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  1. Kambojaric

    The Supreme Court’s verdict on Nasla tower is setting unsettling precedent

    Have not read into the details of this case but it really does not sound like a reasonable decision, the keyword here being reasonable which is ever present in British common law and thereby in Pakistani law as well.
  2. Kambojaric

    Pak/Bangla Relations After Hasina

    Speaking purely in terms of geo-politics, there is absolutely no reason why Bangladesh or Pakistan should be hostile nations to one another. The countries do not pose a threat to each others sovereignty. Both as Muslim majority nations stand in opposition to the rise of Hindu nationalism in...
  3. Kambojaric

    Featured Pakistan: The Archaeological Marvel

    Pakistan-Italy archaeological mission launches excavation season DADU: Prof Valeria Fiorani Piacentini, who heads an Italian team of experts and holds the charge of scientific director of the Pakistan-Italian Archaeological Mission on Banbhore, held a meeting with Sindh Minister for Culture...
  4. Kambojaric

    Ottoman Monuments in Greece and Including Ottoman colorized footage from Balkan in 1909

    My favourite piece of Ottoman architecture in the Balkans is the bridge in Mostar. Apart from the structure itself the surroundings around it also add to its beauty.
  5. Kambojaric

    Ottoman Monuments in Greece and Including Ottoman colorized footage from Balkan in 1909

    Yes the Cypriot example is a good one. Both Greek and Turkish will migrate to the UK despite their history of animosity. Its not only a Muslim only phenomenon. Mexicans will migrate to the US despite the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 6% of the Spanish population originates from the country's...
  6. Kambojaric

    Ottoman Monuments in Greece and Including Ottoman colorized footage from Balkan in 1909

    The same reason why so many young Greeks migrate to Germany despite prevalent anti-German sentiment in Greece. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2012/feb/27/growing-anti-german-feeling-streets-greece North Africans migrated to France because they were part of the French Empire and its...
  7. Kambojaric

    Sinf-e-Aahan - Women of steel

    More like catering to the largest drama watching target audience i.e housewives.
  8. Kambojaric

    Pakistan vs Australia - T20 World Cup Semi Final

    Good game. Hasan Ali was the weak link and the Australian batsmen targeted him specifically. Having said that he alone is not responsible for this loss. For example we had some brilliant run out chances but could not avail them. The positive here is that this is a relatively young squad...
  9. Kambojaric

    TLP set to become mainstream political party as govt lifts ban

    Worst scenario: TLP use their newfound recognition to galvanise even more people into their ideology. Millions of young people without jobs or a future due to financial inequality and corruption are perfect raw recruits for their movement. Best scenario: TLP political leadership messes up big...
  10. Kambojaric

    India vs Afghanistan ... T20 World Cup

    Dont need to say anything else
  11. Kambojaric

    India vs Afghanistan ... T20 World Cup

    Richard Kettleborough is the umpire. Looks like Afghanistan are winning this one ...
  12. Kambojaric

    Tortured body of Punjab Police constable recovered after he was abducted by TLP in Wazirabad

    "Love" for the Prophet (SAW) made them beat a Muslim doing his duty to pulp. Simply no words for these animals.
  13. Kambojaric

    Punjab police dismayed at govt’s repeated ‘surrender’ to TLP

    Thats the tragedy. In an ideal world as @RangeMaster pointed out, prominent Ulema should be consulted and the government and media should in tandem work with them to establish the narrative. However this is easier said than done. The people they are up against will literally murder anyone who...
  14. Kambojaric

    Punjab police dismayed at govt’s repeated ‘surrender’ to TLP

    Unless a successful narrative is built that this lot are khwarajis and anti-Islam, the government can do nothing. If they clamp down hard on them, the government becomes "anti-Islam" in eyes of a large section of our populace and it's ministers wajib ul qatl. TLP leadership knows this very well...
  15. Kambojaric

    National Geographic on Kashmir Dispute

    His desire for an independent Kashmir was not born out of some patriotic zeal or love for his people but rather the opposite. Him and his ancestors were brutul autocrats who essentially treated the the majority of the populace like slaves/serfs (Muslims). Only a minority elite made up of Hindu...
  16. Kambojaric

    Quinton de Kock dropped from South Africa team vs West Indies after refusing to take a knee before T20 World Cup matches

    The symbolism of the move makes sense in the western sense (kaepernick refusing to stand up for the anthem due to the way the US treats African Americans), but loses its value when taken out of this specific context. For Asians or even Africans participating in this knee bending, the act becomes...
  17. Kambojaric

    New Zealand vs Pakistan T20 Worldcup Clash |26th Oct| Vital match for Pakistanis than even World famous India vs Pak Clash

    His technique is all over the place. After watching Babar and Rizwans batting, Fakhars batting seems extremely like galli mohalla cricket.
  18. Kambojaric

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    Maguire has some very strong defensive qualities especially in the air. His major weakness is speed. Leicester and I believe also England play with a strong defensive block but are very quick and effective in the transition phase. This works well for a defender like Maguire who has little...
  19. Kambojaric

    English Premier League - 2020/21 (update: 21/22)

    The CBs literally need two DMs infront of them, severely restricting the offensive threat United pose. Of course the problem is not solely the CBs. If you go back a couple of pages you will find my posts from last year where I want us to thank Ole for his services and say Goodbye, just like...

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