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  1. warpig

    Iran's zoljanah truck for bavar-373

    how much is the range of iran,s anti air defence system?
  2. warpig

    Iran's zoljanah truck for bavar-373

    so we can make an armored truck whats the big deal ?
  3. warpig

    Iran Haunts US ScanEagle Drone over Persian Gulf

    except real muslims & humans 1: muslims are not human? 2: why am i afraid while talkin about politics in iran if we care about other peoples ? 3:dont go saying no iran is a democracy cuz you and i know its is not please try to be a little respectful and answer
  4. warpig

    Iran Israel War Drums: News & Discussions.

    my fellow Persians i have a question to ask if you may ... if and only if 1 in a 10000000000 iran nukes israel what would you do about it ?
  5. warpig

    Iranian Space Program

    come on stop the Conspiracy theory
  6. warpig

    [Gallery] This paradise is called Iran

    i do agree that iran can be the best but why mentioning the turkey? it was not needed or was that on purpose ?
  7. warpig

    Iran Haunts US ScanEagle Drone over Persian Gulf

    so you want your country to be destroyed ? we can lend Ahmadinejad to you ... hell take him for your self e dont want him any more !
  8. warpig

    Gazans say "Thank you Iran" after Israel conflagration

    so ...... is that any different ? i mean you wont give the guy A fish but you teach him how to fish for hims self ... much more effective
  9. warpig

    Iran Exporting missile tech to gaza strip ?!

    ok so if the gaza strip is closed by israel how they build those missiles ? :taz: this question is on my mind for some times :undecided: makes you wonder about peaceful convoys and supplies that goes to gaza strip :whistle:
  10. warpig

    Iran Israel War Drums: News & Discussions.

    just hahahahaha
  11. warpig

    Protests in Iran over economic downfall

    well i became because where ever that i try to solve something folks like you start their rude language and so on so i dont care any more i will show iranians problems where ever i can i dosent matter who might read them iranians or other as a matter of fact if others read them it have a lot...
  12. warpig

    Turkey ‘Admits’ Russian Air Cargo Legal

    so it can be used for military too i got what i need tnx mr.lion
  13. warpig

    [Gallery] Iranian Armed Forces

    dose iran have shock and awe weapons ? cuz if we do that would be awesome and are we planning to make heavy naval units and be more acceptable in seas and more or not ?
  14. warpig

    Iran Israel War Drums: News & Discussions.

    you must know getting involved in a war wich includes iran is a big mistake and we know getting into war with US and israel is a big mistake too but why no one moves a god damn finger to stop it? neither iran nor israel ? what iam trying to say is this i smel $hit from both sides
  15. warpig

    Drone was IRAN MADE

    ok people lets check something out this drone thing is not good for iran even one bit ! what is the problem? ow i,ll tell you the problem now Israel can really show him/her/it self the true victim ! how ? by saying that the country who wanna wipe us off the map now have the ability to...
  16. warpig

    Jennifer Lopez peforms in Azerbaijan

    thank you finally some one who accept the voice if those who are not on the top iam from iran and let me tell you from the time that sanctions started dollar price risen from 8900 rials to 32000 rials but no ones pay check didnot risen even a bit or if they did its nothing compared to...
  17. warpig

    Why Iran supports Assad?

    if all of Iranians are like you aggressive low intellect and fake identity (god forbid if my country mates are like that) then probably yes , and that,s in your dreams try to grow up accept the hard fact that you are a useless person in the society and try to be a little useful
  18. warpig

    Why Iran supports Assad?

    its really funny getting criticized by a guy in a basement who is about to pass 100 kg it made my day to see you will say any thing to prove your own thing keep going
  19. warpig

    Why Iran supports Assad?

    yes agreed but while the biggest allawie government in the world is supporting assad people will start to say things like this . thats unavoidable so if we dont want to hear these thing we should just stay out of it and think about our peoples best interests , and that includes avoiding...
  20. warpig

    Iranian F4 Fighter Crashed, 2 Pilots Killed

    R.I.P !:angel: and yes air force and stupid checkup team should be held responsible !:angry: if the plane isnot fit to fly then stop the goddamn flight !! :hitwall: we can afford to loose such good people :frown:

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