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    Indian UAV's and the Road Ahead

    I thought i might Write a post about what Rustom is and the Road ahead This may help clear up some Confusion a lot of people are having. Aircraft pictured above : Rustom-1 MALE UAV A smaller derivative Rustom-1, a prototype/technology demonstrator, Rustom (English: Warrior) is a...
  2. gogbot

    We shall overrun !

    we-shall-overrun BY NADEEM F. PARACHA ON 03 20TH, 2010 The young, urban, middle-class Pakistani’s manifesto: 1. Asif Ali Zardari is the devil incarnate. 2. The Pakistan Army is the saviour. 3. The Taliban are resisting American imperialism. 4. We hate American foreign policy unless...
  3. gogbot

    IAF issues ASR for the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA )

    India Develops Requirements For AMCA India’s Aeronautical Development Agency is evaluating Indian air force requirements for the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). The weight of the AMCA will not exceed 25 tons. The twin-engine configured aircraft will have a higher thrust being...
  4. gogbot

    Bangladesh navy gets 16 defender boats from

    Bangladesh navy gets 16 defender boats from US The Defender Class boats of US navy In the largest delivery of coastguard boats to a nation, US donated 16 defender vessels to Bangladesh navy to enhance its counter terrorism capacity and secure maritime boundary. "This donation is the...
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    The East Pakistan insurgency had largely been controlled militarily

    Our friendly mod has posted a comment on the 1971 Bangladesh war for freedom. http://www.defence.pk/forums/national-political-issues/13937-christian-province-pakistan-9.html#post617131 What are Bangladesh peoples view on this. Since may of you consider India to have only assisted in...
  6. gogbot

    Indian Role in the ****** region. Shashi Throor Parlimentary address

    Don't care if its already posted, You must watch.
  7. gogbot

    Tanks of ASIA

    Some cool videos about tanks, what else is there to say I apologize for the F word, I did not name the Video [Mod Edit] Post another video of Arjun Tank
  8. gogbot

    Tejas(LCA)- Setting the record straight

    The LCA program Declared a failure, with cost overruns, decades of delays. But how much of these claims is actually true ? For the nest few posts i intend to explore what makes the Tejas a failure and what makes it a success. First a brief overview. I want to address the First Issue of its...
  9. gogbot

    Asian Spcae race for first Lunar Soft landing

    Asian Space race for first Lunar Soft landing I was just looking through wiki when, I noticed that Japan, India and China. All have a Lunar Soft landing Scheduled for a similar time period. Lunar Soft landing programs * China - 2013 - Chang'e 3 Chinese Lunar Exploration Program -...
  10. gogbot

    J-10 vs LCA Development Similar timeframe.

    It has recently come to my attention, whilst looking At the J-10 page on Wikipedia. Chengdu J-10 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Where i discovered that the J-10 "After 18 years in development, the J-10 finally entered service in 2004". Now the reason i bring this up is because we...
  11. gogbot

    If Britan had given India its freedom in 2010, Would Partition still be necessary.

    Simple question, for a pure hypothetical scenario. In today's climate of religious tolerance. Is separation on the grounds of religious differences valid. Was the partition between India and Pakistan, A product of the thinking at the time. Where two major religions could not co-exist...

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