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  1. Shinigami

    India sending fresh relief to Rohingyas in Bangladesh

    India is sending a fresh consignment of relief material for Rohingya refugees who have taken shelter in Bangladesh following persecution in Myanmar. Nearly 700 tonnes of relief material were being loaded onboard Indian Navy ship Gharial at the Kakinada deep water port in southern state of Andhra...
  2. Shinigami

    To Indian members: which bike to buy

    i am split between or and how do these indian bikes compare to their japanese counterparts in terms of reliability? any kind of opinion would help
  3. Shinigami

    Country Ratings and opinions poll 2016

  4. Shinigami

    Countries with negative opinion on China

  5. Shinigami

    Dhaka vs Kolkata

    August 24, 2015 Dhaka has been ranked as the second least liveable city among the world's 140 cities in this year's Global Liveability Index released by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Only Damascus in war-torn Syria lags behind Dhaka, which was placed in second position last year too and at...
  6. Shinigami

    Why Pakistan Army Won't Make Peace With India

    an excellent point of view
  7. Shinigami

    Pakistani fan Bashir Ahmed harassed by Bangladesh fans

    Ruling Bangladesh political party Awami League MP has allegedly harassed a US-based Pakistani fan at Mirpur, Dhaka who is well-known face among cricket fans. It was seen that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s party MP Ellias Molla led a gang of people who forced Bashir Ahmed to wear a...
  8. Shinigami

    To all indians: please sign the petition, just 3 days left

    please fill "SAVE THE INTERNET" petition here Save The Internet! in case you are wondering what it is a vid might do
  9. Shinigami

    Modi breaking free of the Sangh ecosystem?

    In the space of around 30 days — between his ‘Idea of India’ speech in Parliament and his surprise meeting with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday — Prime Minister Narendra Modi has conveyed something serious about himself, or rather how he would be liked to be perceived by the...
  10. Shinigami

    India top 3rd country to send remittances to Pakistan

    While India and Pakistan share a history of rivalry over the last six decades, in the 21st century the economic ties between both neighbors seem to be improving, as India has become the top third country to send millions of dollars to Pakistan as remittances during 2014, according to World Bank...
  11. Shinigami

    BJP : Ban janata party

  12. Shinigami

    Men - The Forgotten Gender

  13. Shinigami

    10 reasons india should be proud of sunburn

    Sunburn season 8 is going to explode louder than The Big Bang and India should be proud about hosting it for the world. The 3-day festival in Goa has managed to catch the attention of the entire globe and has managed to draw crowd from every corner of the earth. As we go ahead and witness the...
  14. Shinigami

    Facebook, Oracle Grab IIT students for 1.4 and 1.8 crores

    Female IIT-B grad in top 3 recruits with Rs 1.4 crore Facebook offer - The Times of India At Rs 1.8 crore a year, Oracle may be highest payer - The Times of India drain brain, drain
  15. Shinigami

    Indian navy monitoring chinese activity in ports around India - Navy Chief

    The Indian Navy is "very closely" monitoring the infrastructure development by China in various ports around India, Navy chief Admiral RKDhowan today said even as he played down the presence of Chinese ships and submarines in the Indian Ocean. The Navy chief also reiterated India's position on...
  16. Shinigami

    To indian members: who do you like here chinese/pakistanis

    i personally dislike the chinese members here. they seem to be unbelievably arrogant, stupid as well as racist. in short incapable of a civilized discussion pakistanis here are a lot more intelligent and rational, not to mention empathatic. i believe if they get their act together can make good...
  17. Shinigami

    Indian Engineers in depression as no Game of Thrones episode this week

    In a development that has moved engineers across the country into depression, there was no Game of Thrones episode broadcast this week because it coincided with Memorial Day in the USA. Students in engineering campuses in India and engineers working all...

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