shoplifting laws

    Don't think that will help, US is on the verge of imploding. The hatred between whites and blacks and leftists and rightists is at a boiling point and could breakout into open bloodletting. As the folks suffered economic downturn the white ruling elite have attempted to shift the blame onto...
  7. khansaheeb

    UAE decriminalises premarital sexual relations among 40 legal changes in reform push

    You need treatment -"pubs hookers or casinos are far better then having mad religious extremist public"
  8. khansaheeb

    Bosnia-Pakistan Relations: Building on a Strong Foundation

    It was Pakistan army who knocked out the Serb artillery bombing civilians from the hilltops and pushed the Serbs back. A few Pakistani UN soldiers died in those operations. The Bosnian are forever grateful for the bravery and sacrifices of PA.
  9. khansaheeb

    Why is Pakistan not developing like many countries

    If Pakistan has a population problem then India nad China have 10 times the problem but it hasn't stopped them from growing economically. This is a cheap western view of the problems they cause through economic interference and supporting corrupt Pakistani politicians.
  10. khansaheeb

    With U.S. at Odds, Islamic Republics Iran and Pakistan Forge New Ties

    It is just subtle Hindu way of creating dissension between Muslim people/nations, don't ask naive questions.
  11. khansaheeb

    UK government seeking new powers to remove citizenship without notice

    Not very popular amongst British parliamentarians but adored by the Israeli Knesset.
  12. khansaheeb

    What's going on against Muslims in India

    https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/03/02/india-muslims-delhi-riots-danger/ Why India’s Muslims Are in Grave Danger An expert on communal riots says the country may well be witnessing the start of a larger pogrom. By Ravi Agrawal, the editor in chief of Foreign Policy...
  13. khansaheeb

    What's going on against Muslims in India

    It's not fair thing to say. They were betrayed by the Hindus who first told them they are one people and one country but that was just to fool them. Then there are the foolish and sellout Mullahs who told Hindu lies to the Muslims which resulted them to be systematically pushed into poverty...
  14. khansaheeb

    Israel future projects

    Why are you interested in tickling my fancy, tickle your own or an Israeli one.
  15. khansaheeb

    Drama in stadium today die hard fan of BD team prostrated the players during match .

    Seems to be a national thing for Bangladesh, but normally for Indians.
  16. khansaheeb

    What's going on against Muslims in India

    I just receeived a video of Hindu mobs attacking cars with rods, rocks and swords and another video of a Muslim man having his neck hacked by sword wielding Hindus. It seems the Rwandan type genocide has started but is being undertaken Israeli style. Indian Muslims must arm themselves to...
  17. khansaheeb

    Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warns China & Pakistan again

    India has lost not inches but thousands of square miles and got a beating from the Chinese.
  18. khansaheeb

    Featured PAF Center of Artificial Intelligence and Computing

    Only problems occurs when the experts agree not to grass on each other's incompetence.
  19. khansaheeb

    Israel future projects

    Thereis no question of them being innocent, the question is can you stomach their cruelty and barbarity and support them directly or indirectly?

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