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  1. Iggy

    Conversion Was Behind Mother Teresa's Service: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

    Bharatpur, Rajasthan: Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has reportedly indicated that converting people to Christianity was the main objective behind Mother Teresa's service to the poor, news agency Press Trust of India has reported. "The service may be good, but there's...
  2. Iggy

    India vs South Africa mouka ad.

    India vs South Africa - ICC Cricket World Cup 2015:
  3. Iggy

    Profitability without accountability

    SELL OUT? “The move to perpetually limit supplier liability to a nominal amount defies basic economic principles, and implies that victims will receive a lower compensation, in real terms, for future accidents.” Picture shows the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tirunelveli district, Tamil...
  4. Iggy

    Cricket World Cup: Brawl erupts between India and Pakistan fans at Sydney RSL club

    By MEGAN LEVY It was expected to be the biggest grudge match in the Cricket World Cup, and that animosity was on display among rival fans at the Merrylands RSL Club watching the showdown between India at Pakistan on Sunday night. Four people were taken to hospital with a range of injuries after...
  5. Iggy

    Declare Himachal Pradesh as Hindu state: VHP

    The Vishav Hindu Parishad (VHP) has come out with a demand to declare Himachal Pardesh a Hindu state. The organisation, which ended its two day conference at Solan, resolved to put pressure on the state government during the next assembly session to declare Himachal Pradesh as Hindu state. The...
  6. Iggy

    Catholic Priests From Vatican Denied Indian Visa

    The Indian Government this week denied entry into the country to two Catholic priests from the Vatican. Archbishop Arthur Roche and Archbishop Protase Rugambwa had been assigned by the Vatican to attend a conference on 'Liturgy and Life' being held in Bangalore between February 3 and 9. But on...
  7. Iggy

    SIT to probe 1984 riots

    Times now reporting that govt is setting up special investigation unit to probe 1984 riots..
  8. Iggy

    Kerry urges Pakistan to fight terror groups threatening whole region

    Reuters) - Pakistan must fight militant groups that threaten Afghan, Indian and U.S. interests, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday as he offered sympathy for the victims of last month's massacre of children at a Pakistani school. Nuclear-armed Pakistan has long been suspected by...
  9. Iggy

    21 'Sahi Rishta' Matrimonial Videos Will Convince You To Never Get Married

    If you think you’ve seen all the hilarious marriage proposals in the newspapers, brace yourselves, for here comes a super funny compilation of the best Sahi Rishta matrimonial videos that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Now, we’re not sure if they’re real or scripted, but they’re...
  10. Iggy

    New Pakistan school attack: Taliban bomb girls' college in Khyber Province

    Women mourn their relative Mohammed Ali Khan, 15, a student who was killed during an attack by Taliban gunmen on the Army Public School, at his house in Peshawar.(Reuters) Two bomb blasts have struck a girls' college in Pakistan's Khyber Province just a day after the Pakistani Taliban killed 141...
  11. Iggy

    Quitting Cognizant!!

    Quitting Cognizant December 7, 2014 by Karthee Volunteer Dear friends, It might be a surprise for many of you after reading the ‘Blog Post Title’. I have one Sad and Good news for you. The Sad News is that, my last working day in Cognizant is Dec-31, 2014. For a change, just thought, I can...
  12. Iggy

    Yes, there is an Asian space race

    The term 'space race' entered our lexicon in the 1960s to describe the competitive nature of the space programs of the US and the Soviet Union, who were not the world's only space powers but certainly the dominant ones. The term 'space race' entered our lexicon in the 1960s to describe the...
  13. Iggy

    22 Pictures That Prove That 2014 Is The Damn Future

    1. There’s an app that translates in real time: Word Lens 2. And a spoon meant to help those with Parkinson’s eat: Via sadmoment.com 3. There are holograms…on ICE CREAM apps: Via skunkandburningtires.com 4. And Harry Potter-esque ads in subways: 5. There are digital libraries where one...
  14. Iggy

    No more 'get ready for a broken f***** arm'

    When Mitchell Johnson hit Virat Kohli on the helmet with a bouncer, Australian fielders came from everywhere. Mental disintegration had gone, replaced by the cricket unity. Two teams, one family. Jarrod Kimber at Adelaide Oval Match Point - Johnson's contrasting spells Mitchell Johnson...
  15. Iggy

    But I have promises to break

    Every politician is a ‘promising' politician; Narendra Modi, it appears, is “emphatically a promising politician”, as G.K. Chesterton put it. Modi had promised to get back all the black money from abroad within 100 days of becoming PM, and make us richer by Rs15 lakh each. It has been 200 days...
  16. Iggy

    Committing suicide no longer an offence

    NEW DELHI: An attempt to commit suicide will no longer be an offence as the Home Ministry has decided to delete the provision from the statute book. This is despite concerns from some states that they will be handicapped from stopping persons who resort to threatening the government by sitting...
  17. Iggy

    Muslim Girl Can Marry Once She Completes 15 Years of Age: Gujarat High Court

    AHMEDABAD: A Muslim girl can marry when she attains puberty or completes 15 years of age, the Gujarat High Court has said. The court made the observation while quashing legal proceedings under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act against a Muslim youth who had married a 17-year-old girl of...
  18. Iggy

    Skyscraper Literally Melts A Car In England

    Wouldn’t you have hated it if you parked your car next to a gleaming skyscraper only to find hours later that the same skyscraper had melted your car by converging the sunlight? That is what happened to one unfortunate Jaguar Owner, Mr Martin Linsday when he parked his shiny new black Jaguar...
  19. Iggy

    41 Epic Sign Board Fails You Can Only Find In India1. For the kinkier ones amongst you. Epic Sign

    1.For the kinkier ones amongst you. © facebook 2.You know, just in case the elephant doesn’t listen to you, or throws dirty water at you. © facebook 3.That is one bold way to protest against Section 377. © facebook 4.So you know where to go when you want to pick up hot girls. © facebook...
  20. Iggy

    Photos from different part of the world captured by cameramen of Associated press!!

    A couple look at the seasonal illumination displays 'Canyon d'Azur' in Tokyo's Shiodome business district Friday, Nov. 28, 2014 in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara) From Kashmir A young couple kisses on a bench along Paseo de la Reforma, one of Mexico City's main boulevards, Tuesday, Nov. 25...

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